Sunday, January 6, 2013

Vacation Thyme Almost Over!

Hello sweet ladies,

Just a little note! Today the grandkids will go home......but they will leave with lots of memories. 

Love the little snowman Ian stood about 6" tall. We put him on the front of the 4-wheeler and drove all over the field. Love  it when the kids come to the farm....thankful it had snowed while they were here..........made our vacation a little bit sweeter and more beautiful.

Everything looks so beautiful!

Even our old truck looked neat. Lord willing it will have Prairie Flower Farm on the side one day......and it will be painted their any other color for a truck like this? Well maybe a light pink?

Love this old has some wonderful stories... I am sure.......wish we knew them.

Trust you SONday will be restful and worshipful!!!!!!! 

Hugs from the farm,



  1. Your grandkids will always have those sweet memories. You will too.

  2. Joyful times with the phamily! I love your photo collage! Nick is back in Kansas today. He called around 12:30 to say they had just landed. Missing him but excited to know we can visit him soon.
    We had to call a plumber! Always something! No extra money for this and yet we can not live without proper plumbing! Pray that the service we called will be honest and not overcharge us!
    Blessings, Anne

  3. So love your photo of the plow. When I was growing up on the farm I would help my dad with the plowing or planting when my brothers were busy doing something else. I remember bracing myself so I could raise and lower the plow/planter. It was a good workout.

  4. I like your old truck. It's always fun with grandchildren. Today I'm deicing our freezer that shouldn't be icing over on the coils. Husband up on roof fixing it so there won't be leaks. Busy Sunday which usually isn't the norm in the afternoon. But this a.m. at church was a blessed time. Hugs and as always, your posts are fun!

  5. What a sweet post, love your farm pics, and what a sweet 6' snowman your grandson made! Will have to remember that if we get any snow this year,our 2 yr old grandson hasn't seen any yet, didn't get any last year! Sure hope we do this year!
    I bet the students are loving seeing you today, you are such a blessing to them and to our LORD!
    I am loving my snowman, especially knowing you sweet hands melded him together! Thank you!
    Carol M


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