Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello on this SONday!!!!!!!!

Hello sweet ladies,

I am writing on this chilly beautiful SONday morning. Had such a busy and fun weekend. Had 3 of the grands out for Friday and most of Saturday. We took our granddaughter out for dinner and then went to Target to see what was new in the dishes. Oh my......I like the new flower ones. Different, but very sweet and plastic. She and I giggled and grateful for her sweet friendship! She loves the Lord with all her heart. Thankful Grammie for sure.

We got up Saturday morning and out the door we went.  V and Ian helped me clean out the big coop! When it is snowy I keep the Girlies and boys inside most of the time. They do better, but.....that means I have to clean the coop more often. Love to lay that new straw down!!!!! 

We wheeled the wheelbarrow up in front of the coop door.......Missy Mottled Java Hen hopped on top of the straw! Thought she looked so pretty.....had to take a pic! She is huge!!!!!!! Love her dark dark brown eggs.

After we got the coop all cleaned out we went to the garden to clean up all the debris left from the summer. I had worked on it a bit earlier last year, but just never had the time to finish up......with little hands (really big hands) helping we had it done in nothing flat. The time was sweet with the boys. 

See the feather on the tomato plant? I am always on the lookout for feathers.....they are found in the strangest places. Simple things......I find a lot of joy!

We got all the old tomato plants pulled out of the ground and off the tomato cages. Then we will burn the old plants so we won't have problems with disease transferring to the new crops. As you can see we still have the straw from last year.  It is still on the ground and no weeds. It saves me time each year to lay old paper and straw down and not have to ever pull weeds later!

I have rows of winter onions......pulled some! They are beautiful! The straw helps protect them. Not much color in the it is a nice to see the green life on the tops of the onions. 

The boys helped stack all the panels against the wall of the garage. I use these for the extra tomatoes we palnt. The panels work wonderful! 

In the afternoon I worked on the gift that will go along with the Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Party! I will be posting the party later on today. I enjoyed my Saturday!!!!!! Family came and visited later......that is always a treat! 

Our middle son's family brought me this! For no reason other then they said when they saw it, it was a "me thing"!!!!!!!! They got that right. A sweet Chicky.......adorableness! She will be up all year the fur on her hat and scarf!

Well trust your SONday with the Lord will be a blessed one! 

I will put the party up after our guests leave today! We have 6 baseball guys coming.......for dinner (lunch). We invited 3 to church and 3 already go......please pray for them. 




  1. Oh Linda...Happy SONday to you and your family. Bless you for being such a wonderful, giving, sweet family. You have no idea how much I look forward to seeing your posts on FB and then your blog posts! I know I am only one of over a 1,000 of your followers...but just needed to let you know how special you are to Tom and me! Love to see how my SONday spelling caught on...thanks to you and all your followers


  2. Happy SONday to you too! Loved your pictures today. I always read, but rarely get the time to comment. Decided to make it a priority to stop and say hello.


  3. Hi Linda! Was feeling low today, so thought I'd stop by your blog and get a "blessing jolt". Not disappointed, feel better already. Love your blog, love you! Thank you for your sweet life in Jesus!

  4. Oh Linda your chicky is so sweet! What a terrific gift! You are always up to God's work! I love listening to your stories. I would love to have those boys V and Ian here! What great helpers they are!
    The VA kept my BIL John last night. They got special permission to keep him! Mixed a "headache" cocktail and he is finally getting the rest he needs. Pray please. We want him to be well and strong and healthy again! I think the fact that he is near phamily is a big plus! No one should be alone and without the love and support of their earthly phamily!
    Love to you and yours! Anne

  5. Lovely post!I always love to watch the chickens in the fresh straw.Seems like you have had a wonderful weekend..I am happy for you.Thanks for the tip on the paper and straw,will be trying it for sure.Have a wonderful week.Hugs,Jen


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