Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My wet "Little Chicky Girl"!

Hello sweet ladies,

click on pic.....you can see her better.
She was a site! 

Good morning!!!!!! I have to show you my poor Little Chicky Girl! Yesterday I was out doing chores. I started by taking warm water down to the younger chicks (3 month old) and the teenage chickens (5 month old). I had them all fed and watered and went back to the farmhouse to get more for the Cochins......I went to fill their enamel pot full and it had been tipped over. I went to tip it back and out came my poor "Little Cuckoo Maran Cochin Girl"!!!!! Scared me half to death!!!!!!! She was soakin' wet and cold! I picked her up and ran to the house. I put her in a towel and started rubbing her down to get most of the moisture off her. I had her sitting on a towel at a little breakfast table by the north kitchen window ("north kitchen" is or our family that reads my blog : <). I went to get the blowdryer and she hopped up on the ledge. I just let her sit there while I started to blow her dry. I wish I would have had two hands so I could show you how she enjoyed her new hairdo job! It was way to cold outside so I have this old stool by my computer desk. I let her sit by me on a towel in front of a heater so she could get dry......yes, she was a lady and just stayed there and didn't get off. She would stand on one leg.....then switch to the other leg....closed her eyes.......she was getting to think that she was going to be a "House Chick". Loved the evening with my girl!!!! One of our college kids came out.....his mouth dropped opened......made me smile! 

Just have to say I have been enjoying reading the comments on all who have signed up for the Gooseberry Patch and Prairie Flower Farm Cookbook Party!!!!!!!! If you haven't go to the last post and please sign up!!!!!!! 

Hugs from the farm to your home! Trusting the Lord's blessing on your day, 



  1. Oh Linda I thought I had left you a comment..but must not have posted! You are such a good a good Mommy! You'll have to watch her..she may do it again so she can get a 'warm' blow dry and sit with you! smile...


  2. Poor little chicky. I am so happy you found and rescued her! It is so cold out that I've had to fill my bird feeder today after just filling it last night. I even have bluebirds eating the sunflower chips. It has been a busy place today as well as my heated bird bath. :)

  3. Poor little chicky! I am so glad that you found her and got her all warmed up.We had Polish hens when I was young and there was one that would come at lunch time and peck the sliding glass door till she was let in to have her daily cornbread.Such great memories.Hugs,Jen

  4. Linda, did you ever think your life would come to this - blowdrying the feathers on a chicken. lol Actually, I love this mental image. SO sweet! And I would have done the same thing. I need a lap chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥

  5. Oh my, I just cannot imaginine any of our "girls" sitting still like that. I do hope your baby is well.

    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage in Southwest Missouri!


  6. What a precious sight that would have been to see you blow drying your little girl! I think you may have a permanent house guest! You are such a "momma hen".
    I am A M A Z E D at what you accomplish when you get home from a full day of work! Do you go to bed at 7:00 p.m.??????????

  7. That is a great story. I have chickens and they never behave like that! In fact, yesterday they were bad girls, ha ha. I'm sure she sat still in front of the heater because she had been scared and she knew you were helping her. Ours stay fairly warm here in Florida, but I have almost had to make a coop evacuation plan when they said a hurricane was coming!

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