Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finished reviewing the Year

Good morning sweet ladies,

I will continue on with my 2012 review.......when I go back and scan the pic's and stories I realize how faithful the Lord was to us. It is good to review our lives......He is such a master weaver when it comes to His children!


When I took this picture I was sitting on the front porch of our farmhouse. We had 2 more weeks until work at the college was to start up would be our 3rd year there. He has done a work in my heart big time. WE believe that He has set us out into the mission be an encouragement to a really hurting world.......I do better each August then I did the previous.....He never gives up on us does He?

As you know I loveeeeee Goosebery Patch, August was another month for a party! Guess what? I just got two new cookbooks in the mail........and you know what that means!!!!!!! I just love the ladies there. They are always blessing us....with new recipes and sweet ideas! Party will be at the end of the month.....and you will like.....a lot....promise!

Another huge blessing was the sandhill plums. The trees were loaded and with it being a drought year.....we knew the gifts were a blessing from the Lord! We put up a lot of jam and then we froze the rest for later. The berries were huge and a beautiful red color!

After work I went down to let the girls out of the little Milk House.......where I have chicks and Cochins. This was at the entrance of the door to greet me. Now for me this was a gift big time. When I am at the college I miss out on the mornings......the walks around the farm in the early of the really is a hard thing for me, but I am learning to be thankful for other things. I knew the Lord had this sight just me! He is always telling me it is okay.....just keep doing what I have called you to do. 

Another year married to my sweet! 38 years! Amazing Love the Lord has for two who started out a little different! Smile! God is a Redeemer! We have experienced it. If you want to read our story..... here it is. 


September we did a lot of entertaining. It is always cooler and not so hot like in the summer time here and the evenings are beautiful!

Planting wheat, one of our favorite times on the farm! Lots of memories are made! We got rain at just the right time! Thanked the Lord for His provisions!!!!!!


The Chochin Girlies were laying on lots of eggs.......lots of baby chicks! They are the sweetest!

Took Willow (my Momma sheep) over to Cheryl's farm..... she was put in with their ram. That means baby or babies this spring!!!!!! I also met little Rosebud....had to buy her.......she still has not come to Prairie Flower Farm yet, but will soon when Willow and the two girls I traded for Twig and Leaf come back soon.They will need names! Any ideas?


Oakley came to live with us at the farm!!!!!! She is growing really big......loves all the farm cats! Learning to not like or bother the chickens.....she is doing very far.

The grandson's and Poppa started working on their fort! They got two poles in..... two more to go. 

At the end of the month I started decorating for CHRISTmas......the juniper berries were gorgeous this year! I used them everywhere in our decorations. 


Worked on the "Girlies Coop" enjoyed the day!

Lost my Momma two weeks before CHRISTmas. Before she died.......I had my daughter take this will be etched in my mind forever. Life has changed.....but I know she is safe......and cared for by her Heavenly Father. As I posted about her many ladies who follow Prairie Flower Farm and fb shared how they had lost their Momma's also around the same time. It knit us all a little bit closer.

CHRISTmas was interestingly a lot sweeter this year......even with the loss of my Momma......God spoke to me so many times.... that "I was not alone". He was my everything! I miss her a lot.....but I will  see her again, the next time she will hug me! She couldn't for so many years.....I missed day! 

The last day of December our kids went hunting...

they took the was a wonderful way to end the year......Making Memories.......something are family works hard at!

Thank you sweet ladies for being a part of our lives. We consider you all family also. An amazing thing the Lord has started.....we love reading about your lives in the comments you leave.....please don't stop.....that is what makes friendships so special.

Hugs to your day......I will be in the craft room organizing with my granddaughter Ellie. Memories in the making!

Ellie just this minute brought me my CHRISTmas cup filled with very cold I was finishing up this is so fun when your grandkids start returning love! 

If you have a favorite memory of 2012 please share it with us! 



  1. Many precious memories indeed.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Enjoyed your memories. I took lots of photos this past year and wasn't able to share all of them. So maybe I should highlight ones I didn't for my blog. One of my favorite memories was spending a couple days on the coast with my daughter. We had a good time and took lots of photos. Also celebrating 35 years with my sweet man was great as well, in Oct. Sorry for the loss of your mom. It's sad but sweet as well since she's in heaven. So thankful for Jesus and the promise of heaven awaits us as well! Hugs!

  3. I really enjoyed your review of 2012. I love getting your posts in my email box everyday or so. I don't get to read them everyday, but it's a special time when I catch up with you and the ladies here. Thanks for blessing us once again in 2012. I know we all will continue to grow in the Lord and together in 2013.

    May God bless you in 2013.

  4. Hi Linda! I am way behind visiting and posting and blogging so...Here I am finally! I was thinking of so many prayers answered this year. We began praying for sweet Kaydence when she was born a few moths ago. She went home for Christmas with her family! Yeaaa! God is very good. So many prayers to send up always. Say one for Nick. He returns to school tomorrow. I will be a sad sad mommma!
    We have plumbing woes again! SO pray. The kids all went to Walmart. They will have a group bathroom break! LOL! Noelle lives two doors away but they say they need their privacy. Nick needs a few things before he leaves in the morning.
    It was a good Christmas. I would never trade my phamily for anything.
    Still praying for Shannon.
    Your review was so sweet. I always love visiting a favorite friend here. God Bless each one of you today and always!

    Hugs Anne


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