Friday, November 12, 2010

FRIDAY........that means HOME!

Hello sweet ladies,

Last night we were going into work at the fencing site..............RAIN came..........we have been asking the Lord and He answered. Worked on the Winter All Year Long Pattern..........can't wait.......hopefully very soon! Woke up and didn't have internet service today. Sooooooo this is my post for you today. Not fancy, but please leave me a comment!

Trusting that you are all okay. I think and pray for you all everyday. Thank you for some of the emails. I am telling the ONE that cares about your every minute!!!!!!!!! That is so comforting isn't it.

Well it is Friday........I am so happy need my HOME!

Hugs from my FARM to Your HOME!


  1. We are getting a little rain, started off and on during the night. The rain is good...I'm not looking forward to cooler temperatures, except it will eliminate some of the pesky insects.;)

    I think when one works out, the word HOME takes on a whole new meaning. It really does become one's personal haven, doesn't it? It embraces all the good things of life - family, warmth, love, peace, comfort...JOY!

    Praying you have a blessed weekend at HOME with FAMILY!


  2. hope you all really enjoy your rain here today so I need to get off the computer and start working...LOL...really looking forward to the quilt..

  3. Have a wonderful Friday. Just a few more hours and I'll be Home for the weekend also! I'm looking forward to the time there.

  4. Have a wonderful time at home... ahhhhhh home. What a lovely place to be. Especially in the rain.. nice...
    It is raining here in Wisconsin too. A little ice mixed in with it making it very slippery.
    My husband and I are in for the night. Reading and knitting.. drinking cocoa... blessings and hugs from Wisconsin...xoxoxxo

  5. Oh Linda..

    Glad you had an evening off! I do know you need the rest! Now it is Friday evening & I pray you have a fun, restful weekend!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Have a blessed weekend, Linda and everyone. We are expecting rain here in Texas too. Rest this weekend and enjoy all God's goodness.

  7. Home, that has a nice warm ring to it with a cup of cocoa and family all around. Have a peaceful weekend.


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