Sunday, November 7, 2010

Please pray for My Finger!

Here is our little Sophie hugging on her sister Cassy. Sophie is getting bigger everyday! Remember she was the one that was so sick? Thanks to your prayers she is so much better.
You are welcome to use this photo!

Dear sweet ladies,

Okay.........I know this sounds silly.......but man does my finger hurt! I had a little hang nail on my wedding ring finger............yup.......I pulled it. I was in the kitchen last Friday and didn't think it would be that big of a deal. Yes it was! I woke up this morning and it was throbbing and very swollen. That seems weird..... that it wouldn't have done that yesterday. I got up this morning..... put some salt in a cup....... with very hot water and soaked it. It is still throbbing. I also lanced it a bit. Helped.....but still really hurts. Thank you!

Yesterday we went to the fencing site.......I enjoyed myself a lot. Isn't it pretty out at the site?

I lit my candle.......a gift from my Tressa.......she always gets me a Vanilla Bean Noel candle, she couldn't wait until CHRISTmas.......I was blessed!

You can make a HOME wherever you are.....right? Smile!

It was quiet....out at the site........... the weather was warm.......we didn't have to be stuck in a kitchen......we were outside enjoying the fresh air...........I lit my candle........I quilted the Winter All Year Long Quilt (I can't wait until I can give you the instructions).......I got to peek at my honey ( I will never tire of that!)............. and I helped him when he needed me. What a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Our sweet friend Alicia brought us some Chicken and Noodles major comfort food!!!!!! Their church was having a fund was very NUM! I think I want to make some for my family. We have some Amish that make the best noodles around here.............the church used makes the Chicken and Noodles even better!

My Honey did a lot of I stitched and stitched to my hearts content! Now that is a fun day for me! I talked to my girls about every half hour. They would call or I would.......that warms my heart........ our girls are such a blessing to us. I have a friend on blogland who's daughter just left their home for a wonderful opportunity.......... with the Lord leading. The Momma is having a tough time.........count me in when that happens to me! I know I will not like the empty nest thing. I am thinking....... I could house an unwed Momma.....and love on her.....well that is down the road some. Just the other day the girls were talking about marriage and babies of their own. That warms my heart also, but I will miss them so. I would never keep them back from the Lord's's just that for the last 38 years I have had children in our HOME. I loved every part of Motherhood! I was born for it! Smile! I don't want you to think it has all been perfect.....far from it......but even in the devastating parts.... God was there......... just because we raised them in the Faith.....doesn't mean they are going to follow.......but God will be Faithful! I do believe that because we raised them on the Word of God and hid it in their hearts that the Holy Spirit worked in their hearts even in their disobedience. God grew my heart in those tough times.......and I leaned on Him and prayed......and He answered. If you have young who are not walking in Christ........I encourage you and your Husband to pray scripture over them. It will free your hearts and activate the Holy Spirit to do His work in the situation! It is Truth........and very powerful! It is our Hope! God loves that child or adult child more than we can ever imagine! I also advice to be on bended knee or even laying on your face. It does something to ourselves. I do not know how I got off on this.........but maybe there is someone who is walking a hard time with their child.........don't loose Heart my sweet friend...........pray! It is a huge defense for the Momma......God does hear the CRY of a parent. I promise! We had situations that we never thought would never get heart felt like it would burst at times but.........we stayed strong against the enemy........with prayer. God came through like we never thought..........He truly gave us the desire of our hearts. You can't give up! EVER! I prayed and will pray this scripture for my family.

Jeremiah 24:7. I will give them a heart to know me, that I am the LORD. They will be my people and I will be their God, for they will return to me with ALL their HEART.

Know sweet ladies........that you are so loved!
Jesus and me........that is the truth!

Well...... how I started with prayer for a finger and ended up here is beyond me..heehee.....I always trust the Lord to give me the words and encouragement to say on my blog. Maybe this will speak to some of you! If you need prayer.......I have already asked the Lord to please meet your need inHis Name. He will, He is just like that He is...... a GOD OF GRACE!

I am off to learn more about His Word and see who in the body needs a HUG! See who needs a hug in your life! Maybe it is that wayward child! Doesn't mean we have to accept their disobedience....just a reminder to them..... that they are loved and you are praying for them.

Email me if you like. I love to listen......and pray for YOUR needs.

P.S. Please don't forget the recipes for the CHRISTmas Cookie Cookbook. Yesterday I got a bunch........I am so totally excited about this girls!

Hugs from my FARM to YOUR HOME!


  1. Oh dear...I've done that to my finger too. Why is it we pull off those hangnails when we know it will hurt?!

    Soak it in peroxide as much as possible and bandage it with ointment. You'll be ship shape soon.

  2. I sprayed it.......but now I will soak it. Thank you sweet Parley!!!!!!!

  3. Linda,
    I think we've all done this and boy does it hurt! I've found soakinig my finger in warm water with epsom salt added really helps the pain and bring down the swelling. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love the cat photo - so absolutely adorable. And chicken and noodles....yum! Makes me hungry thinking about it.

  4. Thank you Staci.......I ran out of epson salts......I will pick some up after church at the little store by it. I usually use that.......I am using the peroxide now. I love chicken and noodles. When I was at home I made them homemade noodles a lot.

    Have a nice day ladies.

  5. Oh my Linda, I know that really hurts! I had to have a fingernail pulled off by a doctor when I was a teenager because of an infection under the nail. It just was there overnight! That was terribly painful so I know what you are going through. God bless you my friend for all of your words of encouragement and hope that you give to us all everyday. God does answer prayer and I will be praying for you and that finger. Have a wonderful Sonday!

    Hugs XX

  6. we sure know what infected fingers are like..having gone through something similar with Alan's index finger..two nights in emergency...God really turned this into good as he was able to get the diabetic meds he so desperately needed...all the suggestions for treatment from the other posters are good ones...I will keep this in prayer too as even though its a small wound, its big pain...has to be a spiritual lesson there somewhere, huh?
    hugs and blessings today for you

  7. Soo Sorry for the Pain in your finger,thoughts
    and prayers coming your way, Fence looking good
    so peaceful.. As always your post are so uplifting and refreshing giving honor to the
    Lord, Kitten Photo is adorable..
    Blessings and hugs..:-)
    Happy Sonday to all !!!

  8. Linda, you may be the only person who can have a good time while building fence!!! Did you get your Green Tomato Relish made?

    Praying for your finger!

    Thanks for the hug and the reminder to pass it on. You're a peach!


  9. Oh my dear Linda, you are amazing! Always so positive and I know that is the way a person must be!! Last night I was sooo exausted and felt so depressed (some due to the MS or should I say most due to the MS) then today I awoke refreshed and feel almost normal! God is so good, he tell us we must rest when we're weary and so often we try to push through it ourselves:(

    Sorry to hear about your hangnail...and I totally understand they can be absolutely terrible and painful. You continue to be in my prayers each day.

    xoxo Gert

  10. Take care of that finger, Linda! I cut my finger this morning while opening a can of shortening to make gingersnaps. It's always the silliest things with me! That foil they put on top of the can is SHARP. Anyway, sweet post as always! I do want you to come over to the blog for a visit when you can. I finally, finally, *finally* was able to decorate my coop yesterday and hang my beautiful curtains and "notes" book! Thank you again, dear friend, and I wish you many blessings during this day and week!! Hugs, Tammy

  11. We know God will be taking care of that hurt finger, with your help. Soaking sounds like a good idea, but if there is infection, perhaps some tea tree oil would help. It's not very expensive at the Walgreen's or WalMart in the vitamin/herbs section. It helped my mom when she had a horrible infection on her leg. Just rub a little over the area. That and antibiotic cream.

    Thanks for your prayers for us, too. ♥♫

  12. I so enjoy visiting you. You always make me smile and feel good. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  13. So sorry about that finger...nasty! :(

    Such lovely photos with your post today my friend...beautiful!

    I hear your heart on the empty nest thing...I am *so* there with you on that one!!! I do not look forward to it either. :( wonderful that the LORD will give the grace WHEN those days come. We are to enjoy THESE days and not look ahead to the future with worry...I talk to myself here. :)

    Have a wonderful LORD's Day!
    In His Love,

  14. Be careful with your finger because of infection. I knew a doctor who had an ingrown toenail and ended up in the ER with a bad infection. Use Neosporin or any antibiotic cream you can buy over the counter. Ouch!
    I love Sophie and her her sister! They are precious little friends of the Lord! Aw...
    Your sweet gift from a sweet daughter is so lovely I can smell the sweet scent filling your home. More prayers, we are down to the wire with this housing issue. Love and Hugs Anne and your Scripture is beautiful. Makes my heart happy! :)

  15. Why are fingernail injuries so painful?? Such a teeny part of us, but oh my, they sure hurt. Hope you are feeling better soon. Blessings to you and you are so right about praying for our kiddos. Mine are little yet, but I just think about the heartbreak of a wayward child and I feel so sorry for those parents. PRAYER is such a gift, sometimes I don't unwrap it NEARLY enough! Have a wonderfully blessed week!

  16. You may not believe this, but try super glue on your finger. My husband does it on dry cracks he gets on his fingers in the witner time. the pain goes away.
    the super glue does not burn either. Keeps the bad stuff out too.

  17. Honey, please watch that finger carefully. This past year I got a splinter in my finger and pulled it right out but it hurt like crazy. By the next day it had swollen up so big and I had red streaks going up my arm. I went to the emergency room worried about blood poisoning. They kept me in the hospital for 3 days because I had celulitious. Then back in July I got bit by a feral kitty and (it was bad) another 5 days in the hospitall for celulitious. So please watch it closely. If it's still fevered, swollen, and you see red lines going up your arm please check it out.

    Those finger things can really ache and hurt. I'm saying a prayer.

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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