Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our evening!

This is not a picture of Kiowa..........but it looks exactly what she looked liked today when we found our horses 2 miles away from our farm.

Hello Sweet ladies,

Hope your day was filled with something fun!!!!!! We got home and we noticed our horses were not in the area we left them. They were further on down the road not in the fenced area. Mr. Phil and the girls started gathering halters and some grain. We all hopped in the van and took off. By the time we found them they had run almost 2 miles down the road. When we drove up Kiowa turned and gave us this Mr. Ed grin and kept showing her face. We laughed........as we watched her smile like she was saying to us "hahahaha". How I wish I had the camera, so I could show you a picture or a video of what she looked like. My Phil and the girls had to walk them all the way home with me driving behind. Made for a long evening! We had other plans that we had to change. Isn't that the way it goes so many times!

Please continue to pray for our land. Our Nation soooo needs the protection of the Lord. We can't make it on our own. We have tried to do that for way to long. Please pray for our President.......that he would make wise decisions for our country and that his choices would be ones that would please God.

How was your day?

God Bless America!

Blessings, Linda


  1. ...we'll never know the reason or purpose that God had distracted you and your family away but we can be sure that it was for HIS good.

  2. Funniest picture ever Linda. As tired as I know you must be when things like this happen, your life sounds wonderful. You always find the blessing side to show us and remind us all we have to be grateful for.

    Our President and country certainly do need to be mindful of God's will and I will continue to pray for that.

    Much love and big hugs....Tracy :)

  3. I was very disappointed in the electipon results here. SO many liberals winning! But I prayed and voted. It is in His hands! Love the horse story. You are so sweet. Anne


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