Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look Who We Have.......She Is New To Our Farm

Shelby the "New Chick" on the Farm!
Hi Everyone, Honey and I just got home from being in at the fencing site. We are moving right time we will be ready to put the posts. Everything is measured and ready to go. Please pray for us that our time would go smooth and easy!!!!!!! Thank you so much!

While we were at the site our oldest son and our grandchildren stopped by. They had a something new for me. Last week my grandson Ethan who is 11 called and said, "Grammie we have a chicken (they live on the outside of town) that came to our house and we want her to live on the farm with you. Her name is Shelby and I ran over her foot and it is hurt." Then her gave me over to his Daddy, he said that Shelby just came to their house. They were enjoying her for a little time...... but they just couldn't keep they thought that it would be fun to have her come and live on the farm. Sounded great to me!!!!! Tonight they met us at the site and had her in a little kitty carrier. I am not sure what kind she if any of you know...... would you please let me know. Also if you know what color egg she lays that would be nice to know also!

I really like her feathers kind of golden brown. The boys had named her Herman, until they found out that she was a she. I think she will fit in just fine at Prairie Flower Farm. I really like her.......a lot!

Hope your day was nice. The weather was beautiful here......but going to be turning a little cooler. I will haveeeeeee to get my tomatoes in before Sat. is suppose to freeze. Can't lose them. Want to make Green Tomato Relish. Have you ever had it before? It is so good with corn tortilla chips. I will give the recipe

Well I am off to bed.......thank you soooooo much for stopping by!

Hugs and blessings from the Farm to Your HOME!


  1. She's Beautiful!
    Her feathers remind me of paisley fabric....
    Wish I could tell you what she is but I'm no chicken expert...

  2. Hi Loafer...........I agree with you! Her feathers are laid so beautifully! I am hoping someone will know! Thank you for stopping by! Hugs, me

  3. She is not exactly like any that I have but bet she lays brown or green eggs. I was told if the ear patches are white, they lay white eggs. We purchased two buff colored hens with white ear patches, they lay white eggs. Both must be Buff Leghorns! LOL I thought we bought Orpingtons, brown egg layers.
    What ever, I love those hens!

  4. I love her feathers! Wonder if she could be one of the rare breeds?

    When you look at her feathers, do you get ideas for fabrics? They really are lovely!

    Have a blessed day tomorrow!


  5. What a terrific looking chick! HeeHee! Love oyur psots. I miss you this week, crazy busy with this housign situation. Please continue to pray that God will lead us into the right home. We put a bid in but there was another so we hope our back up house will still be there in case....S T R E S S ! I feel like a cat trapped with a long tail trapped in a room full of rocking chairs! YIKES! Love you bunches! Anne

  6. Green tomato relish sounds good.
    The chicken is beautiful. I don't know much about them so I can't tell what kind she is, but her feathers are lovely.

  7. HI Linda!
    Shelby looks just like my Thelma (who recently died! :~{ ) She was an Americauna that layed green eggs! Does she have any green color on her legs? Or have a beard? You will know if she lays green, blue or khaki colored eggs that she is Americauna!
    Will be praying that there will be no hitches in your fence building!
    Be Blessed today!

  8. Wow her feathers are very striking, she sure looks like a special chook to me!

  9. Beautiful little chicken you have - my chicken girl, Sarah, would love her.

  10. Wow! she's beautiful. Her feathers have such a lovely design. Enjoy her.

  11. Green Tomato Relish is awesome Salas something we use all the time,Love the Chicken her feathers are beautiful,Prayers for the fence building goes smoothly for you both...

    Blessings -Hugs..

  12. I haven't written for along time Linda. But I am a dedicated reader. Your chicken is beautiful and Gr tomato salsa sounds good but too late for our Mich. tomatos. Was wondering if you have ever made pillow cases for gifts. They are very popular and I want to make them but not sure what pattern to use. Wishing you success in fence building.

  13. What a beautiful chicken! I've never seen any like her before. We have guinnies (not sure of spelling, sorry) that come and visit us from our neighbors and they are interesting looking, too! How cool!

    Becki from NC


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