Friday, November 19, 2010

We Now Have Internet........Thank You Jesus!

Dear Sweet Ladies,

Now some of you know that we have been without internet at our home. Today was SEVEN DAYS! Now the question is.............what did I learn? I am sure I learned something.........but one thing I did learn was I never want to be without it again. It was like I didn't have contact with the most precious ladies ............called my friends.......... that means you all. I do have to say I did miss you all a lot. I was not able to work on the Winter All Year Long Quilt Pattern as far as getting things ready to be a PDF download or on the cookbook. Now I will work over time to get it out. My goal is before Thanksgiving. Please pray that there will be the time to do it!!!!! Thank you so much. When I got HOME this evening we have internet again. I am very thankful.

Well.......... what has been happening in your life? As you know I was able to get some fast posts up on my breaks at work, so I have heard from some of you. It was so hard to not be able to come over and visit you all. This week I will doing so though. We stared our vacation time from the College Kitchen was so fun to wake up and be at our HOME and watch the sun come up. Well, more than was wonderful!!!!!!!!! I had to work on the fence later in the morning today with my honey.........but it was so nice to do some things around my HOME before we left. I automatically got up at 5:22 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I have so much I want to get done. I am cleaning cupboards and going to start putting up some of the tomatoes we picked a few weeks ago tomorrow. It will be nice to simmer the tomato soup stock and while that is simmering I will work on the pattern and cookbook. Now that sounds like fun to me!!!!!!

I have wanted to put this recipe I found last week up for you and just couldn't do I can! The other day at the college kitchen we had a lot of riccota that needed to be used. I thought that maybe if I looked on the internet I might find something that used it..........I did. They are now one of my very favorite muffins. You can't believe how moist they are! They are a little work.........but majorly worth it. They are called Strawberry Riccota Muffins. The recipe bakes the strawberries so they are kind of dried when you put them into the muffin batter. I love the taste! These would be wonderful food gifts to take to the where ever you are having Thanksgiving.

Hugs and blessings Sweet Ladies!!!!!!! You have been missed!

By Me


  1. Glad you have internet access again! I know how frustrating that can be! Wonderful that you have some time off, hopefully through the holiday? I haven't been able to get around to visit much lately because of being busy, and I've missed it so much! I'm hoping things have slowed down for me a bit now, so I can keep up with my favorite blog friends!

    Have a LOVELY weekend!

  2. Hi Margie................thank you for coming over and saying hi! I have missed being on blogs also. Yes.......I will be HOME until a week from this Sunday..........can't believe I can be HOME so long! It is a much needed time off. I miss my HOME so much.......being this is the first time in our married life that we have worked outside the HOME. So thankful we are all still together as a family though. Don't you just dislike having to be so busy? I do also! Well, please have a Blessed Thanksgiving friend!!!!! Hugs, me

  3. I feel your pain regarding no internet! Glad you're back! I can feel how happy you are to be HOME.. bless you, and enjoy & embrace this time (I know you will!). Thanks for the recipe- looks and sounds wonderful :) Hugs, Tammy

  4. Yippeeee! You're back!! WooooHoooo!

    It is good to *see* you.

    Have a blessed weekend,

  5. I think it's no coincidence that your internet came back in time for your vacation! Thanking God for THAT and for these days you have in your precious Home on the Range.

  6. God is good. He always have perfect timing! I am so happy you will have the internet again! I missed you. You are such a strength to me. Blessings to your precious family today! Anne

  7. I know how you internet is the pits...we've gotten so used to visiting our online friends and family....
    please come over when you get time and sign up for my giveaway...redwork towels!
    enjoy your time off....


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