Friday, November 26, 2010

It Is My Favorite Time of the YEAR!


Hope this finds you enjoying .......maybe......... some CHRISTmas music? Every year on Thanksgiving night we get to have allllll the grand children (the are ages 3-12) and also for the next day...... so their parents can either work on their HOMES or go shopping. It is so much fun for me because we get to bring in the CHRISTmas season together! This morning I made them pancakes while Poppa was reading to the boys this wonderful book for boys. It is called Created for Work by Bob is a wonderful tool for teaching young men to work. Poppa wants to encourage his grandsons to be men that will have a heart for work. Anyway right before the boys went out to work on their forts we had them pray. It seems to help a lot when they ask for help from the Lord. My heart skips a beat whenever I hear these young men pray.... straight from the heart........... tuckin memories in my heart!

Later on one of the grandsons came in and said , "Grammie you know how the book said that you need to think of others more then you think of yourself? Well we are working on a fort for the girls and we are putting as much effort in the girls fort as our fort." Blessed this Grammie big time. Love to give them opportunities to do good for the Lord.

Off to make lunch for them!!!! Hope your day is filled with much blessings!

Hugs from the farm to Home!



  1. Love the idea of having all my future grandchildren stay with me just like you are. What fun!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. I laughed when I read the title of the book, 'Created for Work,' for our pastor has talked on that also, yet it is so foreign to our culture.

    Have a blessed weekend. Enjoy those grandkids! :-)

  3. What precious memories you are building with them! They will never forget...

  4. HI Linda,
    How precious for you to have all your GRANDbabies there with you. I'll bet it is a royal treat for them to come to the farm. How special! I can imagine you being a top of the line Grandmama.
    How adorable of the little guys to be thinking of the little girls. Adorable!
    Have a wonderful time with them!

  5. What wonderful memories you are making for these grandchildren.. Bless you!! God is ~smiling~ on you and yours!!

    Hope it was a blessed day!!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Precious little blessings! I know you are really enjoying this time at home with them! And I am sure they are thoroughly enjoying their time with you, too!

  7. Godly memories are so much better than anything else. I love how you interact with your grands. You and your hubby are incredible role models. God Bless each one of you. Anne

  8. Oh, I am loving your tips! I put this book on my wishlist on Amazon and hopefully my hubbie will get it so we can read it to our little grandson. I am loving your blog!


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