Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have a Wonderful SONday Today!

you are welcome to use this photo, if you would like.

Good Morning sweet friends,................fog is still on our is really quite beautiful. It is so nice of the Lord to give us all the seasons here in Kansas. Phil and I walked the was a very crisp cool day...... but it felt good to be outside........not cooped up in a college kitchen with walls all around me. I think that is probably one of the hardest things for on a farm working outside all the time has really changed since we work in a building now. So we take every opportunity to get out when we are HOME. We took care of the horses. Getting them ready for the winter. They are such beautiful animals. One has a "little one" in her tummy. It is fun to watch it grow. We can even see the baby move. It will be wonderful to have a "little horse" around the farm again. You can teach them so much, if you have them from the time of birth. The girls each have a horse that they have had since the beginning. They are such good friends. Kansas and Kiowa trust the is so neat to watch them interact.

Those of you who have chickens...............if you have cold weather..........start giving them warm water instead of cold. It will help them with their laying. Also they need extra light at the end of the day. 14 to 15 hours of light is good. Make sure that their coop is clean to start of the winter and that it has lots of nice straw down. They will love you for it ............and they will continue to give you eggs...... even on Sundays!

Today we will be with family..............celebrating Tressa's birthday....... finally. It was the end of was so busy will be so nice to be with all the grandbabies and fam! We will attend church this morning with one of our son's family. Anticipating what the Lord will teach us. After we will go to the park we always go to with a creek near by.............enjoy your day I will be sure too.

May you know the presence of the Lord today..........I am praying!

P.S. This morning one of our missionary friends, who keeps us in touch wrote this scripture in the Bagwido People's scripture translation. It was so precious to me that these people are getting their own Bible for the first time. Many in the village have come to CHRIST. He is to be Praised forever!

From one man he made every nation of men,

that they should inhabit the whole earth;

and he determined the times set for them and the exact places

where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him

and perhaps reach out for him and find him,

though he is not far from each one of us.

Acts 17:26-27

HE wants you to know that you are very HIM!


  1. Linda...I just found your blog & love it I sent for the winter thyme block & received it but I'd also like to have the fall, summer & spring and when I subscribe for them it says I've already subscribed but don't know how to download them Thanks
    A blessed Sonday to you also!

  2. Have a wonderful day of celebration! I know you are going to enjoy this time with family.

    Be blessed, my friend!

  3. Want to ask about the chickens. This is my first winter with chickens. We have one hose bib that is frost proof that hubs has left on. We live in Michigan and we have to shut most of it off so our pipes do not freeze. Anyway that would be well water and my question is does it matter if I am getting warm water like you suggest from the house it would have gone through the water softener? Also since this my first year with chickens I had read a lot and use pine shavings for the hen house but I keep straw in the laying boxes. Should I be using more straw? We have had a mild fall and I expect to clean the hen house out again before we get too much snow to haul it out to the gardens, do you sweep yours out through the rest of the winter months? Problems with my e-mail working but the provider is suppose to come by tomorrow. I would love to have another's opinion on these things.

  4. Good Morning Linda,

    So glad to read that you are enjoying your weekend off.

    I keep wondering why you work outside your home when you are always complaining about working outside your home?

    Each weekend that is what i read. Just wondering, that is all. For God says that you should always be happy in everything that you do.

  5. Oh my dear Linda..

    I am so glad that you are at your HOME this week and just know you will really enjoy this time! You're so fortunate that your horse will soon have a new baby! Always something wonderful going on at the farm isn't there???

    Happy SONday and have a blessed week!

    xoxo Gert

  6. Dear Linda, I hope you have a good family day!!!
    It must be so wonderful to see this little baby horse moving and growing !!!
    Kisses !!!!!!!!!!



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