Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Hello sweet ladies,
It is late on Sunday evening..........I had a wonderful day today..........went to middle son's families home. Saw "Little Girl"....... remember the little baby calf we saved? She is adorable.......growing and nursing on her Momma.......I told the Lord thank you......He helped us so much when she was so weak to eat........gave us ideas of what to do. It was wonderful to see her again. She is a little fatty glad she made it. It will help our two son's with their herd of 8 cows. They are just starting their ranch........I love it!

Also I have some very precious news. We found out last Friday that our middle son and his precious family are thinking of adopting a child from Russia. They go to a church that has a sponsor program that brings orphaned children from Russia to come to America and stay and hopefully find a home. We all prayed for them as to what the Lord would want for them to do and tonight they sent off papers to have a 12 year old boy come and stay for about a month. I am so excited. His name means "life giver"............I can't tell you how excited we are. When he arrives he will come with an empty suitcase.............our family will help get to fill it. I can't wait to show him the LOVE of JESUS...........I am praying for his little heart. God has planned this from the beginning of time. I am so thankful he put our family right in the middle of it. Our son and his wife need prayer as they will be making a decision as to what the Lord wants them to do. CHRISTmas will be special. We have friends that were missionaries to Russia. They will have a Bible and hopefully help us with some language lessons. The girls and I got on to Youtube..........OH my that was funny. I tried.......didn't sound so good. I will practice........everyday........until he gets here. I might be able to say hello! Heehee. Now I am a Grammie of 10. He wants to learn how to cook.......that will be my department! He also loves animals.......I can help with that also. We will have a very special time with this little guy! Please pray for our family, if you think about it. Pray for the finances for our son's family. It is terribly expensive to adopt. Like our son said, "God is in charge of the 0000's behind the amount. He owns it all. I believe our son knows HIS FATHER!

Hugs, and please don't forget to send your recipes....if you haven't already......I received sooooo many recipes the last two days. Thank you so much. I can't wait to get started!!!!!!!!!

Love you all, Me


  1. Hi Linda I hope your finger has healed, that can be miserable. Congratulations on your new grandson, what a blessing that will be for all.
    May your week be filled with all God's good gifts.

  2. Hello Linda, I hope and pray that your finger is healing nicely. What fun you will be having with the little boy from Russia! I hope all of your week goes well and just as God has planned.

    Hugs XX

  3. Oh Linda...How amazing for your son and his family to bring a Russian to their home. And I know you, you will be a wonderful and that child will be blessed just to be near you and your family!!

    Yes, you all are in my prayers...

    xoxo Gert

  4. I've prayed for the situation with the young man from Russia and will continue to do so as you share stories about this whole process.

  5. I am praying. God is good. Very good. We are waiting to hear about the house. They said hopefully by Monday the 15th we will have an answer. But the owner is willing and eager to sell. They agreed to make the repairs we found in the inspection. Pray they are honest and will be wise in their selection of professionals to call in for these needed repairs. But we love the house. I won't write any more about it unless we truly get it! Love and hugs to you. You are the craftiest girl I know! Anne

  6. Thank you ladies so much for praying for my finger. It really did scare me a bit. It was so swollen, but today it is doing very well. All the swelling is down and just a little redness. I did soak it a lot and put antibiotic ointment on it. Worked great.
    Jeannie.......I hope there is some way our son's family can keep him. It costs so much to adopt. Doesn't seem right!

    Barbara, Yes, if the Lord is in charge........and he wants our son's family to have him........God will provide that way.

    Thank you Gert, you are such a prayer warrior. Please keep it up. I love the little boy already!!

    Hi Mary.......thank you for praying. It will be so neat to see what the Lord has for our whole family. He will be loved for sure. excited to hear about your new home possibilities. Oh Jesus please bless my Anne! I am so glad you like the house. I have been asking that the Lord would bless you.......real good. Right in time for the holidays. Can't wait. You are so funny. I do love to craft. It is in my bones! Smile

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. I love you all bunches.
    Hugs, Linda

  7. 3 of OUR grandchildren are adopted. It IS expensive, but what God initiates and designs, He finances :)


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