Saturday, November 20, 2010


It was so beautiful this morning...........I was at HOME and the fog covered the earth!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

This morning..........I woke up...........I was HOME.........and it felt so good. I didn't have to run around and get ready for the outside world...........and that felt even better. I looked out my window..........fog covered the earth............little glimmers of dew all around. I could stop and enjoy.........I am finding out that going outside the HOME has me always in a rush. Now with my internet back on I turned on Daily Audio Bible and filled our HOME with theWord. It is nice for me to be surrounded by God's Word. Helps me stay on track. Then I listened to Christian Music......I am thankful that I can do that when I am in the cafeteria kitchen..........but it just seems better at my HOME! Anyone relate out there?

All the plants are dying............winter is coming soon!

The fog is so heavy!

Went outside to do chores. Everyone is happy that Momma (ME) is HOME. I started talking to the ducks........chickens.........and turkey............everyone was talking trying to tell how they missed me. I know that is exactly what they were trying to was so noisy though it was hard to make out everything! Smile. Then I started taking was beauty...................I love morning with the fresh crisp good for the soul.

Today I will have two of my grandchildren with. Maclain will work along side his Poppa and Savannah will be with Grammie. I think we will do some embroidery lessons.......... in the between times....... I will help with the fence..........when I am needed. It will be a nice day!

Waiting for the sun to come out.............the fog is slowly burning away. Hope your day is a sweet one! I am so thankful that my internet is somewhat back. They still are working on the speed, but just being able to get on............makes this farm girl very happy!

Hugs and blessings from my FARM to YOUR HOME!


P.S. A sweet blogger Dani at Eagles Wings is having her 100th post party! It is a must see...........sign up if you like!


  1. Hi Linda. It's nice to see your post. I've missed them this week. I saw this quote yesterday in a cute little store and it reminded me of you. :)

    A day hemmed in prayer is less likely to unravel.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    -Amy in soon to be frigid North Idaho.

  2. Hi Amy........I have forgotten about that little quote. My mind gets to going on thinking of something with that on it! Thank you so for reminding me! I love Idaho. We have driven through it 2 times on our way to Alaska. I heard the other day that it was snowing. Maybe it was by you!

    I am having a very nice weekend and I have all next week off also. I love being HOME! Working on the Quilt Pattern today. Can't wait to get it up!

  3. Hi, Linda: I missed you too! I also love to be home. I have been retired since April and I don't miss the rushing around and feeling too tired to do what I love to home and take care of it....I live in a small town and no way could I have chickens but I pretend the birds (mostly Sparrows) are my little chicks and I put seeds in my apron and say "here chick chick chick" .. it is rather funny because all the birds hiding in my lilac bush become as quiet as can be...then I start tossing the seeds out in the yard and I am sure they (the birds) are thinking "let's humor the old girl" and when I go back inside, they come. I love everything God has given us to make our life so much fun, interesting, exciting, and wonderful! Mary :-)

  4. Hello Annon, You are my kind of woman!!!!!! I can just picture a apron........talking to the birds! You made me smile! You made me smile!!!!! Thank you!

    Hi Prairiemaid........thank you for stoping by. I am!!!!! having a blessed day. I get to stay HOME....... so I am working away on the quilt pattern. I want it up so bad!!!!!

    My grandbabies went home and so I am very busy! Hugs, me

  5. Hi Linda....glad you are enjoying home. Those photos are lovely. I took some similar photos this past week. The fog and clouds roll in really thick and heavy!!!! Have fun with the grandkids :) :) :) I love being home, too. Today my dad and I went out for small breakfast and coffee. On the way home, we found an unexpected yard sale....found some nice craft items!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. Hi Linda,
    I have recently found you blog and have been visiting almost daily. I do not remember from who's blog I hopped over from but have been very glad to have found you. I have been printing out you snowmen patterns and hope after Christmas to be able to set down and work on them. I have many gifts in the process and need to not start anything else right now. I have not read enough of your blog yet I believe it will take me a while to roam through it. Thank you for the cute patterns.

  7. Forgot I was going to tell you my youngest granddaughter's name is Savannah.

  8. Thank you soooo much for the link to DAB. I did not know about it. I have been wanting audio Bible availability (as I sew, etc), but I don't have/can't afford right now the equipment. DAB will fill that gap.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I KNOW you're enjoying home time.


  9. Good morning,
    Heather........can't wait to see the "stuff" It is so fun to find someone else's treasures isn't it? I wish I could go estate saling! I will be waiting!
    Please tell your Daddy hello from Kansas.

    Hi Brenda, Savannah is such a sweet name don't you think? So glad you found me. Hope that you will enjoy your stay to have new followers.Welcome Brenda!!!!! How fun that you have lots of projects do I. smile!

    Hello Lindah, you are so welcome. I enjoy it so much. In fact I am listening right now. It fills the HOME with goodness! Tell me later what you think.

    Everyone have a wonderful SONday! me


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