Monday, February 28, 2011

A 6 Day Duck Egg........A Miracle

Hello sweet ladies, 

I am putting this post up on Monday evening.

First............. thank you so much for being a part of the Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Party. I have to say this has been one  fun party. I have enjoyed reading all your ideas for have given me some wonderful ones to do in the coming year.  You are all amazing...........and very special friends.

I told you that I would video the eggs so you and your family could see.   Well I tried to get a video of the chicken egg again........ tonight and it just didn't work. I did get the duck egg for you to watch. It is amazing. God is so wonderful to bless us soooooooo...........LIFE........ that is what I love about a get to see it a lot. For fun tell me if you have ever seen a baby chick or duck in an egg before. 

Baby duck and chick eggs develop really fast. I will try videoing again in a few more days. Just wanted you to see what I did get.  

Can't wait to see who won. Wish I had a gift for everyone............truly I do!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Just a note about our Vitaliy. We are waiting to be able to call him. Please would you pray about this for us. We are not sure what is going on. We need the Lord's help.............thank you so much for praying. 

"Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God. I always pray for you and I make my requests with a heart full of joy."
Philippians 1:3-4 

Hugs from our farm to your HOME,


P.S. Welcome to all the New have been me!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Linda, I'll be praying that you can talk with Vitaliy on the phone. The duck egg is really interesting. It's glowing quite a bit :) :) I guess that's the lights shining on it and keeping it warm :) :) Oh, can't wait to meet the little duckling for real :) ) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. The Duck egg is awesome - I can't wait to see the next video :)

  3. Loved your video..thank you for sharing! I'll have to show it to my grandchildren.
    Prayers going up in hopes that you can make your phone call to Vitaliy!

  4. Always keeping you,Vitaliy, and your family in my thoughts and prayers till he is home with his family.Love seeing the eggs reminds my of my grandfather,yesterday would have been his birthday he's been gone a little over a year now.Excited to see who the winner is as well.I made the Pistachio Cake sunday to take to grandma's.The girls wanted to know why it was green but not mint so I told them it was Leprechaun cake.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. That duck egg is amazing! I have never seen a baby duck or chick in an egg before. We incubated chicken eggs once but couldn't figure out how to candle them :) My youngest daughter stayed up nearly all night watching those baby chicks hatch. She wanted to name each one as they were born :) We will get a rooster this spring with our chicks so we can have some of our own eggs to hatch.

    Praying for Vitaliy and your family,

  6. What a truly awesome video Linda! I love it. It will be so neat when they hatch.

    Hugs XX

  7. I have incubated close to 100 chicken eggs since Christmas, so I have seen a chicken in the egg. Each time though, it still amazes me and I am in total awe of God's power and creation. I just sold 8 of my black and blue Australorps today. I already miss them, but I pray they provide fresh eggs abundantly for their new owners. I have 28 eggs in the incubator right now and I just candled them. I had to take two out due to stopped development. They are due to hatch next Tuesday and I am worried about living my incubator for the weekend while I attend a Women's ministry retreat up in Tulsa. My husband prefers to remain clueless about the incubator. LOL

  8. Oops meant leaving not living my incubator. Hehe

  9. Neat neat neat!
    No, I've never seen that before.
    It's incredible to see the little duck moving inside!
    I said a prayer for Vitaly.

  10. WOW this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!
    I've never seen it before & just am in awe of the way the Lord created this earth!

    Praying you will be able to call Vitaliy!

  11. Praying each day for your family. I hope you can talk with Vitaliy soon. The duck egg is amazing. God certainly is the best when it comes to handiwork. I am so glad I know you. Anne


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