Saturday, February 12, 2011

Strawberry Snowflakes for Valentine

Good Morning sweet ladies,

I had to share this super easy recipe with you all. Our boss at work had us make up sweet boxes of these to sell to the students at school. Oh my they are soooooo nummy and sooooo easy!

You will need,

one bag semi-sweet chocolate
2 Tb. butter
1 Tb. whipping cream (opt) 

Wash and dry fresh strawberries.

Brick of good white chocolate

Make sure the strawberries are very dry, after they have been washed.

Melt  semi-sweet chocolate, cream, and butter in a saucepan on low heat. After it has melted dip the strawberry in 3/4th of the way. 

Set on parchment paper until it is has cooled a bit. 

Take the dipped chocolate strawberry and roll it into the white chocolate shavings. It looks just like snowflakes. Lay again on a clean piece of parchment...... until they have hardened.

I will be doing this for our family. I will set one finished large strawberry into a cellophane bag. Tie a ribbon with a Valentine tag. Simple and Sweet! Now if you try it be sure to let me know and see. You can't believe how good these are!!!!!

I have to explain yesterday's post. I said, 

"Tonight I received another donation and again......I lost it" 
I NEED TO explain THAT I DID NOT LOOSE IT.......I MEANT I CRIED! I am so overwhelmed with what is happening! 
My girlfriend said, "Linda that doesn't sound good". I guess it didn't! Sorry.....I didn't think about how I said it. I am being very very careful and recording every bit of money that is coming in and who is giving it. One day Vitaliy will see all the love that has been shown to him. I will be making a book of all the comments for him. Tonya his new Momma is going to make a baby book. What a fun thing to do for Vitaliy. 

Here is Amber and Vitaliy in the green.........that was almost a year ago!!!!! Wow!

Okay, now for some "sweet news". Remember the girl (Amber) I told you about in the last post? How their family adopted their son from the same orphanage as our Vitaliy? We are now in touch with each other.  The precious thing is that she and my Tonya (Vitaliy's new Momma) talked yesterday on the phone. 
Now other than Jesus how can you explain this? Two ladies who don't even know each other.......and God uses to little orphans to bring them together! One lives in the middle of Kansas and the other on the east coast. Amazing! One day my prayer is that their son and our Vitaliy can meet again. Nothing is to big for my God. He showed us that the other day. 

He is definitely leading us step by step! 

                                                 LUKE 1:37

Thank you to everyone who comments and to all the new followers. I love having new ladies added to Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!! 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME,


  1. Hi, Linda: I love when God puts things in motion. Those who don't know Him don't recognize His work behind the scenes, but when a person knows God, it is so exciting to stand back and watch Him do His most wonderful grace blessings. I am not married. My husband had many girlfriends and he is not a congressman, but anyway, in place of my wedding ring, I have a beautiful ring with a tiny cross on it and inside the ring is engraved "With God All Things Are Possible." Also, will you repeat how we can donate or tell me which date you announced it ... I know I meant to give but got sidetracked. Happy for all your good news. Love, Mary S

  2. Hi Mary......God is good!!!!! I am so sorry about your sorrow. LIfe can be so hard. Your ring sounds beautiful. God cares so much about you!

    You can donate through paypal by clicking on the donate button at the top of the sidebar. If you don't have a paypal you can send a check. Email me at

    Thank you so much!

  3. Hi Linda,
    I pray God will bless your family and Vitaliy. I enjoy your blog so much.

    Believe and keep the Faith
    God Bless

  4. Hello Sweet Linda,
    Those Strawberries look Yummy,,,I Love Love Love Chocolate dipped strawberries..My Honey always buys me them from Sherries Berries..

    So wonderful to hear how the Lord is providing for the adoption...

    Many Blessings
    In Christ


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