Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow........5-6inches they say!

Hello sweet ladies,

Isn't this the sweetest room? I wanted to put this picture up during CHRISTmas time, but just didn't get it done. I would like to cover my furniture to look like this. I have only covered a couch once before.......quite sometime ago, but I would rather just make a slip cover for my couch and love seat this time. Has anyone ever made slip covers before? If so and you have any info on your blog, please let me know! Just trying to make some plans now.

Hope you are all doing well. This last weekend I worked on an order for a Coupon Book, like the one I made for my daughter in loves for CHRISTmas. I really enjoyed all the handwork that went with it. It made my weekend a quiet one. Did you do anything special? Would love to see, if you have something on your blog.

 I am still receiving answers to the 5 questions......Getting to know each other.........I have so enjoyed reading them. Thank you so much for commenting.   If you haven't answered the questions yet...please do so we can get to know you!

We are getting more snow tonight........up to 5-6 inches.....I know so many of you have already had snow and now you are getting more.  Please know that we are praying for you all! After work today I went and worked on the coop to get the chickens all ready for the snow. The little girls in the milk barn are starting to lay, so I made up a apple basket with straw and put the eggs they laid today in the apple basket. I hope they will start laying there from now on. My little white cochin is doing so well. So sad that her honey was killed by the bobcat, but I will be getting a new male in the spring. I am so itchin' for spring and incubating baby chicks! Over the years I have incubated about 300. Can't wait to start again. There is something that gets my heart......... watching the little chicks hatch. It is truly amazing! LIFE in big letters! God is so precious to us! 

I am getting enough eggs now to sell and have been to ladies at the college. Here is my new business card. I didn't show my address and phone number here, but I really like how it turned out. I have had this idea for the picture for some time and finally took it tonight. Love those gallon jars I get from work! I use them for everything!!!!!! 

You will notice along the side we have decided to put a Amazon  widget up with three cookbooks so far. The fact that I am an Early Bird Reviewer for Gooseberry Patch. Doing this will help us make a little money from each book sold to help get Vitaliy Home. If you are already planning on ordering any of the cookbooks along my side bar I hope that you will order from here. 

I will be having another review party real soon for the Mom's Very Best Recipes Cookbook!!!!!! Want to make a little surprise to go with first. I am hoping by the end of the week.

Hugs from my farm to your HOME!



  1. Linda, Awesome, I like the new link on your sidebar...and if I buy another cookbook, I"ll make sure to go there first :) :) :)

    Those gallong jars that you get from work are fabulous. The business cards with the eggs is really cute!! I'm looking for something similar to store flour etc ...but I'm committed to looking at just yard sales etc, so I get a good price on them :) :)

    Oh, I have never made a slipcover for furniture..but I may have a pattern for one. it's from an old Singer sewing book from the early 1940s. It's really simple and self-explanatory. You just have to make use of a ruler, etc ;) :) As soon as I find it, I'll copy the pattern for you!!!

    Have a lovely week!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. Hey sweet Heather, thank you for wanting to help me on my slip covers. I just love the ruffles at the bottom.

    I am kind of excited about the Amazon. I have never done anything like this!!!!!! The gallon jars are so neat! Wish you were here. hint hint! Road trip? Smile!

    Heart you sweet friend! Linda

  3. Shhhh...stop talking about snow....Ohio might hear you! '-)

    By the way, what font are you using? I really like it.

    Thanks for your sweet comments at Marmee's Pantry. Always a pleasure to see that you were there.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  4. Hi Kim, I just wrote you a personal email. Hope it gets to you. I enjoy your blog!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I could come all the time. Work stops me from all kinds of fun!
    Hugs, me

  5. Hey Linda let me know when you get the slipcover pattern...I have been wanting to do this also. It would be perfect for my new look I am trying to achieve in the family room.
    I love your many great ideas.

  6. Hi, Linda! I need a slip cover pattern myself. Please let me know when you get it from Heather. Also, when I worked we had so many of those big heavy plastic jars because the men bought pretzels and snacks at Sam's Club. I never ever thought of putting eggs in them! I love your business cards too. The cutest cards I have ever seen were from a landscaper and his card was actually a packet of flower seeds with his name etc. printed on it. I love the Shabby Chic look too but I am in love with the primitive looks. Love your blog. Mary S.

  7. Hi Linda. Snow and a cold wind in North Idaho today. Brr. Sure wish you lived closer. I'm paying $3 for a dozen local eggs around here...and some sell for $4!! So happy to hear the news about Vitaliy! Praise God.

  8. Snowing in New Hampshire, too... Absolutely love your business card. Super idea for the photo. Friends who sell eggs here get $2 to $2.50 per dozen for them. I have heard that fresh eggs go for $5/dozen in Massachusetts!

    Love your blog! And so happy to hear the good news about your boy. God is so good.

  9. Oh Linda.. I love the picture & could see why you love the white slipcovers..looks oh so fresh and clean!! I made slipcovers a million years ago, so am sorry I'm not any help to you!

    Love the eggs in your jar and your label! You are so crafty..amazing!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. Hello, getting ready for bed......but wanted you to know that I loved reading your comments!!!! Thank you so much. It is snowing still, outside. It is so beautiful. I will be putting a tutorial video up tomorrow to show you all how to put up the different fonts on your blogs.

    Hugs to all and sleep tight!


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