Monday, February 28, 2011

A ROBIN............NO 9 ROBINS............SPRING? is SPRING! 9 ROBINS!!!!!! NOW DOESN'T THAT MEAN SPRING?  We are sitting in the dining area on break...........I noticed a robin in the tree. I said isn't that a robin? Tay said, "oh there is there is 9. We are so excited............really need some really bad!!!!!!!!!!

Okay sweet ladies we have only today and tomorrow left for the Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Cookbook and Coupon Book giveaway. Please sign up HERE, if you haven't already. 

Thank you so much for all of you who have come and signed up this last week. You have had the neatest ideas for tutorials............I am going to use them.

Oh and tried to do a video of the eggs last night. Got a fantastic one of the duck.........the chicken one wasn't so good. I will get another one of the chicken tonight. The little babies are growing INSIDE THE EGG. I JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I Will put the videos up tonight. 

Hugs sweeties.............from the college bakery, I chose you all for my 15 minute break, 



  1. Oh I am so glad Spring is coming to. I found a crocus in my yard yesterday. And here in Tn...there are weeds all over everyone's lawn...and they are Chives!!
    Have a sweet and lovely day!

  2. Hello Sweet friend,
    I'm stopping on by to catch up. I am so excited for spring this year, we have buds on the trees and it is slowly starting to come around. Thank you for your sweet comments and prayers you've left on my blog for me. I will have to read more about your chick laying adventure, I was thinking on having my girls lay a few chicks but will have to do some research when the time is Thank you for sharing! Take good care, Dee

  3. It's beginning to look like Spring here. My globe willows have leaves and grasses are starting to grow again. But, the buzzards are not back yet and the mesquites aren't budding yet. It's not very often that mesquites are caught by a late freeze. Usually they are the last to bud and our sure sign that spring has sprung!

    BTW, we are up to 30 eggs a day now! I hope your girls are laying lots of yummy eggs.

  4. A 15 minute break and you choose us? Oh your such a sweetie! I haven't commented in a lonnnnnnnnnnnggggggg time. I'm so sorry, I do keep up by reading though and pray for your family every week. We have had some robin's come through too, a sure sign of spring.

    I still always enjoy coming hear!!! It is so refreshing.

    Homeschooling is going well... It is such a blessing! I can't imagine it being any other way. I'm so thankful.

    Please take care of yourself. I hope the warm sun will be shining down upon you very soon!

    Love Carissa XOXOOXX

  5. Dear Linda, your post was so cute today!!! I hope all is well at the kitchen and at home, too :) :) Robins are neat birds. I have been seen quite a few of them here in Oregon. It's a bit unusual because it's normally colder in winter. however, this year has been much warmer, so those cute robin red breasts are flying around looking for food etc. It's fun to watch them. We also have blue scrubjays here, too :) :) Have a lovely week!!! I can't wait to see the egg videos. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :) :) :)

  6. Hi Linda,
    On this side of "W", we have been having several Robins the past couple of weeks. In fact, about the first or second week of January, I knew I heard a Robin. I thought it was strange. Then a week or so I saw one around the corner. He must of stayed here for the Winter. It is usually the last of Febuary I see the first one. But I have seen several lately. They have seen very vocal in the mornings.

    Did you all do ok with the storms last night? The worst past us by. Can you believe that it is time for tornadoes already? Tornadoes or not, I am ready for Spring!


  7. Thanks for helping discover the GB Patch blog. I sent in one of my recipes. We shall see if they like it.

  8. Oh it's funny you are talking of spring when we are heading into autumn - I love the way the Lord created this world so there is so much variation!
    I look forward in seeing how you do with with your eggs - it must be amazing to see their progress - I've only had success under mother hens & of course they wouldn't let us have a look at their eggs (unless we want our wrists pecked to threads)!
    Hope you have a wonderful day

  9. I love robins. I have not seen any yet but I am feeling Spring in the air.


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