Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello sweet ladies,

Some of you have commented on my header. Thank you for the sweet words. My girl's Tress and Tay bought me these boots this last CHRISTmas, because I didn't have any. Isn't that the sweetest? I couldn't believe it when I opened my present............ PINK  BOOTS!!!!!!!! I just love them. I knew that when it got closer to spring I wanted to have Tressa help me get the picture that I wanted for my header! We went out into the Potter's Shed.....the sun was starting to go down and she just started shooting. I thought you might like to see a few of the other pic's we took. 

Last night I went to gather the eggs..........I couldn't believe it.......all the eggs were in one nester box. Now the girls have so many boxes to choose from and usually they do. I ran back into the house to get the camera. I took the picture that you can see. I thought those silly girls............ they must of laid an egg while the other girls were standing in line for the BOX. Well I was telling my friend later that night about the egg situation because it seemed so funny to me. My sweetie Mr. Phil was working on the computer and heard me talking...... he said, "I moved them all together, so they would be easier to gather. HEEHEE! I giggled sooooo hard!!!!!!! Silly me.........but I did enjoy my thoughts about my GIRLIES all waiting their turn to lay their egg!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hope this gives you a smile.

A merry heart is good like medicine. Proverbs 17:22

Remember our Seed swap click to read about it...........We have 48 Ladies so far as of 10:00 Tuesday night. I am so excited and it sounds by their emails they are also! Please sign up if you would like! 

Hugs sweet ladies.........know that you are all in my prayers........because you are such special ladies........to HIM and HE knows how to answer them.



  1. Awesome Pink Boots.. Love them.....

    Those eggs are amazing colors, my next door
    neigbhor chickens lay soft blue color egg..

    Seed Swap 48 gals HOORAY...everyone this going
    to be so fun....:-)

  2. I love your boots! Very posh!
    And it's interesting that you used Proverbs 17:22 this morning. I was doing my devotions, and I read a chapter in Proverbs every morning. Today was the 16th, and when I looked at the "next chapter" I was on chapter 18. I got carried away and didn't realize I had read 17 also! Verse 22 spoke loudly to me this morning. I pray that I will always have a cheerful heart--like you, my precious Linda. I love you, friend. Gloria

  3. I love your banner...very sweet!


  4. I got those very same boots for Christmas :)

    I love your chicken story!


  5. The egg story is so sweet. How funny. I have one chicken right now that will not move out of one of the laying boxes. She sits there most of the day. We have 3 other boxes and there are always eggs on either side of her. She is so funny. Usually there is not even one egg in the box she is occupying.

  6. So funny about the egg story, Linda! How cute! Love your pictures also and is that a lace dress/skirt. So pretty....
    Looking forward to seed swap...
    Blessings ~

  7. Loved the egg story...so funny.... Your boots are so neat...and that dress is amazing...your daughters did a great job taking photos!! They did a great job!!!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Hi,Linda! The egg story is the cutest funniest thing I ever heard of.....HAHAHAHA....I could just see all those chics lined up just like we do for the rest room and some people take so darn long.....that is hilarious!!! Love your boots too! This blog is just plain fun....I love it! Mary S.

  9. Good evening everyone!!!! Oh my was it a busy day today and will be even busier on Thursday and Friday!

    Thank you Trish....they really are cute boots. I love the soft blue eggs. I had a girlie that laid one and it had beautiful brown dots. She was killed......sad! We are at 56 ladies....now!!!!!!!!!! I really am so excited about this.

    You are so fun Gloria, Isn't the Lord amazing! WE are twins on what the Lord told us! You are so sweet to me and I LOVE IT! ONe day we will see each other!

    You are so sweet Vintage Girl......I know you are Sharon.....but I love your blog name. So cute!

    Vicki you are kidding......same boots. Don't cha just love em. They are soooooo comfortable! Glad you liked the story! Smile!

    Brenda.....love your story. I wonder if she wants to sit? Need to get a rooster......wish I could give you one. I have so many that I want to sell at the Yoder Auction for poultry and small animals.

    Camille, hi......glad you liked the story! I have these old looking nightgowns that have tucks and lace all over. They are so pretty. I have them hanging in our bedroom on an old wooden door. The girls had some also when they were little. Thank you! Yes I am looking forward to the seed swap. All the ladies are so excited also! Love it!

    Gert, Thank you......it was a fun day! So glad you signed up!

    Hi Mary, You are so funny about the rest room ladies. Made me giggle for sure! Thank you for coming and reading my blog. I so appreciate ladies that come everyday and read.

    Hugs to you ladies!

  10. Linda, your girls picked out the most perfect pair of boots for you. I enjoy the pictures they took too!
    Your egg story made me chuckle.
    God Bless

  11. Love the egg story....so cute!

  12. I am LOVIN' those boots n lace!!!

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><


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