Sunday, February 13, 2011

Send some seeds!

Good morning sweet ladies, 

Do you know that it makes a difference what we say? This weekend I received an adorable card (Mary Jane Farm card) with a 3 page letter in it and sunflower seeds and hibiscus seeds.......... (just for me) so I can start some seeds and think spring? It was from a lady that had been in Katrina's path. It ruined everything in their HOME. Here she had all this sadness happen and she thought of ME? I can't imagine the suffering the people went through.  She said she used to buy my jumper and doll patterns when we sold them. In every pattern I would write a letter.......thanking the ladies for buying our pattern and then also about what was happening on the farm. I had so many ladies that would stick a note in their orders saying the first thing they would do when they opened up the pattern was to read "their letter". Always tickled me that they would even like. The letter my friend wrote was so encouraging. I guess it made me think........what do I write. Encouraging things? It also made me think about the the things I say. I will be reflecting on that today. 

It is going to be 60 today.........can't wait!!!!!!! Will go to church this morning and then come home and look around my garden. It will be a good day! So much better then all the cold that we have been having!!!!!!!!! Still snow on the ground.........the sun will be out won't be here for long. 

Love this verse.

While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter........... Genesis 8:22

Don't cha just love your comment box or in the real mailbox? I do! is something I would like for you farm and city girls to do with.  Now only if you would like.......... please send me your address to my email (up at right hand corner at about me).  I will send an email to the chosen lady with your address. I will not give your address or email to anyone one else! In the email you send me put SPRING in the subject . All you will have to do is find a card...........or make one..........write a little note......and put a package of seeds in it (or use your own seeds you have harvested). I will take names until this Wednesday the 16th. On Thursday I will match you up with some sweet lady. Sound like fun? I can't wait to see what happens. It will get us all in the mood for that is real hard for any of us to do. I think it will be neat, because we will be encouraging one another!!!!!!  Now I am opening this up to anyone............ even overseas or Canada! If you would rather not have an overseas lady........let me know that in the email. Also you can take my blog picture (thinking about spring) and use it on your blog.....telling of my idea. Have it linked to this post. Okay.......lets see what happens. I really can't wait! I am soooooo totally excited about this one!!!! Can you tell? YOU will make a new friend!!!!!!!

Please leave a comment also on this post just to get other ladies see there is an interest! Thank you...... they can also then come to your blog, if they would like.

God Bless you today and have a wonderful SONday!!!!!!!!

Oh and thank you for the donations.............we are over $700.00......can you believe it? Some have written and said they would like to give but at this time can't. It is okay........I know what it is like. Just want you to know that you are just sooooooo precious to my family!!!!!!! 

Hugs from my farm to your HOME,


  1. I have not participated in a blog swap so far but would truly find this fun. I have not even ordered any seed yet and will be sorry if I do not do it soon. It will be easy to add an extra packet or two. Of coarse we cannot plant until May and not until close to the end of May here in Michigan so I guess that is why I have not been in a hurry but this post makes me excited to think about it.

  2. I would love to do this! I don't see the e-mail link anywhere! :(

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea Linda! I will email you with my address so I can join. I think it would be an awesome way to share and maybe make a new friend. I have all my seeds bought and am dreaming of the day when I can get outside and "dig in the dirt" again.
    Love ya, Sue K

  4. Love the idea of seed swap, Linda! I too can't wait to get outside in the garden. We are having warmer days now in the 60's so hope it will stay warm and I can get out and dig in dirt soon. Having a beautiful day today with sunshine.
    I will be looking forward to seed swap.
    Blessings ~ xoxo

  5. Hi, Linda: You are not going to believe this but just yesterday I mailed a pack of seeds to my siser-in-love for her biethday. On the package was written "Grandmother's Cut Flower Garden." Also, my friend lost her 45-year old daughter on Christmas Eve, leaving 3 children to raise; I sent her a letter which included seed for "Dwarf Lemon Drop" marigolds in memory of Lisa. Both packets came from Botanical Interests Seed Catalog. I hope they both love getting the seeds as much as I will love getting mine thanks to you. Love, Mary S.

  6. What a wonderful idea, I'm signing up next!

  7. Brenda I need you address. Thank you for joining!!! I am really excited for this!!!!!!! email adress is Thank you for signing up!

    Hi ladies, thank you for signing up..........I think this is going to be a real fun thing for all of us to get into SPRING!

    Hugs, Linda

  8. Hi friend,
    So excited for the seed exchange. I sent you my email!!! What a great idea! You are so sweet and thoughtful.
    Tell your sweet T that her tutorial on changing the fonts was so helpful and she is an excellent teacher! I did it! It was so fun!
    You are so busy and have so many irons in the fire and are so productive to get things done and work full time and RUN A FARM! I don't know how you do it! Your energy and enthusiasm is remarkable and so inspiring!
    Talk soon,
    Have a wonderful week...are you just loving this Kansas weather????

  9. Gail can not sign up to my posts sooooo here is what she said,

    Good evening, Linda! I love your new header!!! The picture is very pretty! I would love to be included in the seed exchange! How fun it will be!
    Blessings for your week!

  10. Linda, You are ALWAYS up to something! Sounds like fun. Enjoy the 60's!

  11. Good morning, Linda! Good news! You won the giveaway on my blog. Please email your mailing address to so I can ship your book out!

    I've also been thinking about encouraging words as of lately and their impact on others. This sounds like a fun little thing to do!

  12. This sounds like a fun swap. I have never participated in one before.

  13. What a lovely idea! I am so excited for SPRING!


  14. OK Ms Linda ~
    I can't pass this one up :) Add me to the list, emailing you. Thanks for the fun!

  15. Linda, I sent you my address yesterday, let me know if you still did not get it. I also am sending friends over from my post today! Forgot I could use the pretty picture but did add you button to the post. Happy Valentines Day!

  16. Oh Linda..this sounds like so much fun. I have never done this before but couldn't pass on this one:) You are always thinking of such wonderful things for us ladies to share in..what a blessing you are.. I will send my email address to you right away!

    xoxo Gert
    PS Love your new banner!!!

  17. Linda I am so excited count me in I did send you an email if you need anything let me know!

  18. Linda count me in what a fun swap...Will email
    you...will post on my blog as well...
    Warm Blessings
    Trish :-)

  19. hi Linda, I sent you my address and I would like to be included in this wonderful tradition of seed swapping. I have done this many times before in a large group and would love to be a part of this swap.
    I have placed your button on my blog too.

  20. Oh a day late! Just today I found your lovely website and when I read about the seed exchange, I immediately thought of the datil pepper seeds I harvested when making some delicious hot datil sauce I canned as Christmas presents. Datils are similar in strength to habaneros but have a sweeter, fruitier flavor to cook with or make sauce or pepper vinegar. My plant originated from harvested seeds a cousin sent me. Anybody want some?

  21. Marty please leave me your address at put spring in the subject. I had another lady sign up this morning. That will work great! Thank you! So nice to meet you and yes I would like some seeds. Email and I will send you my address also! This is going to be soooo fun for sure!

    Hi girls! Today is the day we are going to find out who our ladies are!!!! So excited I am!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I missed the exchange but love you just the same! Anne

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  24. Just wanted to share that I plan to start my gift seeds tomorrow. Here in sunny Florida, it's already like summertime with high temps in mid 80's. Thank you for creating this exchange. What a wonderful way to start the summer out just right!


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