Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It was Beautiful Tonight!

Our Kansas sky was beautiful tonight. A prayer of thanks!

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God. Psalms 19:1

Hello sweet ladies,

I have been working most of the evening getting all the 55 ladies paired up who entered the SEED SWAP. Ladies from all over America and one sweet lady from France. It has been so wonderful going through all the emails. I will be emailing each one you tomorrow night. Can't wait!!!!!!!! 

I want to thank everyone who signed up. I had know idea how much fun this was going to be and the wonderful response we would have. I will give a few instructions on Thursday night, as to some things you might want to do. I am so excited that ladies will be encouraging one another! We need that.....I know I do. I think it will be wonderful to just take some time and have some JOY!  

If anyone else wants to sign up........... I will keep the sign up for the seed swap open until 7 my time in the morning. It 

Night everyone! 

Welcome new have definitely been noticed. 

Hugs from our farm to your HOME. 



  1. Hello dear Linda, I'm so excited to make this swap!!!!
    Seeds swap is a very very good idea.
    Many many blessings from over the sea.

  2. I am too Suzel! Many blessings to your! Wish I could come and share a cup of tea with you over there! Hugs, Linda

  3. I meant "you" not your.....what happens with my fingers and brain?

  4. Oh, the skies above Kansas sure are beautiful :) :) Isn't it neat that God paints a new day for us every day :) :) Each one different and full of detail :) :)

    Oh, that seed exchange sounds like fun. I can't wait to read everyones comments when they receive their seeds :) :)

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Beautiful photo! Love your header too!!
    Have a great Friday and a great weekend.

  6. The sky was just as beautiful in my part of Kansas, too. Since we now live in town, I don't get to see the sunset all the time. But I did get to see last night's sunset and I am so glad I did. It was amazing.
    I hope that you enjoyed the beautiful day we had today.

  7. Beautiful picture, Linda. I love beautiful sunrises/sunsets...
    Looking forward to seed swap. Exciting!


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