Sunday, February 20, 2011

It Was A nice Day!

Today my little white cochan layed her fist little egg today! 

Dear Sweet Ladies,

What a special day we had today! The weather was beautiful today........will be cold and very windy on Monday. 

Went to church this morning......we sang a new song, now one of my favorites. Our worship leader asked us to just listen to the song and prepare our heart. Thought you might like to hear it. It was such a beautiful song of worship. Reminded me to keep open hands stretched out before the Lord. Not always easy to do. Surrendering it is so nice to know He will help me.......I don't have to do it on my own. I hadn't heard this song before. I will be listening to it from now on. I always seem to be learning to surrender. 

Have a sweet day my precious friends. I will be praying that the Lord will meet your needs!!!!!!!! 

Hugs to you from my your HOME!



  1. I love Jeremy Camp! This is one of those "fall on your knees at the altar" kind of songs! Just beautiful!

  2. Oh Linda.. what a lovely song...I too have never heard it before! Thanks you so much for sharing it with us!!!

    Love your girls...they look so pretty and the fact that they are laying is just another of God's wonders!!! smile~

    Hope you are having a blessed day!!

    xoxo Gert

  3. That's such a beautiful song! And I love the photo of your sweet pink boots at the top. Just love your daily emails that come my way!


  4. What a beautiful worship song!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I don't think I have heard it before either.


  5. I love Jeremy Camp! His songs are so heartfelt. He allows God to work through his music to reach and help others. He is one of my favorite Christian artists. Thanks for sharing this song with us :D

    Susan M.

  6. Again, you have inspired my day with a bright note sharing this song! Your friendly sincere posts are helping me get through some hard times...thank you! Karen from Iowa.

  7. Thanks for sharing this new song Linda!
    I love it, and love the photo of your hens :)
    Blessings...hope you've all recovered from the deer mishap.

  8. Linda, I really enjoy your blog. Here is a link to mine.

  9. Thank you sweet ladies for leaving me your comments today. Your words of kindness are so precious to me. I hope you all know that! You are truly very special friends.

    Karen from Iowa......I am sorry you are having a rough isn't easy! We have had some rough days also........but I am so thankful for God being right by my side. I am praying for you! email me if you ever need. At the top right corner of the blog.

    Hugs, Linda


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