Saturday, February 26, 2011

Work Day IN Our HOME........Felt So Good

A few more days for the Prairie Flower Farm/Gooseberry Patch Party

Saturday was filled and cleaning.........washed bedding.........the white quilt......wonderful to have that washed going into Spring is coming right? Some of you have it right nice. 

Took CHRISTmas greenery garland off the log canopy on our bed........put up silk green leaves and lavender garland around instead.  I have had them saved for a long time. Kept the CHRISTmas lights up......... love to read with them on at night time. 

Moved a little cupboard in the bedroom...........laid an old table runner, that was given to me and a little shelf on top of that. Sill have to fill the little cupboard with some things. I had a little decorating going on today........ it felt so good to work at our HOME and not the kitchen at the college. Also went through clothes and put in the giveaway box...... it will  feel good to get them out of the house. 

Bought this little whisk broom the other night at the Tractor store for $3.00....... my big spend.  Saw it and thought it was adorable. I will be fixing it up a little bit to hang in the kitchen, any ideas? 

May the Lord bless your SONday..........I will be thinking and praying for you.

Hugs from our farm to your HOME,



  1. Wanted to stop by and see your SWEET room make-over....I Love the Sign..."Always Kiss Me Goodnight.." That's a wonderful thing that happens in our home EVERY night...Everyone get's Kissed GOODnight...

    The Wisk broom is cute and I can't wait to see what your idea is..

    Have a BLESSED day at Church tomorrow..
    Lots of LOVE to you and yours
    In Christ

  2. Oh, don't you love when the house is freshly cleaned? It is sad, however, when the Christmas decorations are put away for the season. Almost feels bare for a little while.
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Good morning, sweet Linda. I love the sign over your bed and the lights. In fact, I LOVE your country decorating. My house is definitely not country, but I love to see what others do. I'm so glad you had a good day yesterday. Praying for you and yours. Love you, Gloria

  4. How wonderful when we have a day at home to just putz and spruce things up a bit. Love your little broom. Show us what you do with it because I need to make at trip to the tractor store this week to get chicken food and I might need to pick on up also!

  5. Love reading about your day, and snooping about your life. I think the wisk might need to be turned into a kitchen fairie or kitchen angel. You are so crafty I think you could pull it off. Have a fun and blessed week.

  6. Good afternoon, Linda.

    I love your boots! So cool. Your girls have good taste.

    Been in here reading, trying to catch up. Mailed you an email a few minutes ago.

    Wanted to say hi and hope you are having a blessed day!

  7. Oh Linda...It sounds like you had a wonderful and productive weekend!!

    xoxo Gert

  8. Oh, I love all your vintage cute..and that first one with the "always kiss me goodnight" sign. That's romantic :) :)

    I'm not sure what to do with the whisk brook. It's very sweet. Maybe a cute pink gingham bow tied around it? Whatever you decide to do, it'll be cute. Of that, I am very certain :) :) If I think of anything else, I'll come back and leave another co mment ;0 :) :)

    Have a great week, Linda. Love and hugs to you and the rest of the Family Stubbs, Heather :)

  9. Some cute fabric 3-4" wide sash with red rickrack on the edges tied into a bow on the adorable whisk broom.


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