Friday, August 10, 2012

Fencing With Family!

Good morning sweet ladies,

Found Tressa........think she is fakin it! She was really not asleep......just taking a rest before we got started on the fence!

We have been trying to get the fence up, and down the lane at different times this summer. We got to the fence and noticed our work that we had done earlier was down.......deer had been there to undo all the hard work. That is just part of living on a farm it like seeing deer on the property though so you do what you have to do. They are so beautiful to see! Baby fawns are the sweetest!

This summer has been a tough one for farmers.......they say we have about 3....some say 10.....more years of this drought......not sure how they figure that out, but my trust is in the Lord and that is where it will stay! It has amazed me how He has provided miraculously for our needs. Our family has farmed for many years.....and if you put life down on paper it hasn't made sense. But when you walk in makes all the sense in the world! It is good to walk with the Lord! It isn't that I haven't paniced......I have......but when He says that He won't leave us......that is exactly what He means. 

I am always so curious at how the crop is looking. I am sorry this is not the best quality, but I love opening a soybean and see it's stages. See the baby beans. If we could get a better would make all the difference for the crop! Please pray......thank you so much.
The soybeans look good and not so good in places. The fact that they are green.......growing little soybean pods......we just stay thankful!!!!!!!!!! 

As we worked together you could hear different sounds of country.... the roosters crowing....... back at the farm......meadow lark singing in the tree row.......monarch butterfly flew on a soybean bush  to taste some nectar from the purple little soybean ......didn't have my camera ready......also saw a beautiful blue iridescent dragon fly.....(left camera in my backpack in the car.......sad I didn't have it with! 

The wind came through to cool us off under the shade of a big trees. You can't believe what a welcome relief it was after standing under the hot sun for hours! Tressa left us to go fix dinner (lunch on the farm)......called and said it was were we! You are always hungry when you have been working hard!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what our farm day was like.....we will be going out again........this time I will not lay in the grass......when I got up to the house I had a tick crawling up my neck!!!!!!! I really really detest those things! They give me the creeps when they are on my body!

My Tressa put up a post with a mocha cake recipe that she made for our family last is a must try! So good go here to her Walking In His Path if you would like to make it in a mug.

Hugs to your day!



  1. Ticks give me the creeps too. YIKES!!!!!

  2. Hi, Linda - Loved hearing about your day and seeing your pictures, too! There is something so satisfying about hard work! (Sorry about the tick, though - yuck!!) Hope the rest of your day goes smoothly! *Hugs* -Pauline

  3. Hi Linda,
    Enjoyed hearing about your day on the farm. Don't like ticks either! Yuck! I'll be praying that it will rain some more to help your soybeans to grow. Blessings, Glaphre

  4. You and me both on the ticks! They started out really bad in the spring here in WNC, but haven't seen one in a couple of weeks. Hope you got the fence up!

  5. Hard work out in God's creation is wonderful. Glad you found and removed the tick. Yesterday evening, I was opening the blinds after the sun was low and called our three grandkids to come quickly and see the baby fawn in my flower bed eating flowers off the knockout rose bush! Pretty soon, we saw his Momma just around the corner eating off the hibiscus bush! Was a lovely sight to see them. The Momma walked to the bird bath & got a drink before they moved on to the neighbor's yard. Fun for the kids to see up close. I loved hearing about your day! Donna

  6. Ahhh, so you're not talking about the olympic sport of fencing. lol I enjoyed the post and glad your soybeanies are doing well. Hope you get more rain. It's been a tough year for all the crop farmers.

  7. Thank you for you sincere post. These are such difficult time for so many. My husband and I pray together every night and I am now adding you and other farmers to our prayers. At times like this our faith in God carrys us through.
    We will be praying for rain on your crops and God's spirit to reign over our nation.
    Carolynn xo

  8. Ooh, I do not like ticks either! Creepy crawlers. But your daughter is such a beauty and your post is so uplifting.. Always happy to be here and visit. Hugs Anne


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