Monday, August 20, 2012

How Was Your Day?

Hello Sweet Ladies, 

The other night I went to take this pic..... so you could all see. It was so beautiful! I came into the house to download the pic's and the battery was dead. Thought I would show you anyway. The clouds were so huge and very very pretty! 

A few hours later this was to the west. The sky was red and the sun was on fire. Really beautiful weekend the Lord gave us! 

Tonight I came home and went straight to the Potter's Shed to clean.......this is what it looked like last spring. I love to entertain here and the weather is changing.....really fast to being cooler in the evenings. We want to invite the staff at the kitchen to our farm......really excited to do that. Plus there are lots of young families with children that we also want to get to college whoever else the Lord lays on our hearts that need some love and encouragement. So that is something you can all pray for us about.....who does He want us to have. I swept and cleaned up and it was so nice to be back home on the farm. I will be buying some new CHRISTmas lights to put up and other things so we will be ready! I will show as I get it fixed up again.

Well sweet is time for me to call it a night! Tomorrow morning will be here before I know it! Please share with me your day......I love hearing from you!!!!!!! 

God bless you and hugs, 



  1. Oh my those clouds are simply breathtaking. We'll be praying for the Lord's blessing to be on your Sweet gathering and time of fellowship with the staff and whoever else the Lord brings. What a wonderful way to open up your home and hearts. Blessings to you and yours this week!!!

  2. The clouds and sunset are beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing! And what a blessing too that you can use your farm as a means of reaching out and ministering to those whom the Lord brings your way. He is so good. Not only does He give you a place of ministry at work, but He allows you to use your hospitality gifts and your home for His glory as well!

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  4. Thank you for the beautiful pictures! My Monday was full of washing and typing the bulletin for church and then making soup and salad for dinner. The furthest I went was to my mailbox but I love being a homebody.

  5. So pretty, the clouds. Thinking the weather is changing here too, been noticing the leaves changing. I am so excited. Look forward to seeing more pics of the shed! Blessings

  6. Don't you just love clouds and sunsets? I would get my boys and we would look up and say what shapes we see as clouds. I remember seeing snoopy as clear as can be!
    Always been partial to sunsets, I grew up near the beach in CA and sunsets were always so beautiful over the ocean. Used to have cookouts with my brothers and their families at Huntington Beach. Roasted marshmallows were always the best!
    Your potting shed looks awesome!
    Hugs and blessings!

  7. I love visiting your inspirational blog, Linda! You always have a message of warmth, hope and friendship.
    I hope you have a wonderful week, my sweet friend!
    Carolynn xo

  8. Linda your thoughts and photos are always so uplifting! I feel so encouraged when I am here. The sky always paints a lovely picture for us.God is never tired of showing us his best masterpieces! Love to you today and always Anne


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