Sunday, August 5, 2012

Have A Sweet SONday!!!!!!!!!

Dear sweet ladies,

Last night again it looked like we might get a lot of did not happen. Just little sprinkles here and there falling on our arms......felt so refreshing. It was cool all day and it was refreshing to be able to be outside working without it being so hot. For me it I am wanting to keep a heart that is open......and allowing the Lord to put into it what He thinks best. 

The sky was so beautiful! Clouds that looked like the ocean in the sky!

Anyway we have a precious girl from the college that has been living with us this last summer......she had left the farm to run into our small town. I was watering all the ducks and chickens not paying attention to the sky, but continuing to pray for rain. She got back home and was excited when she got out of her car and said, "Momma (that is what she calls me, sweetness to my ears), did you see the double rainbow? We have trees around our farm and I had not noticed. We ran down the know me, 
I always have my camera with, so I was ready. 

I don't know if you can see in this picture, but there are two rainbows.  My "girl" and I were standing watching the Glory of the Lord before us. She doesn't see like I see my Father.......I gently talked.......trusting that the Holy Spirit was speaking to her precious can she not see. My prayer has been that she will one day.......trusting her with HIM! I know she can't see because of the garden in the beginning of time.....satan came to deceive man and woman. I pray as I was giving my Father thanks...... she will one day do the same! I have grown to love her as my own. She is more loved by HIM!

The rainbow got brighter and brighter and it went from one end to the other! His Love never fails........I Corinthians 13:8 He is responsible for her......not me......and that frees me to just pray....and wait, watch and see!

I looked to the west.......He was not disappointing my was like the sky was on fire with all shades of red and pink. He paints the best pictures!!!!!!!!!!

We did not get rain.......but He left me with a full heart that He had everything under control. 

Earlier in the day we had our party drawing........the winners started writing me back.........I always get to hear from some how the Lord used a silly old party to bless them. They always give Him glory.......such a sweet thing that they know that He is in the details of life! No exception yesterday. I got permission to share.

Hi Linda!
I just wanted to tell you how absolutely providential this sweet pin keep is to me.
God is so good!
I set my sewing machine on an old towel to stabilize it on the table, and along the edge of the towel I have been storing the needles I use by just poking them into the top layer. Each needle has a different color thread that I can simply pick it up when needing to mend something quickly.
Anyway, lately I have grown to dislike the lack organization I have at my sewing table and was specifically looking for a better way to keep those needles neatly stored when I don't need them.

God knew exactly what and when I needed blessed!

This is why I do parties, the Lord has given me a gift and it is to be shared! It makes ladies feel special, I love it when I get special things from my sweet man or girls. Because as I have said life can be hard.

Another sweet lady wrote. She said,

All I can say is the Lord was at work today for sure. I can't believe I won and also I came so close to not even entering as I never win anything! I guess you remember I am going thru radiation for breast cancer and have been so "down" today. I have had trouble with my back(BIG time Pain) since the end of May and going thru some shots for it right now but now the pain has been in my groin area and I am so worried that the cancer has spread after all this. 

I would have not known.....but the Lord did. Please pray for "her". She lives in pain everyday.......without relief. Love the detail of God's Love! Had to share this with.....not just silly parties......I have lots of stories of how the gift came at just the right time!

Another prayer request came in.......please keep another PFFarmgirl in your prayers please!

Hi Linda,
I was just wondering if you would put me on your prayer list and I don't mind anyone else who would mind praying as well.  I just found out I have thickening of the endomentrial wall and after menopause this could be serious.  Could also not be.  So ,  I  am asking that my D&C  that is scheduled for th 31st but hopefully will get moved up to the 17th will come back ok, no cancer or precancerous cells.  I do not mind having a hysterectomy  but would rather not have it because they found something.  i am a bit scared and figure the more prayers the better...  hehe.  Thank you so much!  Bev

I am so thankful you all feeling like family!!!!!!!! It is a precious thing! Want you to know you are loved here! 

If you need prayer please let us know....I will only put up requests if it is okay! 

Today we will be having a little road trip.....with our girls..........all "three" of them .......before we go back to the will be a sweet afternoon! 

Hugs to your SONday and may it be a day of rest!!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh how sweet! GOD did choose the winners for you! Lots of spirits were lifted with your sweet drawing! I am certainly going to pray hard for these sweet ladies who need our prayers and hugs! HE will hear us!
    Blessings to all!

    1. Hi cj! Isn't that amazing? I thought so also! Thank you for praying for them!!!!!! You are such a sweetheart! Yes HE does hear us!

      Hugs, me

  2. Beautiful pictures, and a beautiful post.
    We are all sisters and brothers, and how nice to know that others will assist us in our prayers :)


    1. Kerin, you should have seen the real sky! It was breath taking! Thank you for praying!!!!!!! Hugs, me

  3. You are such a sweet inspiration, Linda:)) Loved this post, and how you give God all the glory!

    1. Hi sweet Terri, I feel the same about you! Your words are a healing balm to the soul! I know that you must feel like days on giving up.....but you don't. You keep giving God the glory. I love you sweet friend!!!!!!! Hugs from my farm to yours! me

  4. Oh what a sweet rainbow! I enjoy your photos here. I am going to put up my photos from Kansas soon! Time goes too quickly! Not enough hours in the day! Enjoy your precious family!


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