Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy SONday! Love you!

Good Morning......sweetest ladies in the world!

Yesterday I worked on the yard with my granddaughter......we needed a table between our metal lawn chairs.....this was a cage I bought at the Yoder Auction....needed to bring some chickens home and forgot to bring is old oven racks.....perfect for outside. I was going to put the flower pot on the daughter in love said why not inside........perfect.......she thinks of the neatest things. I am going to sit with my sweet man in the evenings.....and have this between. Didn't it turn out cute? 

Today is SONday.....the day of that I go off to serve for the Lord in the caf. every week day....I appreciate my day of no other time in my life. He has been teaching me some things that had He not moved us out from the farm.......I would not be serving Him in this way. Praise Him that He let our family go together! A gift! Let me explain.

A week and a half ago I was just stay on the farm and not even leave except for SONdays, when we went to church (some want to know what denomination I attend.... I am a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ and I attend a Bible teaching church nondenominational). We had to go for inservice at the college and I was having a real hard time knowing I was going to go back out into the world. Now don't get me wrong......I love to share my faith of Jesus. I love Him.....He has set me free from my sin.......I have a story of what He has done in my life. One of those things is to help me love my sweet learn to come under his serve be his helpmate. I will tell you that when I was young I was very independent and didn't understand submission or want to. Still have days when I don' is the hardest thing for women because of the curse back in Genesis. But as I was growing in my understanding of the Word......I wanted what God had for me. Well going outside my home I was afraid of what my home would look like when I came back Home each day. We work as a family on the farm and enjoy each other and are content to do that. Well, I have to say this last week was a blessing. I work with ladies who do not know my Jesus......they notice our family and say things.....they know we love Jesus.....and my prayer is that they will want Him also. I have two young ladies that I am praying for. They were like me.....not that they are bad.....they just live as the world lives......and I know it will bring nothing but pain.......they share with me. All that to say......I am thinking different.....I have always loved hospitality, but now I am thinking more of inviting the poor....the hurt.....we have a huge opportunity this year to open up our serve the staff in the kitchen......and the kids at the college. Please pray with us to not miss it! To be available to the Lord to do His will and not our own. We ask for strength. Being on your feet and running for 8 hours is tiring. Even our girls who are young......walk in the door when they get back to the farm and take naps! I don't to much to do! It is also emotionally draining. Lots of drama goes on at the caf. We pray every morning before we go in that God would be our strength......that lives would be changed for His glory and that He would use us to tell of His story. We are trusting the Holy Spirit to do His work and we will be available to love those He puts in our path for Him. Now that I really know that this is what He is calling us to, my heart is content. I always loved the fact I was a "stay at Home momma", but now that we have raised our is time that we go out and the fact that the Lord has tailor made this missionary job for our family.......I am okay. We will watch and see what the Lord will do. I am still my sweet mans helpmate. I get to work along side him a lot more now. The girls are doing the bakery......and I help when they need me. I am also helping others in the I rub shoulders with all the other ladies in the different stations. We can talk as we work, may my words be a healing balm for their broken hearts......I share my Jesus.....they listen.....and some hug me, that is a good sign. The Holy Spirit is working thru me wooing precious hearts to Himself. That takes this Momma's heart and makes me encouraged! I have also had to go on the front lines to take the kids meal tickets........and the students remember me.....I am building relationships.......some are so career orientated, I talk about family.....raising children in the admonition of the Lord.....they listen. Trusting......because I can......He has a plan......I am only a small part of it, but I am a part. I am going with a Joy this year. Not sure what it will all look like......but one thing I do know......He is hearing our prayers......and they will be answered. We are having a farm party for the and baseball guys came to us and said they want to help us on the farm. Now that is a God Thing!!!! The farm has had to be let go.......roofs need to be repaired......limbs need to be picked up from years of storms........never would we have thought! We are also going to have the guys build a deck on the refuge cabin......they will have retreats!!!! Can't believe the Lord is blessing us so! To see the farm as ministry......he has used it the last 2 years.......oh my.....He will continue! The RA girls at the college will also be using it for the girls that they have under them.  They will come to our Home.......our thing they will Jesus......He lives here!!!!!!!! 

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 
                       Matt. 8:19.

I love you all and thank you for your notes and emails......they bless my heart and it makes me love you all the more! You are precious sisters......I thank my God for you all the time!



  1. What a blessing you are to so many and the opportunities are immeasurable.God Bless you in your life and your ministry and for the privilege of being able to work so closely with your family in all aspects of your lives.

  2. Linda and Family,
    May the Lord continue to bless you all as you minister to the people at the college that need you! I just know that you are right where the Lord wants you to be! That's an awesome place to be!
    I will be praying for you.
    Kathy L. from Colorado

  3. Such a sweet inspiring post. The college is so BLESSED to have you all.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  4. It is amazIng all the plans HE has for us. Nice to hear how He's working on people through your life at work.♥♫

  5. What a clever lady you are! I love that table! What a great way to recycle! I always hate to throw anything out, and keep things thinking I will be able to use it for something. And your daughter-in-loves idea for the plant just sets it off!
    I just knew this would be a good school year for you, and only 2 weeks into it! You are such a sweet sweet spirit, and such a blessing for those students! I feel the excitment coming out of Kansas for all the new babes in Christ!
    I am so excited!
    Blessings to you dear Linda!
    Sweet sister in Christ!
    Love ya

  6. Thank you for sharing so much of your heart today. You bless me so I know what a blessing you will be to the school again this year. I will keep you all in my prayers everyday. And~~~I love the little table! It's adorable. Have a lovely evening.
    Hugs, Linda Petersen

  7. Linda, I love the table...what a cool idea! Also love your beautiful! What a blessing for those kids to come to the farm & help your that is a God thing.."smile...


  8. You have such an imagination! I always love what you are doing at your farm! Always fun visiting you here.


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