Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today Is Filled With Farm Life!

Good Day sweet ladies, 

What a sweet day we are having back on the farm up.....out the door (in my night clothes and flip flops.......livin it up) to open up the milk house early to let everyone out! Very cool and just a little sun. So nice to work in though.  As you know it has been so hot this summer..... so having the weekend nice will be wonderful and I will get a lot of things done. 

Last night I took this pic when I let the girls out of the milk from my Heavenly Daddy! Thanked Him......I know I am where I am to be at the college.....first and foremost we are serving Him......missionaries. Some of the sweet details of my day were evident that He was working in my life.....perfecting me to be more like Him. There are so many young ladies.....that are making decisions that will affect their lives right now. Asking God to use me as an older woman. He did. Praising Him

Here are few of the new chickens under the trees.......they love scratching  for bugs!!!!!! 

I let the new pullets and few roosters I got from the Yoder Auction out to run around for their first time. If I see they get in the garden.....they will have to go back to their pen. Love to watch them scratching around. 

They can be so silly hoping around! 

Making is coming to the farm.......hope you have a a sweet day......I will......I will be surrounded by that is a sweet thing!

Hugs from the farm, 



  1. Weekends are the best since we get to be at home and have the ones we love around us. Have a good one!♥♫

  2. I can just feel the joy in your words. So glad you are having a good day off. From the college that is. Hehehe!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend. GOD BLESS!!

  3. I'm so glad you are enjoying your day off and having fun on the 'farm'... and speaking of...I love your chickens...your photos are amazing! I just know you are having fun with pizza and grandbabies... enjoy...your


  4. We were with our grandkids today as well. Little ones, 4 and 1.5 years. But enjoying them anyway. Little Melody told me today that Jesus died on the cross and then he came alive again! That is so precious. I talk to her about it sometimes, when I wore my pretty cross and know she tells me. Beautiful! I said He is coming again for all of us and we need to be ready. She shook her head yes. I hope she keeps that in her heart always! Happy weekend! Oh, it's mid 80s today and a bit of rain!

  5. Thank goodness for days away from work!!


  6. There is nothing like family! We spent some time with the little great grand this weekend! He is such a pill! Oh he is one strong willed boy and he has a beautiful smile. Now that he is walking, he is getting into everything! But we would not trade him for all the money and fame in the world! I never regret my big phamily and all the silly things we have done together! You are very blessed! Have a beautiful week!


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