Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thankful For RAIN and His Provisions!!!!!

Good Morning precious sweet ladies,

I haven't been able to blog for a few days......I have missed you. We have been blessed with rain....and with that it has changed our farming schedule. We have been so dry for so long and we got used to living a certain way. Now that it has rained we have had to drain mud holes, clean pens and we have enjoyed every minute of it. 

WE thank you ladies for praying for rain for our farm and Kansas.......we got it. Five inches total!

 HE gives rain on the earth, and sends waters on the fields: Job 5:10

It has been wonderful! We are thanking Jesus big time. My sweet man and I stood in our yard and gave thanks for His mercy!!!! Our prayers were answered and we were so so happy to finally have a real soaking for our crops and garden! When you don't have rain on a farm, it makes the work so much harder. We will be seeing grass growing again for our livestock!!!! Even the animals were happy. The ducks were splashing in the mud puddles! It was a joyous time to watch! 

I went out to check on the chickens that are every size in different pens. One of the cages had a rush of water go through it. I found one dead teenage chicken and two that were all soaked. I ran holding them both in my hands... into the house. I started blow drying them with a hair dryer, I know that sounds funny, but it works. Smile! Sometimes they look like they are going to die when they get wet and cold, but if you warm them up.... they come out of it just fine. I took some cracked corn......took about two cups, laid it on a tea towel. Then I tied the towel up and put it in the microwave to get it warm. I placed it in the bottom of a little bucket, set some straw on the top. Then I  placed the two little cochin chickens on top of the straw... so they could get all warmed up....... 

and it worked! They started chirping and opened up their eyes. They both really looked bad when I brought them in the house. I was so thankful they came out of it!  My sweet man and I then went out and worked on the cages. We needed to make them a little safer for the next rain that was to come yesterday in the afternoon. 

It rained again, two more times. Another inch!!!!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!!! Now that is a lot of rain in two days. We can't wait to see what the garden is going to do in these next few days! The tomato plants have been putting on tons of new blossoms in the last week or so. The weather hasn't been as hot and it has given the plants a break. It will pay off now with the rain. Amazing! 

I have to say here that I have not forgotten the states that are still in drought. I know we could still be there, and I would appreciate it if those of you who still need prayer......please leave a comment so we can still be praying for your needs. I know there were many times I got discouraged when the weather that had rain would just go around us. I had to fight it and just keep having faith that one day the Lord would bring the rain! Don't give up ladies......know matter what your discouragement is at this time of your life, keep trusting HIM! He has not left you!

The soybeans will hopefully start growing bigger seeds in their pods now. Yahoo!!!!!!  All that to say.........we are extremely thankful! Thank you so much ladies also for praying for us! We talked to a farmer friend who said he got down on his knees in the field yesterday morning to see the rain gauge. He said that when he saw 5" of rain..... he started crying.....then he started praising God. What a sweet gift rain can be for the farmer....... when he has been in a drought! Everyday we are so dependent on the mercy of the Lord for our existence. The precious thing is....... He always picks up the pieces and does amazing things..... even when it doesn't rain! WE know, we have seen it.....many times....the key is to always be looking! He is still a miracle God!

Hope your day is a blessed SONday.......and that you see He is taking care of your needs.......even when it doesn't make sense! I know some of you are walking some very very hard times. I am sorry. My prayer for you today is that you may know............ without a shadow of a doubt....... 
that He Loves do I!


P.S. I could use a little prayer. The other night I received a fb comment. I have taken the info and placed it before the Lord. They said I was negative about my having to work outside the home. I have to admit that having to go outside the home was VERY difficult for me as a Mom. I tried to always be thankful to God for providing a way for our family to make a living. It still was something I had to walk through.......with the Lord and sweet man, to become what Christ wants me to be. I think the Lord allows all of us things in our lives to make us more into His image. We would not need Him, if He didn't place certain things in our lives. I felt that the Sunday before we were to go to work the Lord gave me victory in that area. You will find in my blog that I am not a perfect person. I will not spell every word correctly, I will not always use perfect is my is the raw! By placing my HEART here many times on the line.....some will like what I say and others will not. I am not trying to please is my journal. In the three years I have been blessed by so many of you, with encouraging words, thank you! If I have offended anyone by my "complaining" I ask for forgiveness.  Sometimes my heart is ugly, but I do know so many of you take me before the Father. I know that is why when I go to work now......I am free and have Joy! All of us have a journey, with sorrows, and pain. You have shared with me. I truly care and love you precious ladies and take you before the Throne Room of you will also have victory and JOY in the hard things the Lord has allowed in your life. Life is hard, that is why He gives us each bear one an others burdens. 
I was not going to write about this, but then I thought maybe I had offended you ladies. Thought it was better to bring it in the light and let you know I do care about if I offend you! 


  1. GOD BLESS YOU LINDA! I also must work outside of the home. Years ago, when my daughter was growing up, I found myself divorced and with a child to raise. YES, I complained that I was not able to be a stay-at-home mother, but God blessed me with a good job that allowed me to raise her on my own. God gives us the right to complain, and he benevolently looks down upon us and gives us his blessings to get through all our trials. I agree this is YOUR blog. You need to express your feelings. Don't allow soneone to tell you that you are a bad person for complaining! I gain inspiration from your blog on a daily basis. You always remind us that He is here for us. Bless you and your family

  2. Girl be blessed by your Creator He loves you even in your grumblings. Thank Him for that because He knows we are not perfect we are sinners Jesus is the only perfect One I know about.
    You inspire me everyday I read your blog and I pray that you will be lifted up with that knowledge. You INSPIRE even in your grumblings. We are all walking where He wants us to walk.
    Jer. 29:11-14 is my favorite verses and I pray that they will lift you up and bless you as they have blessed me.
    Thank you for your blog writing keep up the great writings and live your life for Him.

  3. So glad for your rescuing RAIN! I so enjoyed reading this post, Linda.

  4. I love to come to your blog because you are always so positive. There are so many negative people in the world that bring us down. You lift us up!

  5. So thankful for the much needed rain for your farm! And thankful for your blog, too, Linda. You are so honest and transparent to share your heart with all of us. Yes, you have said you wished you didn't have to work outside the home -- but you also well know and have told us all how thankful you are that God provided a way for your family to all work together, and the ministry He has given you as you work there at the college. I find your blog to be a tremendous encouragement. God has used you to encourage, challenge and bless me in many areas. Thank you!

  6. I have never seen you post anything negative. We all have to do things sometimes that are not our preference. You are an inspiration to so many. Hugs

  7. Thank you for journaling your life with us and being willing to share the ups and downs! Your love for Jesus and His love for you always shines through in what you write.

  8. THANK YOU LORD for the rain!!! I too say this your blog and you have the right to say whatever you desire. If you want to complain that is your choice. I did not take it as a complaint. I took it as a statement that you wanted to be home instead of working. You are such an upbeat person so ignore what anyone says if it is negative. You are a BLESSING to many

  9. Keep on writing like you do. Obviously God gave you the job you have to help your family. I work 4 days a week. I can't complain even though I don't have as much time and energy to do things like I did when I was working 3 days a week. But I prayed for help to be able to save for a mission trip to our sister church in Nicaragua. God gave me the answer of another day of work since another co-worker left to move to OK. So He knows our needs. Thanks for praying for my tooth that was broken and crown came off. Am in my 3rd week with crown build up and it's not bothering me a whole lot. So continue prayer for that and my tooth won't be completely dead so there's less work/pain involved. Hugs and have a good week in the Lord. Thankful for your rain and for drought states and the hurricane that has hit Dominican Republic and will hit Florida. Tender mercies all around!

  10. i have never seen/read so many people praying for rain!! this miscue of nature, this drought, has affected so many people, animals, etc in so vast a territory, in so many horrible ways-- (fires & lost crops) and yet, so many prayers sent to our God for life-saving water from the sky!! it's amazing!!! the power of the human spirit and God's Blessings!! Linda, please don't let one comment make you doubt yourself in any way. you help so many of us here & on fb!! don't change a thing!! we love you!!

  11. Linda,

    Thanking God with you for the gift of rain :) What a blessing!

    I agree with these are not a complainer! Never once have I read your longing to be home as grumbling. You have stated time and time again that you praise God for providing you and your family with a job where you can STILL be together since you needed to work outside of your HOME...the place your heart is. It is a petty person that chides another person based on what they say on THEIR BLOG, especially if it has to do with grammar. For Pete's sake! Your blog isn't a college project or assignment. People that truly know you and have read YOUR blog for very long at all know that you are constantly upbeat, thankful, fun, respectful, prayerful, non-judgmental, and very transparent. That's why we love you...a lot! We don't come here for an English or grammar lesson. We come here because you show us all things country, the farm life, love, and you let Jesus Christ shine through your life and YOUR blog. If someone doesn't like your blog, supposed "complaining", or grammar...they sure don't have to read it. They also don't need to show you the error of your ways. Please don't change a thing! We love you just the way you are :D You are such an inspiration on Christian living and thanking God for everything He provides. Thank you for sharing your heart, soul, your past...good and not so good...for our benefit. YOUR blog is a respite (with a cup of coffee or tea :)at the end of the day. Keep up the great work.

    Love and hugs,

    Susan Montgomery

  12. Linda, I don't know how anyone could be offended by anything you have written. You are so straight forward, honest, human and obviously Christian. I pray for you and your family every night. I love your blog.

  13. I hope nothing I ever said came across as complaining about you talking about working outside the home. I hope my comments came across as agreeing with you ,that it is hard to do. I always just took your comments as just talking to your friends, I never took it as complaining. As Always I wish you the best and you always do for us as well. Keep talking cause I love reading your blogs. I feel like I have a friend who lives away from me but we keep in touch!!!

  14. Mom,
    I am thankful for you willingness to share your struggles. There is a reason you and dad are still called that. You teach me and show me how a child of God should act. Your struggles are some of the same I deal with, you show me how I should act. Thank you for being willing to share your struggles so that I can adjust my life to be more glorfying to our God and King. I was just thinking about the ribble effect. You share and change, I see my need for change and change and am able to be a greater witness to a whole here that needs to know Jesus. thank you!! Love you!!! Your daughter

  15. Linda, I always come away from your blog feeling revitalized and incouraged in our Father! You lift us up to HIM! All our struggles are many because of the fall, sometimes it hurts, most of the time it is joy as I watch my grandchildren as they walk up the driveway from their house to ours, I am so thankful to live so near and to be a help to our Son and Daughter-in-love. Linda please pray for our oldest son who struggles with depression, and some kind of stomach problem that no one can seem to diagnose after almost 10 year. He has a job he enjoys but does not pay well, we have to help with some of his home bills, he has been hurt in the past by love, please pray for him that he would find someone who would love him for his specialness that God has given him, he feels so left out by not being able to share his life with someone.
    Sorry Linda, I am rambling, I feel I can vent to you.
    Hugs, have a wonderful week at the school, I know souls will be brought before our Father through you.
    So sorry about your teen chick.

  16. Linda, I have never been offended by your venting about working outside your home..I understand it, all the years I worked I really wanted to be home, even after the boys were grown..but I worked until hubby retired and I was too ill to work any longer. God set you and your family up in the right jobs for your family..God Bless..


  17. You have only offended those that take offense. Keep right on talking from your heart, so many of us are listening, and watching as God uses your life!

  18. I am so happy that you have received rain. Praise the Lord! I would appreciate your prayers for us, who haven't received rain. I live in Central Missouri. It seems to rain everywhere but on us. I get to work and ladies had 1/2" or rain, an inch of rain. We get a few sprinkles. We have had less than 2" of rain since the end of May :(. We raise beef cattle and are already feeding hay. I would appreciate your prayers for rain for us. As too offending someone with your comments . . . well, some folks wake up every morning LOOKING to be offended. I work outside the home and have since my husband and I got married. We have two kids, a junior in college and junior in high school. I don't think there is a "right" or a "wrong" and I have NEVER been offended by you or your blog. I think staying at home would be wonderful, but I have never felt you looked down on those who didn't. Don't fret about it. We all answer to our Lord. He is the only One we need to please! Blessings to you my friend, and please pray for rain in Missouri!

  19. Thanks for being honest. I never felt that your comments about working outside the home were negative, just honest. You are expressing your feelings and still praising God for his provision. Love that.

  20. "no matter what your discouragement is at this time of your life, keep trusting HIM! He has not left you!"

    I'm walking a very tough road at this time, and I needed to hear these words very badly today. Thank you Father for speaking to me through Linda.

  21. Praise God from who all blessings "pour"!
    It's so good to receive good news...Thanks for sharing, my sweet friend!
    Warmest wishes,
    Carolynn xo

  22. Linda,
    I come to your blog for my 'farm fix' as well as inspiration.

    Each of us has our own struggles, and to have today's technology allows us to share with one another. We will never please everyone. But to be able to share our strengths, our weaknesses, our joys, our sorrows? For me that is really a blessing! To know that others out there can understand and help us to 'walk on' is a great encouragement!!!!

    I enjoy the blog and your honesty! It helps me just as other ladies here have also said.

    I struggle and am very much currently struggling, with things I have to accomplish lately and a body that health wise does not want to co-operate!! I came on your blog this am and read my daily email devotionals to get some daily encouragement and reminder that HE WILL strengthen me and lift me up!

    I blesses me to know none of us are alone. Especially as women......we all seem to have a LOT in our days, no matter how or where He has placed us to serve Him!
    I thank you for your honesty each blog and FB posting. It encourages me, reminds me that each of us, need to lean on Him and one another each day!

    May He go before each of our days and grant us the strength and encouragement we need to be a vessel for His Glory!


  23. I so enjoy your blog. I would love to win the strawberry peach jam. I am diabetic and rarely eat jam but that combination sounds divine. And it would be extra special because it come from you.
    I've been praying for you and your family and asking Heavenly Father to send you some rain. I guess it worked.
    Love n blessings,

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