Monday, August 13, 2012


Good morning sweet ladies,

First I have to thank the Lord for the joy of being able to be home alllllll summer long. A gift, I know straight from the throne room or heaven. Why would He even bless our family so? I won't question, He just did and I am thankful beyond measure. I was able to get to know all of you precious women just a little bit better. It will change for me as I will not be able to visit as much through out the day as I will be gone.......but I will pray that God will design how He wants fb and my blog to work to continue to build a precious relationship between us all. I have so enjoyed getting to know each of you, to pray for your needs.......that will not change. It will just have to be after 2:30 in the! I love you precious ladies as if you were my next door neighbors! Please continue to email with your prayer requests. I will have more time to pray as I am working in the bakery at the college. Please lift my girls and myself up! 

As you know today is the first day our family is going to be back in the cafeteria. Bittersweet to leave the farm, but after yesterday listening to the sermon, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God has us at the college for a purpose and the purpose is to glorify Him. I have sought the Lord and asked Him to prepare my heart alll summer long for this day. Yesterday at church He did that loud and clear. The pastor that was visiting was talking about Joy. Oh, my I thought isn't this amazing. Just what the Stubbie girls needed to hear. We will go with smiles on our faces even wearing our silly hats, hot clothes, oh and I don't mean "neat" hot I mean warm hot.....and shoes. We have a huge God and He will bring us back home when He wants to. There are two young ladies that we met last week. They are there for us to love! WE are from two different worlds, but I have no doubt they need Jesus. It will be interesting to watch the Lord unfold this story. Pray we will be willing to be come along side and bless and encourage them. Please keep us in prayer today! Know that I love you ladies......that you have become a part of my life for a reason and I give praise to the Lord for you!

Hugs from the farm, 



  1. Sending up a little prayer for you and your family this morning...Hope you have a wonderful first day back and it sets the mood for the work season.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. Bahaha,love your clarification of "hot" on your uniforms. Praying for you, Sweet Friend :D Love the pic of the shed. It looks like it should be on your farm. Very cute!

    Love and hugs,

    Susan Montgmery

  3. Oh Linda, I pray that you, your husband and the girls have a blessed day back at the school! I just know that you will turn hearts around there! Many will come to know Jesus through your sweetness! I came on too late to get into the last blog re the wedding, It sounds like it was a beautiful one. What was the scripture tied to your sunflower? Would love to know! I just reset my background to the sunflower you sent us! The patch of sunflowers my husband planted for me are beautiful! I always seem to pick your pictures, the sunflower replaced your awesome picture of all the stars! Yes I use my pictures as well!
    Hope you have a wonderful anniversary! 38 yrs! Isn't it wonderful to be examples to children of today as they see so many broken homes out there that there is hope, when they see solid marriages that do stay together! We will be celebrating our 41st anniversary next month!
    I remember something my oldest son said one day when he was in high school. a fellow student said that he was from a rare family unit! meaning no divorced parents or step sibs!
    Isn't it wonderful? However most of our two sons friends were from families like ours, Praise the LORD!
    Love ya Linda!
    Carol J

  4. PRAY you had a wonderful day back at the bakery. GOD works when nothing else does.

  5. Hi Linda,
    I am praying you and your family have a wonderful day! I pray that in all things you will be able to glorify the Lord. I pray for the two girls sent your way to love. Blessings, Gla

  6. Hi Linda~~~Thought of you today & I know you had a good day because you invite the Lord to be with you all. Can't wait to see what goodies you create this year! Just remember~~~you are a blessing to all of us.

    Hugs, Linda Petersen

  7. As you reflect on your first day back, I hope you can trace the hand of the Father throughout your day - bringing you joy and stamina and filling you with so much love that you weren't even aware of how it spilled out of you! Now relax in His love tonight. Be filled up with Him for your new day.

  8. We are back at school also, I understand how important the love is that you need to share with your co-workers! Peace to you.♥♫

  9. Thank you allllll so much for being a part of my first day. It went well and I did put up a new post about the day. The best part was the day went really fast and I was thankful for that! I wish I could write each of you and maybe tomorrow I will have more time to do that. Tonight the son's steer got out......need I say more? Hugs and love you all so much, Linda

  10. May God bless you as you transition.
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage.

  11. I posted a comment at FB. I am glad to hear your day went well. God puts us in the place He needs us most. I am so unhappy at my job and this missing Nick is going to be so hard! I am not sure what God has in mind for me.
    Love to you and hope the steer is returned safe and sound.
    Blessings, Anne


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