Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hugs to Your DAy!

Hellos sweet ladies, 

Thought you would like to see two of the babies. I have 5, but wanted to show you the different sizes. The one on the left is an Araucana and the one on the right is a little black Cochin Banty. So tiny! Just showing you, sweet babies. 

 School started today so everyone was back.......lots of new faces.......and lots of hugs from old faces. It was fun to welcome them back.  I also helped my sweet man on his line. That was nice and made the time go by fast as we were serving together. I enjoy when I can be with him, it is a special gift for sure. 

We did work up the lane this afternoon so the horses can go into our son's pasture. We so badly need rain still, but the pasture will be a blessing for the horses.  I know so many need rain also, so please keep praying!!!!!! 

Hope all of you have a blessed day tomorrow. I will be working out front swiping cards. It always makes the day go really fast when I have that job! 

Hugs to your day!



  1. PRAYING for rain!!!

  2. Linda..those babies are adorable...how sweet! And I love the pic of those horses...beautiful! So glad you were able to work next to your man! smile...

    Still praying for rain...


  3. Linda,

    I agree with Gert! I love the pics :) The pasture with the horses is so peaceful. Will help you pray for rain.

    Love ya,

    Susan Montgomery

  4. I love your new babies! They are so sweet. One so tall, the other so small! They are precious little gifts from God aren't they? I hope the school year is a good one for you and your family! Love and hugs Anne


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