Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Peaches and Cream Scones Recipe! Easy to make!!!!!!

Good evening sweet ladies,

Today at work I was walking by all the dishes that were needing washing. I bumped one pan......you guessed......there was about 5 that went sailing. I tried to catch them before they went on the floor and because of the force my first finger on my left hand was jammed by the edge of the pan. It cut under my nail and bruised the end of my finger. The whole thing is black and blue and hurts......so I am typing very softly. It will be a short post. Tonight I have been so tired and have thought since I got home that it is Wednesday. Bummer!!!!!! It is not. Told my friend Susan I had only 2 more days. Notta! Oh well, after tomorrow.......I WILL have two more days.

My Tressy made these Peaches and Cream Scones at the bakery yesterday! They were delicious! Easy to make. She use our favorite recipe Coffeehouse Scones, plus she added fresh peaches to give it a whole new flavor! She divided the dough in half. Made a circle out of each. Cut some fresh peaches and added a little sugar to taste. Place the syrupy peaches on top of one of the circles. Then add the second circle to the top of the peaches and first circle. Press the second circle a little down a little into the peaches and bottom circle. Cut scone circle into 8ths. Take a few of the cut up peaches and press on the top of each little scone. Place on pan and bake. Use the time and oven temp the same as recipe. As you are waiting, take 1/2 c. pwd. sugar, a few tablespoons of cream and some cut up peaches. Mix it and when the scones come out of the oven, drizzle a little of the mixture over each scone! You will like them...... if you like fresh peaches!!!!!!!! You could also serve some slices of fresh peaches with! NUM!

Tomorrow the head boss will be coming to the kitchen. It will be a little nervy. Please pray that we will know what the right thing to say if he asks us questions! I like HOME better, I don't have to answer hard questions!!!!! Heehee! 

Hugs to your day tomorrow! I am writing this on Tuesday night! 



  1. We just made Peaches and Cream muffins today. I LOVE peaches and these scones look so very Yummy!!!! I am sure all will go well tomorrow.. Because your PEACHY KEEN!!! :)

    1. Hey Ruby Jean!!!!! Sounds nummy! WE are on eating our 3rd box of peaches this summer! I have a fourth and will be canning them for the winter. I have tried freezing and have not been successful! Will have to get that down! Hugs sweet friend, Linda

  2. Love those most attractive three words in the modern women's lexicon: 'EASY TO MAKE.' :-) I have to get to the farmer's market for my peaches!!!

    1. Hello Cranberry, you made me smile! We have been enjoying our peaches all summer long. Right now we have 2 boxes of Colorado. They are the best! Hugs sweet friend, me

  3. Good morning Linda..
    Those are some tasty looking scones!
    Thanks for the recipe, and the tips on making them.

    I made home-made pizza last night, and used the O.O. recipe that you had posted.
    Just to let you know, they all loved it!
    Thanks again.

    Hope your finger gets feeling better soon!


    1. Hey Kerin, good afternoon!!!! Glad you were able to try the pizza dough recipe. It has never failed on us! We love it also! My finger is doing better. Easier to type today. It hurt bunches last night! All bruised on the end. I am more careful in the kitchen! Hugs, me

  4. Praying your finger feels better soon. Also will be Praying that things go well at work today and the next few days go by quickly with many blessing.

  5. Marla Burton, Fowler, KansasAugust 29, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    A wonderful morning to you Linda,
    I do hope your finger is feeling better this morning, that had to hurt, ouch !

    The peach and cream scones look tasty. Sure will have to make them for my guests. Another scone I really like are cranberry orange, yum !

    Good luck when the bosses walk through, I know you will shine.

    I am flying to Garden City this afternoon from Pensacola. We had lots of rain here, sure wish I could bottle it up and bring it home to the Prairie...Have a beautiful day, Hugs to all, Marla

    1. Hi Marla, it is doing sooo much better.

      You would love the scones if you like peaches! We make cranberry and orange also. Waiting until fall. The kids like them.

      I think the top boss was impressed with the day team. We do all work together so well! He helped my sweet man in fact on the grill. I had to work the front and will be for a little while.

      We are still feeling all the moisture in the air from the last rain. Wonderful!!!!! Enjoy your flight! Hugs, me

  6. Ouch! Those kind of cuts, under the nail, hurt pretty bad. Hope it heals quickly. Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.

    1. Hi Missouri Gal, they sure do! It is feeling so much better!!!! Thank you we will. We still have to work on Monday......kids have to eat! Hugs, me

  7. The scones look wonderful! I am going to pin them. I have a gluten free scone recipe I found and should try to combine it with this one to make gluten free peaches & cream scones. Thanks for sharing! Your Tressy is quite the creative baker, isn't she?

    Hope all went well with the boss in the kitchen!

    1. Thank you Mrs. T. Tell us how they turn out! Yes both the girls have grown so much in the bakery. The fact we have a pantry filled with wonderful things makes it fun for all of us!

      All went well with the boss. I tease a lot and he has always been real friendly with our family! Hugs, Linda

  8. I am lad to hear your finger is better. It sure does hurt when you do something to your hand.

    I am sure everything is fine with the boss man. How could it not be with good people working for you??

    GOD BLESS!!!

  9. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your injured finger, my sweet friend. It sure puts a crimp in the day's routine!
    How utterly delicious! Just look at that ooey gooey goodness! The peaches ae so nice this year.
    Blessings and fast healing,

  10. Hi Linda,

    Hope your finger gets well fast. The scones look yummy! Guess what? You only have 2 days left ;)




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