Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Have a Sweet Day!

Good morning sweet ladies, 

This is going to be a fast post......and no pic's. 

I was so excited when I got home last night. Did my chores.....took care of all the different age chicks........and hens. Then got a call from a sweet friend who needed help. She had a (some people are very afraid of them) in her kitchen cupboard. She lives out in the country and when it starts getting cold......they come house if you have a hole. Never had one......never want one! Any way we got the house fixed up and a little visitin done! She had beautiful flowers all fixed in old pots and it looked so pretty. Have you ever heard jam and jelly vincas? I had not, but they were so pretty. Didn't get a pic......I will try. Long story short......didn't get to post the Caramel Apple Cheesecake recipe for you. Oh about delicious and looks so beautiful. The kids really liked it yesterday! It will be a favorite this year. I will get it Lord willing tonight up on a post. I am also going to take pic's of the new dining area, so you can see what we get to work in. Very beautiful! I am working out front now and don't have to wear my silly uniform. That is a blessing! I don't have to wear a hat either......another! 

I am typing this as my sweet man drives us to work! We can make it work!!!!!!!! 

Hugs to your day sweet ladies and I can't thank you enough for the prayers......I know that you are. My heart isn't getting as torn as sometimes it has. I have is amazing me. I totally "feel" and I am not one that thinks you have to feel to obey, but it has been different this last two days. God has been so evident in my heart!!!!!!!! Please keep my girls covered. Thank you! You truly are all precious!



  1. Sooooo, are you not making desserts now?

  2. and the snake??you got him, right?

  3. Jam & jelly vincas? Sounds interesting, going to look it up on google, or in my catalogs. You will be able to do alot of witnessing out front I bet!

  4. Ooh I do not like snakes! Our oldest daughter has one! UGH! I do not like it it all! Glad to have had you there to help your friend in need!


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