Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Farm Girl Has To Do What She Has To Do!

Flowers for you! Praying for you today!

Good morning!

It is going to be a busy day! We are going to go to some special National Day of Prayer events, but I wanted you to see what I did today. It is kind of funny probably, but I had to do something. As you read we had quite a time last night with Little Miss Fluff. She is doing well this morning, but the older eggs have not done anything yet. I sure wish something would happen.

Anyway, I had this idea of taking an old chicken nester out to where Mr. Rooster, Miss Americana and Little Red Hen stay most of their time. They can’t go in to the big coop, because they are all mean. So I thought....... “I will take the nester to them”. Now where should I put it? Out our kitchen window is an old old cedar tree that is taller than our farm house and our house is two stories high. That is a big tree. That is where they spend all of their time scratching around and eating........ yes, bugs &worms...... so they can make eggs. Happy thought! That seemed to be the perfect place to put the nester don’t ya think? I fixed it all up with nice straw and made it comfy for the girls. Now we will see what they do. The only thing I had to build it up off the ground with were these old bricks. Now I need to build a box around the bottom and it would look beau....ti.....fulness! How about a whole little building on top of it. Oh I am making work for myself, but it is a cute idea! I have a fun blog I love to go to and Tammy is building her own coop. I am so impressed with what she is doing......... by herself! You can go over and see her at Flat Creek Farm, it is a nice place to check out. Well, here is what I made. Doesn't it look so cozy? I should put a bench under this tree, bring my Bible and sit...... I think I like that idea also. Can't let this brain rest.......... right?

While I was out there fixing things up Little Red Hen came up to me again. She snuggles with me and I love it. I have never had a chicken like this before. I was the first one she saw when she was incubated last year, so maybe she thinks I am her mom. What am I thinking? I am her Mom!!!!!! Do you think........? I think so.
She does not care if I touch her. She is a precious little chicken.
She wanted to see the camera. Cute???? She probably knows I am going to put her picture on my blog, because I tell her all about the families that look at the pictures. So all of you out there, she is just saying hello. You can write back to her if you want. Okay maybe that is stupid to talk back to a chicken........... any kids out there?

Blessings and don't forget today is National Day of Prayer. Lets do some praying for our country!

Love and hugs from Prairie Flower Farm



  1. Great job, Linda! (thanks for the sweet shout-out too). Girl Power!! We girls can do anything we set our minds to. I have to say that with *real* determination today because I am into a slow-going part on my coop project. It's sometimes those finishing elements that take the most time (and faith).

    I love your project, and I think, knowing the creative person you are... there will be more to see of it in the future :) Lovely pictures of the flowers too! And Little Red Hen just steals my heart.

    Many blessings to you and yours...

  2. Tammy you are a hoot and you make my heart smile. If need any help I will know who to come to!!!!!!!
    Love and hugs

  3. I hope it's not silly talking to chickens, I do it all the time! She's a very pretty girl and so sweet!

  4. Oh sweetie this is great! Yes..Yes, ya need a nice comfortable bench or chair to sit, read and watch your brood....well brood! Nope, not silly at all talkin' to the chickens...ya should see all the critters I talk to.

    Ya'll have a fantastic day filled with warm sunny blessings!!!

  5. Oh Linda, I love your blog and everyting about it. The flowers are so pretty...just make my heart smile. Your cocp is just in the right place I think...and I believe "Little Red Hen" thinks so too:) Tell her "hi" from me....she is so pretty!! Lucky you...

    thank you for your prayers, I'm sure God is smiling today with so many talking to Him:)

    xoxo Gert

  6. You girls are toooo sweet!
    Forgot to ask you Tammy if this is the coop you are putting the curtain in? or are you waiting for the big coop?

    Nancy, I am so glad you agree with me! She is real pretty!

    Hello Nezzy, I do think I need a bench. I also have a chair that would work great! So far the girls have not laid an egg in their new sitter. Hmmmm I will be patient!

    Gert, you are so sweet to me! I can't believe the flowers this year in Kansas. They have been so bright and full of blossoms. Love it. I will tell "Little Red Hen for ya!

    Thank you ladies for leaving me a comment! It is so nice to hear from you.

  7. Linda,
    I so love your farm stories. They brighten the long city work day of this wanna-be farm girl. Thank you for letting me live on the farm through you. At least I am only a stones throw away, so we share the same weather. Saying prayers for all of you and your family and Little Miss Fluff too!! LOL I can hear her now....
    Lynn ! in Hutch

  8. Oh, I love your project, very nice :) . I think a bench or a nice comfy chair for you is definitely in order. :)

    Catherine ... off to see your friends project, too ... we're getting chickens soon ... I need lots of ideas LOL! :)

  9. WE have some very special hen stories as well - we are not always the best of farmers as we love and care for them so ...

  10. Oh what a cute chicken. We have some black Australopes who will eat out of our hands. Gotta love 'em.

    I have thought of the bug to egg thing, too. Not too tasty an idea. Those eggs are tasty, though.

    Do pop in for a visit!
    I've added you to my favorite blog list.

    Happy Mother's Day!


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