Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Momma's Day!

Flowers for you all!!!!!!! and do you see the butterfly? We took this
picture at a home that had the whole front yard with zinnias.

Hello ladies, I am writing this the night before. I have an email that my good friend Mary wrote me just a little while ago. She read the post I put up of our Tressa. Here is what she said:
"I'm bawling; can't see the computer screen for my tears. How I praise God for the beautiful young woman I had the privilege of helping bring into the world. Where do the years fun for me to be part of her life and know her love. I am blessed." Mary

You see Mary has been my friend for 35 years. She lost babies, because she could not carry them to full term. Mother's Day was always a difficult day for her when everyone else had babies and she didn't. Her and her husband started adopting children. When they adopted her last daughter and were leaving to go get her she called and I was on bed rest. I had just also lost a baby. I had to stay in bed for some days. My honey and I had 3 precious boys and it was a very difficult time for us as we wanted a baby so bad. Mary said to me that I could be a part of her little girls life. That was a friend. Little did we know that years later I would be pregnant at 38 and again at 42. One night I was awaken by the Lord and it was so heavy that I was to invite Mary to be at the birth of Tressa. She was able to watch a baby come into the world. It was mine and God's gift to my friend. She was also there for our Taylor. She has been like a second Momma to Tressa and Taylor. She has prayed over them and for their training. So this day is dedicated to all the Moms and all the Moms who have prayed to be Moms and still are not. My heart goes out to those of you who have not been able to have babies, miscarried or lost full term babies. There are no words for your grief. If Momma's day is a sad day for you I want you to know that I am praying. That the Lord would wrap His arms around your heart. Life down here does not always make sense. Sometimes it is just horrible! Heaven will be good!

I will be going to be with my Momma. She has Alzheimer and that is hard. If you still have your Momma's with, enjoy!

Our children asked where I wanted to go. They are taking me, up on our Kansas Mountain (really a big hill) for a picnic. You can't get better then that! I love my kids!

Love you all very much!



  1. Happy mothers Day to you too

  2. Mommaof 3, thank you for wishing me a Happy Momma's Day! I don't think I had my whole post up, because I accidentally pushed the wrong button. You are sooooooo sweet to leave a comment!
    Blessings, Linda

  3. Thank you, Linda, for putting into words all that has been on my heart for those mom's who have lost babies. I have lost one also but have been blessed with two beautiful daughters, and now two beautiful grand daughters (so far!)
    Hope your Mother's Day is extra special at your Kansas Mountain Picnic!

  4. Linda, my mom has Alzheimer's, too. My heart goes out to you. You have a special Mother's Day.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Linda, enjoy your hike up your mountain. :^)

  6. Oh Linda...another testimony to the wonderful person you are! I have been blessed with three children, but my sister in love has been unable to get pregnant and she and my brother have been married for 10 years now.

    She has been that second momma to my children, all of them. They are so blessed to have her, and I love her for being there for them. I know that she is able to fill a void in her life with my children and could there be anything more precious in sharing your blessings?

    Your girl is just beautiful, Happy Birthday to her, I finally had the chance to catch up on your blog what a nice mother's day treat! Happy Mother's day to you and your good friend Mary.
    xo, Dee

  7. Happy Mother's Day! My MIL has Alzheimer's so it is a difficult day for my hubby. She can not remember him! My mom is with the Lord with my dad too! It is tough but I enjoyed the Mother's Day swap and Linda (A LA CARTE)and I shared stories and mementos of our moms. She still is lucky to have her mom! I hope you will see our blogs and look at the post for our mom's! God Bless You and go enjoy that picnic with the kids! Life is good! Anne

  8. What a wonderful post..thank you! I hope you have a wonderful time at your is good!!

    xoxo Gert

  9. What a wonderful and very blessed friendship you have!

  10. Dear Linda, what a great gift you have shared with your friend...another example of your heartwarming spirit. Thanks for sharing your story. :)


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