Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hope Everyone is Making Scones!

You are so welcome to take this picture and put it on your side bar if you like!

Sweet Ladies,
You will not believe this. We are without internet again. I am soooooo sad! Please keep the party going!!!!!!!! It is the highlight of my day, when I come in town and sit in front of a coffeehouse called The Coffee Cup (by the way if you live close to Sterling it is a must) and read my blog to see who has joined the party. The internet people are working out bugs I guess. They have the part for the repair, but it has to quit raining. It is down pouring............ so I am learning patience. The Lord never fails me! Smile!

I am getting so many wonderful comments. Some of you have never had a scone in your life! Mmmmmm good! You must try them. You won't want to live without them ever again. Some say you are making some up and some are making gifts. That really makes my heart smile.

For those of you who have been following us about our new apron pattern called, Miss Clarice's Vintage Apron Pattern. Well the printer emailed me this morning and it is printed and ready to go. All I have to do is finish that jacket cover and we are set. I am so excited to be getting back into the printed patterns again! We will also have it as an e-pattern for those who would like to buy it that way. Can't wait. I will keep you posted!

Well, I have to get back to the farm. Looks like the sun is coming out. Thank you Jesus...... do you think I have learned more on being patient yet? Smile, he is always thinking of my best. I am thankful for that.

Love you all bunches and like I said, I will be checking in during the day a few times. Keep the party going and those of you who haven't signed up yet? Please do so and don't forget to tell some friends, so I can meet them!



  1. Always great to hear from you! Sorry the internet is not being cooperative but soon I'm sure it will be better than ever!! And you know how we aquire patience don't you?? by being put in an unpatientable circumstance:( lol But eventually it works!.. Yeah....


  2. Oh...sorry about the internet. You're right about things like that being a lesson in patience.

    I'm excited to hear about the vintage apron pattern. That's great news. I hope a lot of people will purchase it :) :) :)

    Enjoy a cup of coffee for me, too, please :) :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon :) :) :)

  3. Anxious for the apron pattern! :) I know how serious internet woes are.. hope you're up and running soon. Thanks for giving me HOPE for sunshine. If it's in your neck o' the woods, it simply Must be headed my way :) Hugs, Tammy

  4. Beautiful Blog !!!

    Happy to be your 400th follower, and I am OREO's mom following you on You Tube.

    Hope you will come follow me:

  5. Dear Linda, I am soo sorry you are having internet woes again, but we are here for when you get back sweet lady.
    I am anxious to see the apron! Will be wonderful. Now I am going to see if I have the goods in the house to make scones..they sound sooo good!

  6. Linda,

    You inspired me! I haven't had scones since the fall of 1979 when I went with the K-State Pride of Wildcats Marching Band to London, England. That is until this morning when I made up a 4 dozen batch of Blueberry and Lemon Drop Scones. They were a BIG HIT with my bunch and I'll probably be making more scones. These were so light-they could melt in your mouth! They brought back very fond memories for me of our London trip and the B&B where we stayed. We had a different variety of scones every morning for breakfast-9 different ones in all :)

    Linda, you're a jewel. Thanks for the suggestion!


  7. Darn internet! It is so good to hear form you! You are always up to something good to make us smile! Scones! Yum! Blessings Anne

  8. do you think you could make those scones gluten free for me? haha, I know impossible right....i scone would put me in the ER. they sound wonderful though.


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