Monday, May 24, 2010

A Mother's Prayer

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In 1999 our youngest son Jarad gave me a book called Prayers From A Mother’s Heart, by Ruth Bell Graham. It is a collection of different ladies prayers. One that I have prayed over and over for my children (and now grandchildren), was written by Shirley M. Dobson. Dr. James Dobson’s wife.

This is what it says,

Heavenly Father, I praise and thank You for the privilege of coming before You humbly and interceding on behalf of my children and grandchildren.

Keep their hearts tender and sensitive to Your voice. Give them a love for Your Word and willing hearts to obey it. Help them to desire to walk before You in righteousness all the days of their lives. May they grow in the wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. Give them a heart of compassion and concern for the lost and the wounded. Lead them to a place of service in

Your kingdom’s work.

Lord, send a guardian angel to watch over their going out and their coming in, and lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from the evil one.

Send enough rain to keep them depended on You, but enough sun to give them hope and encouragement. And, Lord when they’re standing at the crossroads trying to decide which path to take, put a person of faith there to point them in the right direction.

Thank You for Your blessings, Your provision, and Your great love for my family. I ask this prayer in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

I just love this prayer. I prayed it again today. When I had my children all tucked in my home when they were young, I thought life was always going to be so simple. I just taught them and most of the time they did what I asked. Now, I see some of their decisions and think, I didn't teach them that. smile. So what I have to do now is tell the Lord all my concerns. I do that a lot when I am gardening, sewing or hanging up my clothes on the line. I guess that is just "my me time". Same as last night, I was out working by myself in the garden. . . . . . praying to my Lord. Quite a few times I was on my knees........ just telling Him my concerns. My heart was trying to stay calm, but my body was not cooperating, if you know what I mean. I was trying to have peace, but it was not coming, but in the midst of it I knew where I could get the peace. So many times it seems like the Lord is quiet, but I know one thing for sure. He is there and working. I believe that even in my times of despair. The Lord answered me in such a precious and very direct way. The son I was praying for, called. "Is anything too hard for me says the Lord"? That was all I needed. The Lord heard me!!!! I looked at my cell phone and it had my son's name on it! I rejoice in the one who says, "He will never leave me alone! I have Him for real!!!!!! Thought maybe some of you might need a prayer to pray for your kids or for yourself. I have also been praying for those who read my blog. Just want you to know! So for the wife who misses her husband who is now in heaven, or the momma who's son or daughter is a prodigal. Don't give up!!!! Even in that time when you think your faith is gone. Keep praying. God will show Himself mighty, in His time, sometimes on the other side of the battle!

If you need prayer, please write me!

Today we are having a friend come and help us plant a big watermelon patch of Moon and Stars Watermelons. We grew them last year and sold them at Farmer's Market. Everyone loved them. They are so sweet and tasty!!! Our friend is a bachelor,so we love to make him something we know he wouldn't make for himself. Fresh homemade bread! Since we will mostly be working we want it simple. We will have chicken salad/grapes and then we will put it into Whole Wheat Pita Bread. As I make it today I will take pictures and put up a tutorial for you all to make it for your family. They are wonderful on a warm day! I will go to the Potter's Shed and pick some homegrown lettuce and get it nice and crisp to slip in the sandwich. Mmmmmm nummy!

Here is a picture that we took last year of our Moon and Stars Watermelon. Most of the time there is a huge moon and then little stars all around. Do you notice the leaves? Same little stars. Oh my, our God is so fun and creative!!! Yup fun!!!!!!!! To put moon and stars on a watermelon?

You all have a special day with the Lord today. He wants you to tell Him your needs and give Him your praise. I am so thankful I have Him. I totally would be lost without Him!!!!!!!!! Even in my times of despair and doubt, He is with me. Ya know, I have been reading in 1 Samuel. Eli thought Hannah was drunk when he saw her praying. Wow! Sometimes I guess when I am crying before the Lord, I may not always look so in control! Just a thought.

For those of you who loved our Lemon Verbena Bread, don't forget to pick up a plant at your favorite greenhouse. I did. Stutzman's in Hutchinson had it!!!!!

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Love you bunches, everyone!



  1. What a fun post...well, they're ALL GOOD :) :) This one has prayer, super cool moon & stars watermelons. Oh, I had no idea there was more than one kind of I know of two kinds :) :)
    Lemon verbena is one of my favorite scents :) :)
    Thank you for mentioning my name :) I'm honored to be able to read this blog and take part in posting comments. This is great :) :)
    Oh, now I'm at a loss for words :) :) LOL...enjoy, because it's a rare moment...when I can't think of stuff to say...LOL
    I love this prayer. I'm not married, but I still think it's one that I can pray over my friends who have kids...certainly I can do that :) :) :)
    I'm looking forward to the tutorials. Oh and thanks for more Scripture pictures. I absolutely love these. :) :)
    I'm really liking the Google Friend Connect :) :)

    Have a blessed day Linda :) :) So glad for all that you do. I just feel so encouraged to make my walk with Jesus more meaningful :) :)

  2. Hi Linda,
    So very nice to read your blog today. Such encouragement. I love to garden, also. You are right about our Lord, he is always there. Please keep me in your prayers, I will be praying for you, too.

  3. I have never seen the moon and stars melon. They are beautiful! I'm always amazed at how creative God is.
    As I was in my garden yesterday to check on newly sprouted veggies, I wondered if He gave us radishes and broccoli for a certain purpose. Was it for encouragement? We plant them and they are the first ones up out of the soil (my radishes sprouted in only 5 days!). It is encouraging to know that the tiny seed I planted is actually growing.
    It makes waiting for the longer germinating veggies not so difficult.
    Maybe that was God's purpose for those tiny seeds.
    His creation is awesome! We are so blessed and loved.

  4. I shall have to cut heart shaped scones! The next tea party is mother-daughter, so that will be so appropriate, won't it? In His joy, Gloria G.

  5. I do alot of praying and gardening too, so this post hit home, very nice!

  6. Hi Linda! Thanks for another encouraging post to make our hearts smile. Your blog is one of our favorite places to be. :)

  7. Hello Linda, How did you do at the farm with all the nice rain that we had? I love your post and it adds such a human touch when you talk about having days when we try and not worry and listen to God but our hearts just won't calm down.
    Have a beautiful evening and I LOVE watermelon. I will be on the look out for Moon and Stars. I too had no idea there was such a thing!!

    Lynn from Hutch

  8. Hi Linda

    That is a wonderful prayer. Brought tears to my eyes. I never knew I would worry so much about my children.

    We have planted watermelon also. I think it is in one of the garden spots where nothing is growing. Seems like we never get to eat them. The deer wait until their just right and eat them in the middle of the night. This year the kids and I are planning on caging each and every one of them.

    Thank you for reading my blog. I was so happy to find your comments.

  9. I have just prayed that prayer recently because my daughter and son in law got into a situation--that one like you said, I didn't teach them that did I;-) We love chicken salad with grapes too! Try mixing lemon yogurt in there, yummy!

  10. Hi Linda. What a sweet prayer. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was the most wonderful time. Best of all, I got to attend with my sister and my cousin who is like a sister. Thank you for all your encouragement concerning the fabric. The response was so positive I knew it could only be from God. Now I am praying that I choose the right company. Pray with me, please!

  11. Linda, Thank you so much for posting this beautiful prayer that gives voice to my mother's heart. I am coping it and putting it in a frame on my desk. I wnat to pray this over my children.

    Thank you for praying for me. Please continue to do so. Even though my blog looks secular for the most part, I have been able to talk about God and minister to others through it. Please ask that God would be glorified in it!

    I can't tell you how uplifting and encouraging your post has been.
    God bless you as you do His work!
    Blessing and love to you,

  12. I found your blog through your comment on Lisa's Life with 4! blog, and I'm so glad I did - it is just beautiful! We live on a small farm, too, and just got our first chicks, so it was fun reading about your chickie babies. I'll be trying out your scones, for sure! So nice to meet you!

  13. Linda, you have been in my prayers since you posted this post. I know that the Lord hears the prayers of the righteous, and He will answer in His time. Take a look at my post today; I pray that it will encourage you as yours encourages me. In His joy, Gloria

  14. Hi Linda, just wanted to give you some blog love and say "thanks" for the wonderful prayer you shared. It is truly a blessing. If you wouldn't mind, can you please pray for my father in law, he is in rehab, trying to recoop from a fractured back and he has altzheimers. And if you could put in a word for me, I'm still out of work(desperately need to find something soon) and my marriage is a train wreck. Seems like when it rains it pours. But I know God will come through.
    You are truly a blessing!
    Sandy from Love ya to stitches.

  15. Linda, that prayer brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for sharing it. I am going to put it on my blog and link it back to you. I hope you are fine with that. I pray every single day for my children and I thank God for them on a daily basis. Throughout the years I have prayed for different things for them. Even before they were born I prayed for their future friends and spouses. I just love praying over them for what is to come. Thanks so much for sharing!!


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