Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whole Wheat Pita Bread & Jack

Hello everyone,

I told you I would do a tutorial on the Whole Wheat Pita Bread and here it is. If you have not ever made pita bread, be sure to try this recipe. I promise it is sooooo easy and your family will love it!!!!!!! I like using my bread machine on most of my breads. I let it do all the work for me. I never bake bread in it though, I only use it for the mixing and raising part. It is such a time saver!!!!! This recipe is very easy and it is soooooo good in the summer to make all kinds of sandwiches. One of our favorites is to make a Chicken/Grapes Salad for the fillinging. Mmmmm good and great to take on picnics. Don't fill them until you are ready to eat. Put the chicken salad in a wide mouth mason jar, put it in the fridge to get it real cold, before you take on your picnic.

Whole Wheat Pita Bread Tutorial:

Okay lets start. Remember I told you, it is so easy to make. Take the bucket from your bread machine to the counter. Add 1 1/4 cup

warm water. Then continue to add the rest of the ingredients below.

1 1/2 tea. dry yeast, 1 T. oil, 1 tea. salt and 2 tea. sugar.

Add 1 3/4 cup of unbleached flour and 1 cup whole wheat flour (you may use just wholewheat instead of adding the unbleached flour, but we like ours a little lighter),

and 1/3 cup gluten. Use your dough cycle and let rise. Now you wait until it is done rising.

Take dough out of the bread machine after it has risen.

Note: yesterday the weather was very humid. If your dough seems to be a little sticky, that is not a problem. Just knead in more unbleached flour.

After you have kneaded the bread a bit, cut into 8 equal pieces.

Flour your counter again and roll each piece out to 6".

Cover with a tea towel and let rise for about 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 500 degrees. Place two circles on a wire rack. Bake for 4-5 minutes. Your children will enjoy watching them through the oven window, when they puff up. We think it is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remove from the oven and immediately wrap pita breads in a damp tea towel to soften. Continue to cook the rest of the pitas. Allow breads to cool.

Cut pita's in half and fill. You will see how they make perfect little pockets. Are they just not the cutest????????? Store in plastic bag.

I revised my recipe from this recipe.

Tammy's Recipes is a real fun place to go to!

We made Chicken/Grape Salad for the filling. I cooked 3 large

chicken breasts in water on the stove in a sauce pan,

until thoroughly cooked. Let cool.

I was going to do a tutorial on this also, but my sweet daughter Tressa, (while I was outside) made it up for me. She did not know that I was doing the tutorial. Smile! That is okay. This recipe is so easy to make up you won't even need one.

In a food processor, chop 1/2 cup walnuts, 1 stalk of celery/leaves,

1/4 of onion (optional) chop and place in a bowl. Now add the chicken and chop it up just a little bit. Start with a half a cup of mayonnaise, if it is too dry keep adding a little more at a time. Take a handful of grapes and cut them in half. Add grapes to chicken salad mixture. Mmmmmmm good. This is really good. I even add more whole grapes on my filled pita bread. Love the burst bite!

I like to add a piece of leafy lettuce to the pita sandwich before I fill it. If you would like to use this recipe for a tea party, cut dough into 16 small circles. Be sure to watch the oven as you cook them. Won't take as long. Just cut the top off the pita bread, then fill.

Tell us what you would stuff your pita with.


I have another little Prairie Flower "miracle story". As you know Little Miss Fluff' had all her baby chicks and her duck named Bartholomew. She still had two eggs left. She kept rolling them out of the nest, so I thought it was because they were bad. I set them aside this last Sunday, because I thought that since she kept discarding them, they must not be good. Well....... last night (Tues) our two grandchildren came to stay on the farm with us. Ian saw the eggs. I told him that they were bad, he being a boy wanted to see the inside. I thought that it would just be a yolk, so I told him that he would have to throw it out in the field, because it would smell real bad. We had another bad egg from Little Miss Fluff's first batch and it was horribly smelly. Anyway, Ian throw it and we came up on the egg very carefully and it had a little beak looking at us and was peeping. As you can imagine, I freaked!!!!!! Here we are standing in a field and I am feeling horrible. We gently picked up the little duck egg and took it to the Milk Barn to be doctored. I am not kidding here, but I was praying and sniffling like you would not believe. I kept asking God to help us with this little baby duck. I knew my Ian was watching me and I so wanted to point him to the Father. Mr. Farmer said that I should help the baby out of its egg. Usually you shouldn't do that, but in this case it was a must. I was a little squirmish, (if that is a word) as you can imagine. After I got little duck out he still was attached to the yolk sack. Ick! I now wish I would have taken pictures. Ian kept saying we should. Sad me! Next time I will listen. It really was quite interesting.

Long night.......... but we woke up this morning and Ian said, "lets go out and check the baby duck". We did. He was alive and all fluffy. We were so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for our little duck, Ian has named him "Jack". He is so precious, but not a full term baby duck. He is maybe minus a few days. It is truly a miracle and we are "Praisin our God" for his help! He made him, He can take better care of him than we can.

I took a few pic's of Jack and Ian.

Ian was so sweet and gentle with "Little Jack". Animals teach children lots about life. Grammies also!

We are very very grateful!!!!!!!

Momma Kitties baby, stretching.

P.S. Don't forget to tell us what you would fill your pita pockets with!

Blessings, Linda Ian and Little Jack


  1. Hi Miss Linda!! *Ü*
    It's been awhile I know *sigh*
    Thank you so much for the pita recipe, I can't wait to try it!

    I am praying for Jack~he's precious!

  2. Hi Linda!
    Oh sweet little Jack! What a story! Sounds alot like they way things go around here. ;~}
    Baby kitten looks content! What a life!
    I can hardly wait to try your pita bread recipe! I would fill mine with your delicious sounding chicken recipe and maybe try my tropical chicken curry salad recipe in them too! Thank you for the tutorial ~ I only use my bread machine for the *work* too!
    Be Blessed!

  3. I love pita bread. I even have a bread machine. It was given to me as a hand-me-down froma friend about 6 years ago...I'm ashamed to admit that I have never used it :( (: (: excuse, especially since it does all the work for me :) :)
    I'm not sure what I would fill it wait, I'd put breakfast in a eggs,sausage, hashbrowns etc...all the things I like on my plate...would be just as good in pita it's portable :) :)
    When I lived in Germany I would buy kebabs a LOT. These aren't the kebabs that come on a stick. These are Turkish kebabs..that come in a flat bread...similar to pita bread...but thicker on the sides..still has that same pocket in the middle. That would be filled with roast lamb, carrots, zucchini..and a nice yogur tatsiki(spelling?) sauce or a spicy red sauce. I always went with the red sauce. So good :) :)
    yeah, for Little Jack. He is the miracle duck :):) :) I'm glad that he survived and is thriving :) :) I pray he'll grow and be healthy :) ): Thanks for posting the photos.

    Have a blessed day and a great rest of the week :) :)
    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather H :) :) :)

  4. Oh Linda! I am so excited...I have wanted to make pita bread for quite a while. I'll be making these soon.

  5. The pita bread sounds wonderful!! I don't have a bread machine but may try it anyhow.

    I am sooooo surprised that Jack made it. I had always heard that a chick (and I'm assuming a duck too) must peck itself out of the egg....that way it builds up strength...God build it right in the chick!! I read that if you take the chick out of the egg without letting him get out himself, that he will die so I'm so happy to see that Jack made it.

  6. We lived in the Middle East for a few years, so we love Mediterranean and Arabic food. We stuff them with falafels or with chicken and tomatoes, dill pickles, cucumbers--oh, we stuff them with hummus, tabouli, whatever we have on hand. I'll have to try your recipe for pita. I've never made them whole wheat, and we love whole wheat. Thanks for the recipe!

  7. MMMMmmmmmm I would fill my pockets with falafals!

  8. Good Morning, Ms Linda!
    It is fun to make pita bread and taste so much better then store bought! I use my bread machine just like you do ~ for the mixing and rising, but never bake in it :)
    My chicken salad recipe is almost the same, but I use 1/2 mayo and 1/2 yogurt, add dried cranberries and a "pinch" of nutmeg"♥ I put my chicken salad on croissants with Bibb lettuce and stack them on my cut glass platter lined with a white paper doily for any get together where I need to bring a dish, especially in the summer :)yum! I always bring home an empty platter.

    I am almost done with my Spring Thyme stitchery block and am excitedly awaiting block two :)

  9. Oh Linda, you have the most precious farm stories. I love the story of Jack, and I will pray for his recovery and a full life as a normal duck.

    Thanks for the pita recipe!! Now I need a bread machine :) -Tammy

  10. Oh my gosh...I can't imagine how you felt when you saw Jack for the first time! And oh yes, God is good..I will certainly keep him (and your family) in my prayers!

    xoxo Gert

    PS I like fresh cut veggies in my pitas..

  11. Hi Linda, We never had eaten pitabread, but i love the recipe! And i can try it! I think i'll fill it with lettuce and tomatoes, chives, and cottage chees.

    Oh, the story of the little duck! I hope it will survive such an accident!


  12. Oh wonderful instructions, I wondered how to make it in the bread machine and then cook it in the oven, I do not like the way it comes out in the machine. Such adorable photos, I have a little birds in a nest on my blog too, just love all those little critters.
    Hugs Barbara

  13. Hi Linda, somehow I missed your pita bread tutorial, don't know how that happened. Anyway I found it now!! We LOVE pita bread and first tasted it in Israel a few years ago, YUM, it was baked outside in a brick oven. I think we had pita bread almost every meal while in Israel and then in Egypt.

    You can be sure I will try it now and fill it with your chicken/grape salad, I might even try some apple cut up it like Arby's. Love chicken salad too.

    Thanks again and Have a God Filled Day


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