Monday, May 17, 2010

Some New News At Prairie Flower Farm!

Hello sweet ladies and children,

As you all know we have been without internet since last friday. Oh my, there has been so much news going on since last friday afternoon here at Prairie Flower Farm. Let me (Miss Prairie Flower) tell you about all the "happenins"!

Miss Americana Chick was waiting at the door to tell Miss Praire Flower that she had better hurry and get inside Friday afternoon. Remember when I told you about Little Duck last Friday morning and how he had just been born? Well, later that day I (Prairie Flower) was checking on Little Miss Fluff. It had been storming a lot on Thursday night and if you have animals that are going to have babies for some reason that really gets them to start delivering babies. Well no exception here at Prairie Flower Farm. Later Friday afternoon, before I went with Farmer Phil (my honey) to go get some soybeans, I went to go check on Little Miss Fluff.................. I could not believe what I saw! The sweetest little . . . . . . .

. . . . . . little baby chick (#1). He is checking with his momma to see if it okay to look at a stranger. Of course it is okay she said. "It is Miss Prairie Flower and she has been keeping us safe from that mean old snake", said Little Miss Fluff. She said, "You can look at her". . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . "my is she a grandmother?" heehee, said the little chick? "Yes she is, said Little Miss Fluff, "she has 9 grandchildren that she loves very much. Just like I love you".

Then Sat. morning Miss Prairie Flower came to check to see if anything happened over the night. We had some more sprinkles on the farm, so everything was damp. Miss Prairie Flower lifted Little Miss Fluff up very carefully, she was so surprised to see baby chick #2 getting ready to make his entry! What wonderful timing!

Would you believe baby #2 IS HATCHING RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES! Awwww Miss Little Fluff is being so patient with Miss Prairie Flower. Miss Prairie Flower wants to show everyone what it is like living on a farm and to see a real miracle of miracles. God's amazing grace and love for His children to see. Life!

#2 Baby Chick just took his little feet and kicked the shell off. That is really what they do when they come out of an egg.
Now baby #1 has a little baby #2 to keep him company. After he stays under his mommy he will be all dry and fluffy.

Look, I told you he would be fluffy. Notice the little
black on the top of his head? Everything was quiet for the rest of the day.

On Sunday morning Miss Prairie Flower got up real early to make sure her chores were done before going to church. It had rained a little bit in the night and was still a little misty outside. She put her sweater on over her night clothes and went to check in on Little Miss Fluff''s family.......... Oh my, she was so happy when she looked behind the milk barn door! The Lord had done a few more miracles in the night.

Two brand new little baby chicks now, that was #3 a little back chick and #4 pure yellow chick. Now Little Miss Fluff was one happy momma and Miss Prairie Flower could hardly contain herself. She ran in to tell her Farmer Husband. He was pleased. She called upstairs to their two daughters. No one in the house was as excited as Miss Prairie Flower. She remembered back to when she was a little girl and her parents and her siblings homesteaded in Alaska on 48 acres. They had a big incubator and had to incubate chickens, ducks and geese in order to homestead. It was such a nice memory she had in her mind.

Well today is Monday and a new little baby................

. . . . . black banty was born. Can you believe it. He is the little one in the front on the right. Do you see how tiny he is compared to the regular size baby chick? 5 baby chicks without names. Little Miss Fluff still has some more eggs under her to hatch. If she can only get some rest to incubate them. You know having 5 babies to take care of? She is going to have her hands (?) full, don't you think? She also needs some families, grandma's, wives, children to give us some names for the babies. We don't know if they are girls or boys, but when we find out when they get bigger we can change the name a little Are you ready? Number 1-5 and give a name for each little chick. If you can only think of one name that is fine. After we tally up the names Miss Prairie Flower will have her grandchildren pick some names out of all the names you all give. Just thought we might have some fun and celebrate!

. . . . . . "how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a Hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing". Matthew 23:37

I so want to be willing Jesus to belong to you! Momma's and Grandma's teach your little ones just like Little Miss Fluff is teaching her little ones. Well, maybe not to eat like they do! smile!

I thought you might like to see a video of
"our Prairie Flower Farm Babies".
You are going to like. Please leave us a comment!
I will tell Little Miss Fluff what you have to say!

Blessings, Linda
P.S. All the pictures on this post are protected by copyright. Thank you!


  1. What a delightful story, and video! The babies are all so sweet!

  2. Precious!
    Brings back such wonderful memories of our farmdays!!!!
    Hatching chicks in the LAUNDRY ROOM!!!
    Great times,
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. They are so dear! Thank you for sharing~ made my day!

  4. Linda,
    I love this post. Thanks for stopping by the American Home. I hope you enjoy the free magazine. We love it.
    Your chickens are precious!

    Have a great week.

  5. You and those sweet babies! You are so blessed! Anne

  6. Tanks for sharing this lovely post! It's great; such sweet babies! I quitly understand your happiness when you called the whole family...
    Warm greetings, Margriet

  7. Ahhh... Linda.. those are some sweet baby chickies!

  8. THank you for posting the video, I just had my three year old GD watch it. She really loved it.

    Have a God Filled Day

  9. Oh Linda! How preiocus is that? Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face today :) What blessings He has for us :)

    Have a beautiful day in Jesus!
    Love, Sharon

  10. How precious this all is!! Thanks for sharing in your special way ~ I love reading your stories...the excitement spills through the screen and into the room I sit in! :) May the LORD bless you this day my friend!

    With Love,

  11. Awww too cute! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us :)

  12. What sweet babies! I can't wait to show my girls when they get home from school. Thank you for sharing!



  13. Linda, what a sweet post and those babies are sweetness in themselves..thanks for keeping us up with Miss Fluff and the gang..


  14. So cool....glad that you are a new momma/grandma to some feathery babies :) :) :) I'm so glad the internet is back up and running too. I thought of a couple of names for your chicks..I can only think of two at the moment

    for a girl chicken - Petunia :) :)
    for a boy chicken - Colonel Clucker :)

    ahh..this is great :) :)
    As an aside, I just bought index cards to write down all of my memory verses on :) :) :)

    Have a lovely Tuesday. Love and hugs from Oregon :)

  15. Linda....I always enjoy my visits to your lovely blogspot! Such sweet chicks and thank you for sharing them with us :)

    Love & Blessings!

  16. Thank you so much, Linda, for sharing this video and pictures. I called all my "little chicks" in and had them watch. They loved it, especially the girls (I have 3 girls, one boy). We have chosen some names for your little chicks. The children had fun making them up. Thank you for the opportunity!

    #1 - Striper, #2 - Fluffy, #3 - Blacky, #4 - Sunshine, #5 - Oreo

  17. I do enjoy the goings on at your place! The pictures are always so lovely to look at. When our youngest girls were little, we had a few chicks; one was named Annabelle. Our Emily soooo wanted to be called Annabelle; vowed she was going to change her name when she got older...hasn't happened yet and she's 21 now! lol So,

    1) Annabelle
    2) Romeo
    3) Mercy
    4) Willow
    5) Suchatash (spelling?)

  18. Dear Linda,

    My son Jacob (age 10) and I really enjoyed watching the video of Miss Fluff with her babies...thank you for sharing with us!


  19. Oh my goodness...they are just toooo sweet! I love the one hatching!!! Such a sweet miracle of birth...or, hatching, I guess! :o)

  20. What an adorable new lil family!!! Loved getting to see them Linda and your enthusiasm... blessed my socks off. Isn't it funny how livin on a farm ya never tire of new life? Our God's so awesome. And He thought of everything. Just like their lil egg tooths that help them crack their way out of the shell. Or how they suck into their abdomen the yolk of the egg right before they hatch. TRULY AMAZES ME....
    Thank you for sharing this....

  21. I had to come back and look at a few more posts, I cant wait until we are at that stage to hatch out naturally our chicks... Right now though one of our Bronze hen turkeys has gone Broody and refuses to leave the Turkey Pen to free range during the day... now if only I can convince our Chickens to do the same! Although I think we would end up with mutt chickens since we have a wide variety of Chickens in our yard... and more to come here next week(thanks to the hatchery)

  22. Such sweet photos and really enjoyed the video we're off to think of some chickie names!


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