Thursday, May 27, 2010

Garden Talk

Hello sweet ladies,

These flowers were planted a long time ago, by my Mother in Love! Every year they come up. Reminds me of her. Such a nice memory.

This evening we worked on getting more paper and straw down around the tomatoes. It was a beautiful evening with just enough wind. I was working along listening to the grandbabies playing in the fresh tilled soil, giggling and having a great time. I heard things like, "Grammie, look at Reid (our 3 year old grandson) working along side Poppa" or Krissa our 6 year old granddaughter wanting me to see her black legs that had dirt up to her knees. I love the memories being made during planting time. I was also praising the Lord for giving me seeds. It always amazes me that I can plant a seed water it and it comes up. It is such a nice gift, wouldn't you agree? He is so good to us. I always want to thank Him!

Little Jack our duck, is doing so well. Can't believe that he is alive! We are very, very grateful!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We will be taking flowers to the grave sites of our family, who are not with us anymore. Bitter sweet time. I am sure it will be the same for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.




  1. I'm glad things are going well. I'll be thinking of you as you lay the flowers down for your loved ones.
    I am so happy that Little Jack is thriving :) ): :)

  2. Love peonies they are just about to bloom at my house...I can always count on them to be in full bloom each year by my birthday in early june. Thanks for stopping over. Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  3. Oh Linda, You are so blessed with your grandchildren. You, I know are a loving grandmother and your grandchildren will remember you forever with beautiful memories. We were just talking about Jack this morning, am so glad he is doing well. God is good!!

    I love peonies also, my grandmother always had them. Great memories....I will think of her this weekend when we visit her grave. Blessings to you......

    xoxo Gert

  4. Hi Linda. I have a couple of questions as I am new to your blog..and gardening. Mother In Love = Mother In Law? I love my mother in law, but hate the negative way that Mother In Law sounds. I love Mother In Love! Also, could you tell me about the straw and paper around your tomatoes? What does that do? I love your blog! My friend Nicole introduced me to it. Blessings!

  5. What a lovely garden story! You are so blessed to have these wonderful peonies... and sweet grandchildren.
    Sweet post!

  6. Heather, Just came in from checking on Little Jack. I was thanking the Lord again for his little miracle story. He really is the sweetest!

    Love that decor, You are so welcome! That little grandson is so precious. You are having a lot of fun right now I am sure.

    Yes I am so blessed with my grandkids. Right now I have 5 grandsons on the floor, poppa on the couch and a little granddaughter in our bed. We had a slumber party with some of the kids last night. We will have a big day today in the garden. You can't believe how well Little Jack is doing. So adorable!!!!!!

    Mrs. Sling, Yes mother in love = mother in law, it is so much nicer to say that! The reason we lay newspaper and then top it with a thick layer of straw is one the newspaper cuts out the light so little weeds can't grow and the straw is a wonderful bearer to keep all the moisture in the ground. When we go to rototill the ground in the fall, all that mulch gets worked into the ground and it makes your ground better for the next year. One I never have to weed all summer and we also don't have to water it as much. Works wonderful. Make sure you butt the paper up close to the tomato, cucumbers, onions what ever so that the weeds can't get out! If you need more help write. Maybe I could do a tutorial for you on my blog. I will try to do that.

    Yvonne, hope you got your email from me. I would be sad if you didn't. I love your blog......... makes me feel like I am at your home. Very beautiful! Yes, I am blessed I have some of the grandkids with all sprawled out on the front room floor. They are quiet now, not for long........ smile.


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