Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Am Having A "Get Done" Day!

I love how my God is so into detail....... He even wants
to be in my daily life! Welcome to use my photo.

Hello sweet ladies,

I am having one of those get this done, get that done days! I am finishing up so many things, it seems I sometimes just go in circles. Starting out the day with God helps me keep my eyes on what is important!

Do you notice the polka dots on this Guinea feather? I love it! I have a little grandson who has been collecting feathers with his Grammie for years. We have a bag that we keep them in and every time he finds another feather he puts it in his bag. We keep them here. They are important to him. They won't get lost in the shuffle of life. Grammies get to do things like that. I have so many items that my grandkids want to save. We save them here. smile.......... I put them in my little Craft Studio Barn for safe keeping. They will probably always have to live there.

Ian (our grandson) is a little hunter. I told him I would put this picture of him and his turkey (I proofed this post and thought you might think I was talking about my son, he is with Ian) heehee. He shot the turkey this last weekend. Our whole family eats a lot of game birds, it helps on the food bill. Smile. We have hundreds of turkeys around our farm.

Remember the quilters group I am in, called a Dozen Quilters? I just finished this block. Here is the place that you can go to make the block if you like (here). Thought it turned out real pretty. Very easy to do.

Blessings to your day!



  1. Hi Linda, the feather is beautiful, I love how you have the picture sepia'd..is that a word, who knows...perfect..thank you for letting us use it..your images and blog mean so much to me!
    Ps you have a beautiful family, such handsome guys!

  2. Thank you! Barb for the sweet words. Yes, that is a word. The feather is so neat. Perfect circles. Isn't God amazing?

    You are such a blessings to me also Barb!

    Blessings! Linda

  3. It seems so redundant to say *God is so creative* since He is the creator of all things, but the wondrous variety He has brought forth to delight His children astounds me!
    Tell your Grandson that I have a feather collection, too! I have put mine into a vintage brown bottle and made a *feather bouquet* from them! There is so much detail in each and every one of them and they are all so different from each other!
    What a fantastic turkey!( Those tail feathers would make a spectacular fan, wouldn't they!) I bet that wild turkey tastes so good! And so good for you, too!
    I really like that quilt block ~ maybe I should try my hand at it.
    Thanks for sharing your day with us, Linda. It is so fun to feel like *part of the family*!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Linda, I love the quilt block. I wish I had time to quilt. Heather

  5. Linda, that's quite a hunter you have there. The feather and your grandson is just precious. I think you block came out cute too, and yes it is a very easy block to make.

  6. God is definitely into details!

    Our grandkids have to stash many of their treasures here also. Their folks just don't appreciate their value. Did I raise these kids? LOL

  7. such a lovely blog, I am having fun checking back and trying to read through older enteries.
    Lovely sharing, thank you.


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