Monday, May 10, 2010

Scripture Day and We Have A Winner!

This will be our next verse that we are going to memorize. I soooooo
want to continue to seek Him!
You are welcome to use this photo if you like.

This is our cutie Momma on Momma's Day! I love the pearls and HER so much!
Hope you all enjoyed your Day!

Yesterday we went to see Momma who is in a nursing home. She has Alzheimer. She was precious. They had her hair pulled back with a pink head band. Now if it was my Momma with all her wishes, that would not be something she would of thought was okay. The only thing I did not like was that she had dried food on her face when I got there. That never goes well with me, because my Momma always kept her self very nice and clean. I just go and get a washcloth......... get it wet with warm water and washed her face. It took me back to all the times she washed my face for me. What a happy thought. Then I finished feeding her. I again thought of all the times she fed me went through my mind. Another very happy thought. It is my time to love on her. We brought her a bouquet of farm flowers. Beauty! Another daughter of a Momma in the nursing home was across from us. I looked at her as she was feeding her Mom. Such an act of honor she was giving her Momma. I said it is hard isn't it? She agreed. I said it was hard for me also and that I always cry when I leave. She said it was hard for her and she wanted her Mom back. I know what she means. I am sure there our ladies that are reading this that can identify. I truly believe that the Lord will use anything to encourage character in our lives.

Later we went to take flowers to Claris who also lives in the same nursing home. She was so happy to see us. We talked and I drank in her words. She asked the girls if they were looking for husbands, they said no (they are 15 and 18) and she said that the good ones were scarce out there so they better start looking. Not!!!!! She said that she had been married only once and she said I know that other women even 80 are ready to marry some else again after their spouse dies and do, but not her! He was the only one! I loved that part. I am thankful that the girls saw a women that loved her husband so. She meet her honey when she was 17 and married him when she was 18. Wow!

The manor had a little party for the Momma's and we all enjoyed.
I am so grateful she is in a safe place.

Now what everyone has been waiting for our winner is

Teri from:

Simple Blessings By Teri

the comment Teri left was,

Linda ~ Thank you for all of the inspiration that you share! I always feel very
blessed and so thankful for all that I come away with after visiting you!
I also would love to be entered for the sweet wall hanging! Blessings ~ Teri

Thank you Teri for signing up, I am so thankful you like to come to Prairie Flower Farm!!!!!!
Thank you to every lady who signed up for the drawing. I so enjoyed you!

Tomorrow I will share a little about "my Momma's Day"! If we say we want to follow the Lord at any cost, are we going to be ready when He even chooses to use your Momma's Day? He taught us huge lessons yesterday. It was a special day in the Lord!

Share with me your day please!



  1. Linda, your email today made me cry! I lost my mother 6 years ago; she was 94 and spent 5 weeks in a nursing home. She lived with us the 5 years before she died. She was a precious lady, and I miss her. She loved roses, and I have rose bushes in my front yard that she would love. I'm thankful that someday I'll see her again.

  2. My dad's mom has Alzheimer's. It's hard to see them forget...yet there is such a sweetness and gentleness to her now. It's such a bitter sweet thing right dad goes every night to the Alzheimer's unit and *tucks* his mom into bed *each* night. And if for some reason he can't, he asks my mom to go in. My dad actually distanced himself from my grandma before all this...and now, he is thankful for this time to help care for her!

    Congratulations to Teri on winning your sweet giveaway! :)

  3. Thank you for sharing your Momma. I am so thankful one day we will no longer have to worry about these silly diseases that we deal with on this earth.
    You are a wonderful daughter!

  4. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. I know how difficult it is to see a parent in her condition. My dad was the same and I just knew God still had a purpose for his life, just was so hard to understand, but I just placed him in HIS hands..

    You are a wonderful daughter and I'm sure she can feel the love you share with her even now.

    xoxo Gert

  5. Hi Linda ~ Such a wonderful surprise! This is so, so fun! I will be waiting to have this special wall hanging in our mailbox! I will be thinking of just the perfect place in our home to hang it...will think of you each time I walk by.

    Also, thank you for sharing about your mom and the other women living in the nursing home...just a few years back I remember my husband and myself spending so much time at our nursing home and visiting and spending time with his mom. She had dementia...which all seems so much the same. It was a very difficult time...but there were sweet memories that came during that time also. It is so nice that you live closeby and are able to spend so much time with your mom...that is the way it was for us. There were so many little ladies who had no one to visit them or family lived so far away that they didn't see one another very often. One thing I remember is that my mother-in-law always knew my husband and myself when we came into visit her...which meant so much to us. We would visit up and down the hall with some of those who had no visitors and also those who did have visitors. I look forward to hearing more about your Mother's Day!

    Thank you again for your sweet give-away and I feel very blessed to be the one to enjoy it! Blessings for your week! Hugs ~ Teri

  6. Thanks for this lovely scripture, and sharing you dear mom, I lost mine in 1990, and I just never gets any easier.. Hugs my friend, Barbara

  7. As I sit here with tears in my eyes, after reading your post, listening to my oldest make music, thinking about the wonderful day I had. I felt so blessed to be able to share yesterday afternoon with my mom, 2 sisters-in-law, my daughter, my niece and all the men in our lives. My husband's mother passed away 3 years ago. She was in an alzheimers unit, and it would frustrate us when she had food on herself or her clothing too. She had always been careful and clean and it was hard to see her that way but a blessing to able to do for her the things she did for her children once upon a time. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It is hard...I worked in nursing homes for years when I was dad has been in and out of the same one twice. "I want my momma back" really touched my heart. I distinctly remember the moment I realized that my daddy wasn't coming least not the way I knew him! Bless him, bless you...bless us!

  9. Thank you for sharing your special time with your momma. My mom (73) was diagnosed with Alzheimers over a year ago. Health is fine, short term memory is really bad. She still lives at home with my Dad and that is a blessing. I understood very much "I want my Momma back". I miss the two way conversations and her being the one I went to as the adult...I so often feel the adult now. There is comfort knowing others understand. I know I need to enjoy all the good times now...You are in my thoughts.

  10. My dad took care of my grandmother for the last few months of her life. He quit his job to take care of her. He did everything and I'm so proud of him beyond words. My grandmother passed away many years ago now. She still brings a smile to my face. Now she's dancing in heaven with Jesus :)

  11. Beautiful post. We are all blessed by our Mommas. Mine has been gone to be with the Lord now for several years. I still miss her. Enjoy your Momma, love on her all you can. I am convinced even when they don't know who we are, they still recognize our love. God bless.


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