Monday, November 8, 2010

Collecting Snowman Stuff!!!

Hello Sweet Ladies,

Every year we have what we call a Grammie and Poppa Snowman Camp ! If you go to my post you will find lots of ideas that I did for them last year. I always have to think in advance to get all the snowman items picked out so they are not all gone by January. So I grab them as soon as I see something from now until CHRISTmas. I found these straws and bags .............10....... just enough for our grandkids and the new little Russian boy coming to stay with our Son's family for the holidays. I thought that was kind of neat.......... because I bought them last week before we found out about Vitality (that is his name). I hope he can handle all the excitement around our farm with all the children!

One of the fun gifts I made for the grandchildren was Snowman Insulated Water Bottle Holders. They loved them. You wouldn't even need to have a party. You could just make these as a gift for a snow day. I have a tutorial for you....... if you go over to the Party post above. It is not hard to make and the kids love them. We always have our Camp during the Christmas break! Gives the parents a little time to be alone and Grammie and Poppa love having them!

Found the plate sets at Dollar Store. I will have them forever!

You have to have snowman pancakes!

Games and easy treats are a must.

If you are a Momma and need a fun it is! If you are a Grammie and live far from your grandchildren SEND IT IN A BOX!

Just an idea for your Holiday Season!

Hope you can have a party.........the children just love it when we have ours.


Blessings........tell me what you might have going on in getting ready for CHRISTmas!

Hugs, from our Farm to your HOME!



  1. What a great idea! Makes me wish that we had some small grandchildren to have a snowman party with! I think it would be a great idea for a nursing home too.

    Hugs XX

  2. Snowman are my favorite -i stitch snowmen for Christmas all the time - I'm trying to stitch ornaments for my tree this year -I have a lot to do !!
    Enjoy your camp time :)

  3. Great ideas!! You are so creative!

  4. Hi Linda,
    What a special time you have with your kiddos! I can't wait to have grandbabies someday and do all these fun ideas you are providing! I always do Snowmen in January after all the Christmas is down and I cover my house in them! I think I might just have a snowman party in January! ;)
    Thanks for the great ideas!
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  5. We always have the grands the last Friday before Christmas to give their parents a break and so if they need to do any last minute shopping/or putting together, they have the opportunity.

    I have never done a "theme" though, just a huge pizza party with movies, games and letting the grands make something for their parents. I want to do a taffy-pull this year, now that some of the crew is getting a little older. I'll have to see what all I can pull together for a snowman party! I guess hot chocolate is a MUST HAVE, huh?

    Thanks, Linda. Have a blessed day!

  6. Barb....borrow someone else's children.......they would love it!!!!!!

    Patty, would love to see your ornaments. I love getting ready for CHRISTmas. It is my favorite time of the year! Thinking about what that little Baby came to earth all those years ago. glad you do. It is really a special party!

    Parsley........You are so sweet.

    Kirsteen......glad you like!

    Yes! It really is so fun! Hope your little sweet Momma is doing well. Think of you and trust the Lord is working all out for your good!

    Hi Prairiemaid...... I just love calling you that! Sounds like a taffy party would be wonderful. Our kids loved making taffy when they were young. I like that idea...... I think I need to have a party like that!

    Hi is soooo good to hear from you! You are so welcome!

    Hugs, Linda

  7. Another creative idea! Thanks for all the good ones :)

  8. What a great idea.. Thanks.. You clever girl you..

  9. Great idea! Loved it last year when I read about it. Some of the ideas can be used for anybody. Since our kids are 13 to 24 and still like it when I have a theme table and make a fuss.

  10. Linda this is going to be fun I think of my pre school kids to do this sort of thing with them. At our church we have a Christmas Tea with all moms and daughters and this will be the fourteenth year my daughters and I have attended this and always get a homemade Christmas tree ornament and memories of a life time. SO this year I am going to do something special with my grand babies and start something new!!!
    Thanks for all of your great inspiration!!!!


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