Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You Sweet Ladies for FRIENDSHIP!

Love it when my girls lay their first egg. Isn't the one on the left the sweetest?

Hello sweet ladies..........

Thank you sooooooo much! Last night and today was a real special time for me, I thought it would be fun to just ask the 5 questions........not even sure if anyone would write back or comment. I know what it is like to be so busy...........but I have to say you blessed my heart! I loved reading EVERY comment. It was like sitting and drinking a cup of tea with you and listening to what you like to you liked to cook..........what you wanted to plant........ where you lived and it was just the neatest! After I read each comment and email........ it was like I knew you even better! I received a lot of emails from ladies that don't have a blog. Thank you also! I hope some of you ran over to meet the other ladies that have a blog. Sometime I feel like I have this huge extended family. It is really one of the highlights of my life. Thank you so much! You are sooooooo special to me!

If you haven't answered "the getting to know you better"............please scroll down and still do so! I would love reading a little about you! Thank you!

Heather decided to do the questions over at her blog. Love it!!!!! If you want to do this please do!!!! I would love to come over and answer! You are so welcome to use my questions if you like or have your own. We could see how far this "thing" could go. LET ME KNOW............please! So I can come and meet some of your blogger friends.

I will have more time over the weekend to come and visit you all. Don't forget, if you have anything going on at your blog........please let us know!

Blessings and hugs from my your HOME!

Jesus thinks you are do I!


P.S. One more day at work!!!!!!!!! Then I will be HOME on the farm! Think it is suppose to be a little warmer today........wind chill minus 1 instead of 20. Smile


  1. Jesus Thinks you are so precious too Linda :_)

    Love the sharing of the Eggs.. So wish we could have some Chickens just to warm in the Southwest in the Summer time...

    Blessings Enjoy the weekend...
    Trish :-)

  2. YOU are very precious my friend! xo

  3. Thank you too Linda. You are such a blessing. Love your pictures and really enjoyed reading all the ladies' comments on getting to know each other.
    Lord bless you ~

  4. Oh Linda..I love those eggs..isn't that sweet?? That was such a great idea having those questions...I too loved all those ladies answers. Just like all us girls getting together and having tea and visiting!!!

    xoxo Gert

  5. Hi Linda,
    Just popped over to say "hi!" and hope things are great in your neck of the woods!!!

  6. Have a blessed weekend, and the 5 questions are a great idea.

  7. Thanks, Linda! It was fun! Heather

  8. Just came over to say 'Hi and have a blessed weekend'. I will have to answer your 5 questions, will try to do it on my blog also but it usually takes me a week to write one post. - Lori


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