Saturday, April 9, 2011

and Her Name is..............

 Hello Sweet Ladies,

Taylor (our youngest daughter), the "human momma" named the new baby Kodiak.....Koko for short............. she is so precious.........we are blessed.

I am sorry this is up late........but it has been one busy day. It was so fun to check in and see the guesses. No we didn't have twins.......but we did have one BEAUTIFUL LITTLE FILLY who looks so much like her Momma. 

It started early this morning at 7:15 or so. Ellie my granddaughter went out and we let everyone sleep in a bit because we had had a long evening the night before. We decided to go and check on Echo. We quietly walked through the Potter's Shed and slowly walked up to see the corral. There we saw little hooves laying down and then a new born baby foal. We jumped because we were startled and she jumped up herself and Momma moved her away from us. Ellie and I just stood there breathless. It was a sight to behold. We couldn't move.  God had blessed our farm.

She wasn't very old because she was still trying to learn to nurse and the afterbirth was very fresh. 

She was also very tired. Couldn't imagine this little sweet thing was here for us to see. I am over flowing with joy as I write this experience down for you. It is such a feeling of closeness with God to think He would bless mankind with such precious gifts. Our family loves children, any kind of baby and animals. I guess that is why we love living on a farm. The freedom that we have to be able to have animals has never been taken for granted. 

She was beautiful and so tiny..........but she had very long legs and was very wobbly.

We ran into the house and woke up the family after standing there for about 20 minutes. Taylor immediately wanted to imprint Koko. The way you do that is to take some time and rub your baby horse all over it's body. You touch the face, nose ears, up and down the legs.......tummy back all over. It is amazing. Little one took it all in and Momma Echo was so sweet with us. You also let the baby breathe your human smell. It gets them used to who you are and when you go up to them (our other horses do the same with us) they will smell all over your face. It is really the neatest thing. We all have our own smell. Heehee. Some sweeter then others. Like girls are sweeter then boys........oh my am I  tired. Not true boys smell sweet too! Smile. I have grandson's I know.

We continued to touch her.............

and touch her.

Then it was Farmer Phil's turn.........all the while Momma Echo letting us do this. She really is a sweet Momma.

Then we would give a break......and Momma would smell sweet.

Then we would watch Koko nurse.........happened to be my most favorite thing. I always loved nursing my children. They had to wean me. I could sit forever knowing that the Lord so graciously provides for His perfectly. people don't want to believe in Him as Creator

We had lots of family and friends come over to see the new little girl that now lives on Prairie Flower Farm . She was tired after a long day.

Later in the day we had to leave and when we came home Taylor went out to see her baby. Sure enough   
Koko came up to her as Tay bent down and nuzzled all over Taylor's face..........makes this Momma cry thinking of how blessed our family has been. I am thankful I serve a God that gives good gifts over and over to His children...........even if they don't recognize that He is the one that is doing it.

I say thank you Jesus.........for loving sweet husband......our sons and their families. Wow. truly amazing.

So now you know the whole story..........hope you have been blessed. I had ton's more pic's..........I will show some more later promise not all of them. 

Hugs and thank you for hanging in there with............I was truly so busy today.

Love you bunches and may the Lord bless you on His SONday,



  1. Linda, so sweet..Thank you for sharing little Koko with us, and some farm lore, too..this city girl loves to hear about the farm!

    hugs and blessings,

  2. What a beautiful blessing!!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. Congrats to your family! Horses are such wonderful creatures, I can't imagine what it must be like to have a newborn! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Another new life..created by God himself!
    I never knew the 'imprint' process. How special for your family to be able to bond with her like that.
    Thank you for stopping by...I'm happy you had a wonderful birthday too! I had a fantastic day!

  5. What a beautiful foal! Your excitement is contagious :)

  6. Stunningly beautiful photos of God's blessings. The "imprintings" are the best!

  7. What a gorgeous baby!!! Congratulations! We have 3 new baby goats and 15 chicks hatched out last night and a few more making their way into this world right now. Isn't life precious and new babies are so sweet! I love that my kids get to experience all the newness of life that our farm brings.

  8. What wonderful words with amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to show my youngest daughter this post.

  9. Tearfully....rejoicing with you and in our Triune God Who indeed blesses each in and every minute of the day ~ and enriches us with good gifts, as only a kind and compassion Father would do.

    Soooooooooo sweet and sooooooooooo beautiful!!!

    Congrats to all on Prairie Flower Farm!!!

    Thanks for sharing so wonderfully ~ almost felt like I was there.

    Blessings and love from GA to KS,


    P.S. Would write more, but gotta get ready for church. Came to your blog as part of my Quiet Time (also Bible reading, devotional reading and prayer) this morning 'cause I knew you would take me to Father God's heart....and you did. As I read this morning in Psalm 115: "Not to us, O Lord, but to YOU goes ALL the glory...for YOUR UNFAILING LOVE and FAITHFULNESS. The Lord remembers us (thinking of Koko remembering Tay ~ how much more ALMIGHTY GOD remembering His children) and He will SURELY bless us. He will bless those who fear the Lord, both great and small. May the Lord richly bless both you and your children (including Vitaliy). May you be blessed by the Lord, who made heaven and earth (and everything in it...KoKo). The heavens belong to the Lord, but He has given the earth to all humanity (and given Prairie Flower Farm to the dear, precious Stubbs).

  10. How adorable little Koko is. God truly is GOOD.

    Have a God Filled Day

  11. How can we not see babies and know there is a God?

  12. Linda..what a beautiful baby & momma sorry she didn't come on your birthday but, now you have 2 special days thanks for sharing these beautiful pic's...God is good all the time!!

  13. So beautiful, Linda! You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Peace & Joy ~

  14. I absolutely couldn't wait to turn on the computer this morning to see the precious little gift. Oh I bet you are so overwhelmed with emotion as I am and I'm not even there to touch and smell and feel its little nose and breath on my face. Oh you are truly blessed and I am so happy for you and Koko. A very sweet name for a very sweet filly. Yea, I now I know what she is. A little filly. I can only imagine the feelings with in your heart for God allowing you to be a part of another of his wonderful creations. Yes, I am envious but I will satisfy that envy with your postings of Koko and Koko's mama and you too.

  15. A wonderful blessing. I am so happy for you all.

  16. Oh my goodness, my eyes are filled with tears of joy as I look at these beautiful pictures and hear the wonderful story !!!!! I too am SO in love with God's creation of animals !!!! What a blessing and thank you for how you remind us so beautifully of the amazing God who gives such incredible gifts to his children. LOVE it !!!! So happy for you all. So cool the imprinting process. I didn't know about that before. I will be thinking of all of you enjoying such a wonderful new life !! Lots of love and hugs,
    Janeen Daftary :-)

  17. She is so pretty!

    I'm envious! We had four fillies born here, years ago. The first was so exciting! Our Kona Cat gave birth to a gorgeous little filly we named Cat Dancer.

    Your beautiful little girl brings back wonderful memories. I miss having horses!

    You will have wonderful times watching her grow.


  18. That is so sweet! And I learned something today, I didn't know about the smell part! What a darling little pony and a sweet mommy to let you touch her baby.
    Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading this post!

  19. This is so precious and thank you for opening your heart and your home to share these beautiful photos with us. Thank you so much for reminding us each post how much God loves us and shows us that love in so many ways if we will just be watching. I love your blog and can't wait to see what it going on where you are!

  20. Good grief!!! I need kleenex everytime I read your blog! BEAUTIFUL baby! HAPPY birthday! Where is that kleenex.

  21. Spring greetings from Colorado!
    I had to keep from crying (so I could see the screen) as I read this post! What a blessing to experience the new, precious life on your farm.
    Our family is thrilled for your sweet family!
    Soak it in.

    Under His Wings,
    Malinda @

  22. Oh Linda!! How beautiful! I can't imagine walking out there to be so surprised! Sweet mama and baby! *hugs*

  23. I love Koko! She's and her mom are beautiful!!!

  24. OMG I knew it had to be a baby... She is just beautiful!!!! congrats.... nothing like sring and babies!!! Oh how wonderful!!!! Bev

    Thank you for sharing..Love and treasures from the farm.
    p.s great name tooo
    Granny Trace

  26. Oh Linda
    This is so beautiful - what an awesome Creator we have!!! I have missed you - I've been away. Your blog is always so peaceful & beautiful & always turns us toward the Lord!
    Have a wonderful day

  27. Soooo precious. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing. :) My girls and I loved your post. Congratulations to all of you!

  28. Cute, Cute, cute....Koko is adorable...I know there was excitement around your place!


  29. Awesome... What a wonderful Lord Jesus we have
    Congrats to you all ... Always enjoy coming to
    the Farm and seeing all the events that are

    Blessings / Hugs

  30. Linda,
    That was such an amazing story and it blessed me. I just loved reading all of what you wrote. Please more! That is so interesting and special about touching and loving on the baby so soon. What a wonderful momma horse to let you..she trusts you and knows how good you are. It will be so fun for your family to watch your new baby grow. Thanks so much for sharing special to read. How will you go to work and leave that baby!
    I just found out that good friends of ours at church have a son that just signed to run track at Sterling College next year. I can't wait for him to get there to meet YOU! I'll be letting you know who he is in the Fall so he will be blessed by knowing you! :0)
    Have a wonderful week at school...You'll be in my thoughts.

  31. So sweet! Congrats on the little girl...thanks for sharing something so beautiful!

  32. Awesome! Love Koko!
    We are so blessed with God details!!!

  33. So very sweet and cute. What an adorable blessing.


  34. Congrats on your new horse-baby!!! What a BEAUTIFUL baby, too! This imprinting pics brought tears to my eyes. I love horses & miss being around them so much. Rub a nose for me! '-)

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  35. How Beautiful! congratulations! and welcome to the world, Koko!

    a happy happy day!

  36. So Precious! Beautiful photos and I love your blog design...
    Deb from the homestead hop!

  37. Hi.........just had to come and say hello even if I am a little late in saying hello. I want to thank each and everyone of you for coming and saying hello and welcoming Koko. Glad that you all liked the pictures. She is the sweetest little thing.

    Koko has kicked our Taylor and now we have to figure what we have to do to help her not do that........if anyone has any suggestions please let us know.

    Blessings ladies, Linda


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