Monday, April 4, 2011

Planting........and 7th Barn Hop

Hello sweet ladies,

Today the electricity went out at the college kitchen.......well really the whole town of Sterling. I came back into the kitchen and they ladies had put  candles in the different stations. I LOVED IT!  I use candles in our HOME all the time and it just made me feel a little bit special..........lady like! Took a pic and thought you might like to see. Our boss got us all new jars for our spices and such. I really like them also! He really is a very caring man.

Our weekend was a fun one for our family. We took some small breaks on Saturday and Sunday. Much needed. Sometimes you just need to take some time to enjoy life and get recharged. 

On Saturday evening Mr. Farmer roto-tilled some ground for me. I had all my potatoes cut and ready to plant. I wait for a day or so so the potato seals a bit before I plant.  I know they say St. Patricks Day......but I don't think I have ever planted on that day. They always turn out great. I read somewhere don't plant any later then the end of April. I planted Kennebec and Red Viking. We have always had a wonderful yield from them. 

Using a hoe I made a long trench about 3" deep............and plant each potato with eyes facing up, about 1 foot apart. 

Rake dirt over the potatoes. Tap soil down all the way down the row. Wait until you see some green leaves and then pull some more dirt over the leaves. Continue to mound the dirt about 4"-5" high.
Now I am just waiting. Can't wait to sneak some of those little potatoes. My Mother-in Love made the best cream potatoes for us. Miss her.

Checked on my little Snow Peas and Sweet Peas. Remember how I planted a few of Sweet Peas in among the Snow Peas. Well they are starting to come up and I am so excited. I think they are the sweetest little plants. I NEVER tire of life happening before my eyes..............God's blessings for us........I want to be thankful. 

If you click on the picture you can see the precious little hairs along the stem. LOVE IT........if the Lord knows the hairs on my head.........He knows all the hairs on my little tomato plants. Amazing.

They can get a little sun each day. 

One thing I love about gardening is you are always learning. I have done some Companion Planting. I find it so interesting. I thought I would show you a site that I really am enjoying.  It is very easy to follow on what things to grow by each other and what not. Hope it will help you as you start your garden. Here is another site about Insect Treatments. Very helpful to get the bugs that are "bugging" your plants. 

Is anything coming up in your garden or flower bed yet.......... I would love to hear.

We had a cold sunny day today, but very nice weather all this week. I will get in another 4 rows of potatoes tomorrow. It is so nice to see that Spring is closer then it was!!!!!! Tonight it will be in the 30's........brrrrrrr. 

I am participating with the 7th Barn Hop over at Homestead Revival I love that place!!!!! 

Hugs and may the Lord bless you...........thank you for leaving comments. They bless my day.



  1. You are lucky to be able to "dig in the dirt." Here in Wisconsin, we have to wait until May to plant outside. However, we start some plants inside, so we can dig in a little dirt. Have a blessed day!

  2. Oh how wonderful to be able to be out in the garden!! Our Iowa weather prohibits it until next month. Mother's Day they say you are safe to plant after that (flowers anyway). Tom will be putting in some tomato plants again this year..just a small garden but he loves to do it! Did I ever tell you about our hint to keep the deer away? Even though we live in town..we have deer and they "love" the tomato plants..anyway..he has a radio in the shed next to them, it's on a timer so in the evening it goes on and shuts off in the morning. The noise (which is not too loud to bother our neighbors) scares the deer. Weird...but a true story! smile..

    Hope you are having a blessed day!


  3. Here in Winfield(KS) the lilac bushes are blooming, daffodils almost done blooming, peonies are coming up and the green leaves of the naked ladies(surprise lillies) are really tall. Dispite the hail storm we just had.

  4. 7th Barn Hop! I'll have to look. I'm just wanting to put out flowers and stuff. Afraid to with the weather we've been having. I think I'll wait until after the 15th. Love you much. Give my love to Tressa.


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