Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Sweet Friends

Hello sweet ladies,

Here is a resent pic of Ellianna. Her nurse taped a bow on her head so her shunt won't show. She had to have another blood transfusion last Tues night. Things went well I think. Please keep praying that she will eat on her own so they can bring her home. Thank you so much.

The day was beautiful and so I spent a lot of time outside....when I got home. So good to see the girls that are here for the weekend. Micah decided to jump on Kansas........Tay's horse........who really only likes Tay and try to ride her bareback. Kansas decided that she did not like having Micah on her back. So every time Kansas bucked.......Micah slid a little further off the backside. Until........finally..........she landed hard on the ground spraining her wrist and one knee. The girls spent time in the emergency room because the accident happened after hours. Not a fun way to start off the Easter weekend. Micah is doing fine......but it does hurt. Oh and in fact it is Ellianna's Aunt. 

Today was Good Friday and for the first time in years our family didn't get to go to the church service that we have always gone to during the day...........change. Do we ever like change? I am finding out not me. I will learn to live with it though....change that is..............I will keep saying Thank You Lord to the best of my abilities. It helps when I know that He is in charge. 

Mrs. Guinnea has added another egg. She is building her nest up....... I hope. Would love to see some babies. 

Blessings to you all,


  1. I'm praying for Ellianna. Micah sounds like me when I was younger. I'd ride any horse, just makes her a stronger cowgirl! Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.

  2. Oh Linda... I am so sorry to hear about are right that is not a fun way to spend Easter weekend:( My prayers are with her for healing as well as they are for Ellianna. Love the eggs and pray you will have baby guinia's:) Always excitement on the farm isn't there??

    xoxo Gert

  3. My precious sorry to read of little Ellianna and Micah...I will pray for them both today.

    I am thankful for you are a blessing! Thank you for being a sweet friend in this blogging world. :)

    May the LORD bless you richly as you daily look to HIM for strength and grace to do the next thing...HE is faithful! Rich Easter blessings to you and yours!

    In HIS Love,

  4. I am home working about the farm........going to plant some more potatoes and sweet peas. I am so glad I can write to you all today. Nice!

    Missouri Gal.......I will tell Micah........that will make her smile for sure. She is hobbling along today. Poor thing. She is learning much.

    Hey Gert. Micah is getting babied. We have to dress her......just got done french braiding her hair.......she likes the attention I think. Not often that a young girl can have her food cut for her and everything else that she can't do. It is nice to love on her for sure!!!!

    Hi precious friend, Camille.......keep thinking of your son......hope all is well. I sometimes have to close my eyes when my daughter is driving. smile! Thank you Camile for the sweetness you wrote. Tucking it in my heart for a rainy day.

    Trust all of you are remembering the price that was paid on Calvary.........I am........amazing LOVE!

    Blessings, Linda

  5. Ellianna is such a doll, Linda! I pray she will be able to get home, soon! xoxo Happy Easter, friend!


  6. I will pray Elianna will be able to get home, soon! I am sorry about Micha, good that you lend her a helping hand.
    Wat a beautifull filly be born on the farm!
    (I'd write you an email already)
    Blessings, Margriet

  7. Alleluia! He is Risen! Happy Easter Linda!

    Sorry to hear about Micah - hope she's feeling better. I also understand about missing church on Good Friday. DH's car had something wrong with the ignition on Thursday and they have to keep it until Monday. Since he had to go to work, we had to stay home. It was nice though, we got to have some quiet time between noon and three. Then later in the evening, the kids and I got to participate in the Stations of the Cross via CD - sometimes I love technology!

    Tomorrow is my little girl's birthday and she's so excited! She's thrilled that she gets to share her birthday with the best Person there is. I told her it was Easter first and her birthday second, because without Easter she'd have no birthday. Her faith is so solid at age (almost) 8, that she absolutely loved that.

    Have a Blessed Easter with your family!

  8. Sending prayers and good thoughts for all concerns. Wishing you and your beautiful family a Blessed Easter.

  9. am praying for the wee one and here i sit with almost a knee cap swelling and traction took a huge fall from my bike slab dam on cement and i was going too bible study for the first time in two years guess the Lord was testing me ha well by Easter is wierd but the Lords was the wierd,est one ever what he went throug by love too your family and friends renee from florida

  10. Happy Easter, hope you & yours have a Blessed Day! Prayers for the baby & Micah.
    You are such a blessing to so many. God Bless!!


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