Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Forrest and Penelope and Miss Gracie

Hello sweet ladies,

Today when I got home I had so much to try to get done before dark. First I had to get some wheat straw from the barn and put it on the floor of the  milk barn.......I really really like wheat straw. For some reason it makes me think things are nice and clean when I use it.  I had cleaned the milk barn  real good yesterday, but by the time I finished....... it was to late to get some hay. I have wanted to move the little chicks from the side porch down to the milk barn for some time now. Today was the day. After awhile their dust gets to be to much. Miss Gracie was going to have to move her out of her cage.

She lives in the milk barn so she is protected from predators. I take her outside so she can run around and eat bugs..........

 do a little scratchin.....  

 and just looks "purty"..........don't ya think? 

I take her outside for bits of time so she can eat bugs, seeds and grass. She loves it outside........I have to protect her though...if you remember......... her husband was killed by the bobcat. 

Anyway Miss Gracie is free to run around in the milk barn now 

Now the babies are all snug in their new home. Do you see the fuzzy feet.

After I got all the little chicks in their new cage I thought it would be fun to let Forrest and Penelope go for a swim. 

All I needed was a:

 red edged/white galvanized pan........

 filled with water...........

add two silly little ducks......... let them swim...........


 play a little peek~ a~ boo................

do some cleaning and grooming..............

and then I let them do a little relaxin....because you can sit and sit and sit and be entertained..........and also be so thankful that the Lord thought up little things for us to enjoy. 

Can you believe they were this tiny a few weeks back? Ducks grow very have to enjoy the little stage. 

Welcome new were noticed....... by me.

Blessings sweet ladies and I will pray that the Lord will bless your day!



  1. Mission accomplished! ...and the little ducks look so sweet ♥

  2. Love the Farm Photo's sweet little ducks :-)


  3. Linda, how precious they are..being a city girl, I just love watching the farm animals.thank you for sharing!


  4. So precious! Thank you for sharing! I want some baby ducks..:)
    Hugs Granny Trace

  5. Good morning sweet ladies!

    Well I am off for work. I came home yesterday and I had a little chick that was not doing so well. When a baby chick is among other chicks if they are sick at all the others seem to know it and are not good with them. I am having to take it to work with me today. Well not in the kitchen......I will keep it out in the car. I will check on it on break. Hope it makes it. It used to be when I got to stay home I didn't have to worry about caring for my far I have taken a chicken and a baby for me.

    So glad you like all the pictures. It was so fun taking them. Always hoping that they will bless you.
    Hugs Linda

  6. Oh, those ducklings are so cute! We thought about getting the girls one for our "pond" in the backyard, but they were all gone when we went back to Tractor Supply.

    By the way, Rebekah knows how you feel now. A dog killed all but 3 of her chickens and then a possum came and killed the other 3. They have all new chicklets now!

  7. There's nothing like a swim in an enamel tub!

  8. What darling little ducks!!!

    I'm still considering getting chicks this spring and have to make a decision by the middle of this month. They would be penned in, but I'm afraid my GSD would scare them to death or that when they're ready to lay eggs, they'd be so nervous about the dog that they'd go on strike. :-(

  9. Looks like you have all of your ducks in a row Linda! LOL Your little chickies are sure to be enjoying their new space much better and Miss Gracie certainly enjoys hers as well I'm sure! Miss Gracie looks like she's really having a great time out in the grass.

    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Those baby ducks are adorable. Went to the feed store yesterday and saw the cutest baby chicks. You are so blessed to have such sweetness in your days. I have 6 roma tomatoes on my plants, so excited, it's a first for me. Blessings to you!

  11. I love to look at the videos of your little farm animals especially the swimmers. Boy did they have a good time in that washtub.
    I would like to buy one of the printed Miss Clarices apron patterns and 2 packs of the hexagons. Could you please send me a pay pal invoice or some way to pay you so I can get them in the mail. My email is

  12. I love the swimming ducks Linda!
    It reminded me of the time my father put duck eggs under a hen, she set them and raised half a dozen ducklings... it was great until the babies found a puddle, the poor old hen was beside herself fretting and clucking at the ducklings to get out of the puddle! We found it amusing, but the old girl was very stressed!
    Hope the little chick is doing better <3

  13. You are having way to much fun Linda with all those adorable critters! Cute, cute, cute! I have 3 little chicks I am raising for fresh eggs! My first time. Wish me luck and if you have any great pointers, send them my way!


  14. Linda

    These pictures are amazing and I want to say those little ducks are soooooo cute!!!!! At work we are incubating eggs chicken and I am so excited for my 15 students to see this experance!!! thanks again for all the fun pictures and videos!

  15. I really want a chicken!
    Love the pan filled with all the baby ducks!
    Great pictures


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