Saturday, April 2, 2011

Company Is Coming

Hello sweet ladies,

Today we will be having a much needed FUN day on the farm. We have guest coming and we will be serving them in the Potter's Shed. Can't wait. We have been planning this for some time and needed a warm day. Today it will be in the mid 70's. I wish everyone of you could come to the farm and we would serve that is a Happy Thought!

Enjoy your day. No news on Ellieanna, so that is wonderful.

It is 10 while I am putting up this post. We have 3 hours to go on naming our little duck. So far 
Jemima has 39 votes and  and Penelope has  42 votes. Now if the name you wanted is behind you better contact your friends to come over to Prairie Flower Farm and vote for the name you wanted. We only have a few more hours to go! 

Hugs from our farm to your Home,

Asking the Lord to bless you today............please keep praying for Ellieanna and Vitaliy. We so appreciate everyone of you ladies,



  1. Oh...I want to come...I dream of visiting your 'potters shed' and now the barn also..Oh my what a grand time we would have!!!

    Enjoy your friends and your day!

    My prayers are with you and all those you mention.

    xoxo Gert

  2. Hi Linda, I don't often reply but I want to let you know that I am blessed by what you share here. I love reading about your lifestyle and viewing your pictures...May God continue to bless your hands as you minister to us all..

  3. I would love to be there and see your farm. Still praying for Vitaliy and Elliana.
    Hope you had a blessed time at Potter's Shed with your company.
    Joy & Peace ~

  4. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way....
    Enjoy your company, I'm sure everyone will have a wonderful time!!

  5. I know your company will be Blessed...
    I can't wait to see what the results are. Will it be Jemima or Penelope I'm hoping for Penelope.
    Love your farm!

  6. Dear sweet Linda,
    I am home from my vacation and was so excited to visit all my blog friends..You were TOP of the list! I was so happy and excited to see your new babies! How fun! I think ducklings are the most adorable. I think I'm finally caught up on my week gone of reading all your posts. It's like getting mail...reading all your happenings! Happy news and some sad news. I will pray for your askings. Can't wait to hear what happened at the Potter's Shed today in this beautiful weather we had.
    Have a blessed Lord's Day to you soon.

  7. Sounds like great fun. Have a wonderful time with your guests!! Happy to hear Ellieanna seems to be doing ok. Your family is in my thoughts.


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