Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Girls

Hello sweet ladies..........

I got to see my girls at work was so special that they were there. It has made going to work a lot more fun for Tressa and Taylor..........the girls peeked through the kitchen doors..........we liked.

When they came out on Friday night we had had other plans for the girls, but the wind was blowing 50 to 55 miles per hour. In the day it was up to 70. Anyway we just changed the plans.........and we served  snacky foods and they stayed in the Refuge Cabin. I forgot to say that it was in the 30's........very cold outside. They stayed up talking until 2 in the morning.........girls. In the pic above you can see that the CHRISTmas lights were on......really made it pretty. They had devotions in the evening. 

The next morning I came to greet the girls.........they went around the farm looking at the animals. We so enjoyed them. So many were from the it was nice to share the country. They enjoyed. Kara and baby Koko.

I love this pic of Mackenzie brushing her teeth.......cutie. Doesn't she look like a prairie flower?

They cooked pancakes on the floor. It was the only place that we could plug in the worked.......they were so fun about everything. 

Dee spoke on marriage...........God will bless her in her's........she is learning.........she is in the Word........the Lord will lead them.

We served them in the Potter's shed. They made pancakes and we made fried farm fresh eggs.  They liked eating right by the horse pen it seemed. They could see little Koko playing and running around. 

In the middle is Dee.........she is the bride to be........precious girls!

Silly girl...........kitty holding on for dear life.


We piled them on the back of the truck..........and took them.......

down to Peace Creek to go fishin.........they didn't catch a thing........but I don't think it mattered. They were together........relaxing and enjoying God's blessings. They will be keepers in our hearts...........and now they are a part of the Stubbs Family. We never knew that when we went to work at the college the Lord would bless us so............I know some of you have been praying since we started at the college (thank you)....... that the Lord would use us. He also used them to love daughters are so excited........they have a whole bunch of sisters now. God is so precious to His children..........especially when we are looking for His working. 

Dee kept the Lord before the girls all was precious to watch.

Hope you enjoyed. 

Blessings sweet ladies.........thank you for all the comments. They were so appreciated, also welcome new followers........noticed one of my girls just became a follower........yeah!!!!

P.S. Please pray about our Vitaliy and getting his phone number for his phone...........long story.........but really want the Lord to help us out here. 



  1. (((Linda)))

    What a precious group of girls you have there!
    I know they loved their visit to you special place.

    I tried to comment last night, but I don't think it ever went through. The wind seems to play havoc with my connection.

    Praying for Vitaliy and for everything to fall into place.

    Blessings & hugs!

  2. Looks like you all had a great time and that the Lord really blessed each of you! How exciting to be able to make such great memories like that. I'm sure each of the girls will remember that night forever..and will most likely want to do it again!

    I'll say a prayer for Vitaliy!

  3. Morning Friend!!
    Happiness and His Love is what I see and feel from all these beautiful girls. What a blessing. So kind of your family to share and the reward must have been wonderful.
    Praying for Vitaliy.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  4. What a blessing for all. It's so nice that you share your beautiful farm...

  5. What a wonderful blessing for all of you, and all of the girls. Loved and enjoyed reading about this fun & sweet weekend, and seeing the pics. Congrats on your new addition at Prairie Flower Farm too... what a cutie pie! Hugs, Tammy

  6. Oh Linda, What a wonderful time these girls had tonhave, thanks to you & your family! I just know they will never forget this! Our prayers are with you & your family & Vitaily!

    xoxo Gert

  7. I have loved this story - it sounds like such a wonderful, special time. I love how God used those lovely young women to bless you; and used you to bless them! Our God is so wonderful that way! Your cabin looks so sweet.

  8. What an fabulous ministry, to God be the glory!

  9. I'm so envious! Thanks for sharing this story. It looks like soooo much fun :)

    Susan Montgomery

  10. Miss Linda! This totally made my day! I don't think you know how much you have blessed the lives of this group of girls...including me! We had such a wonderful time and we love you and your family so much! So happy to be an official follower and Prairie Flower Farm Chick! :)

  11. Oh,Linda, what a wonderful time for these girls! I know this will be a lifelong memory for all of them, especially that sweet bride-to-be who ministered to the girls while you were ministering to her. I am just so blessed to see what God is doing through you and yours. I love you, sweet friend.

  12. prairiemaid,
    they are soooooooooo would love em! thanks for praying for V. We need it. An unexpected 2500 came up from the New Horizons as sort of a donation to them. We had 1000.00 from donations and another 1000.00 from a candle party. God is so good!

    Hi Tina, yes it was wonderful! Thank you so for praying for V.

    Hello Granny, We were so blessed them with all my heart now. Thank you for praying for V. He is a sweetie and we can't wait to have him home in America

    Hi Rachel, you are welcome at our farm any time!!!!!!!!!

    Tammy, don't cha just love our little Koko? She got a new bridle and of course it is red. Adorable.

    Gert, you would love each one of these girls..........adorable! Thank you for your prayers. such a sweetie!

    So glad you liked Heather.......they are the sweetest young ladies. Thank you for the sweetness on the cabin. It was so fun to fix up. Love it and we will use it a lot.

    Hi Jeannie......God be the glory is right! come and be with that would be fun if all prairie flower chicks would all come over!!

    Hey sweet Courney..........I am so glad you got to come and be my first follower of the girls. Well we know what a blessings you were to us and we trust that God is going to give us tons of memories over the next years that you are at school. We feel the love and sweetness for sure. are a Prairie Flower Farm Chick!!!!! Love you bunches sweet girl!

    Gloria you would have had a blast with the girls. Pack up your little bunch and come out can meet them yourself! Love you too. God has answered my heart cry. I am blessed and Tress and Tay are loving the girls. They asked them tonight to come and stay at the dorm sometime. Now that is precious don't cha think?

    Thank you so for writing ladies, you blessed my day and evening with the comments.

    Hugs and may the Lord bless you all!


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