Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Link Up with Gooseberry Patch

Good evening sweet ladies...........last year I put up a recipe for a fun easy  Play Dough is fun and very easy. I linked up with Gooseberry Patch for fun today......... I am number check it out if you like. You can also see all the other wonderful recipes that other ladies have up. If you have a fun recipe please link up yourself. It is real easy.

If you would like to go over to Gooseberry and read about their party and see a cute recipe for Texas Straw here at Roundin' Up Kids' Goodies! I think you will enjoy. 

Received word today that little Ellianna is doing quite well. She can come home when she learns how to suck on her own. I told Hannah that I would tell you all to start praying for her specifically about that. Hannah would love to nurse we will ask the Lord to help Ellianna with that. They also have 3 other precious children........Jacob, Bailey and Bella........please pray for them also. It is hard on a little family when you have to go through something like this. Thank you all so much in advance. You are all the best.

Love you was a beautiful day today........sunshine and could see the round sun in dark red as it went down. Really beautiful and very different.

Hugs from my farm to your Home and new were so noticed............. by me.

God Bless your day on Thursday,
P.S. Yesterday when we were linking up with Gooseberry Patch we had some techy problems. Here is the link to the recipe. Sorry for the inconvenience.  HERE

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  1. Great news about little Ellianna...thanks for keeping us updated! :) Thanks for linking up to the hop today too. Love that play dough recipe!


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